Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 Provincial Elections

It's 31st of January 2009, the provincial elections. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure that I should vote this year for many reasons;
a. No specific candidate in mind to vote for. I'm not convinced with the majority of the parties and candidates listed in the election card.
b. Being skeptical about the integrity and impartiality of the elections. Rumors say that the last elections in 2005 there were several incidents of forgery reached a percentage of 30% of the whole voting process.
c. The curfew of the motor-vehicles, and the nearest voting center is about 2 km far.
d. I don't want that stupid ink stain to stick on my index.
One more reason to add is that I woke up this morning with a terrible earache. I wanted someone to shoot me in head and release me off from that pain. That reminded me by Melantrys when she had an earache. I wished if she was near to borrow her magnificent meds which vanishes the ache away. I took some eardrops meds but that wasn't good enough. But thanks to the wonderful Panadol, only 1 tablet was enough to draw the smile on my face again. (the script written in bold is not a promotion ad) :P
*is typing this post with an ink-stained index* what the f…?
Honestly, I felt that it would be a waste not to participate in such "democratic" processes. If I wanna criticize the performance of the government, the parliament, or the local councils, I should have at least participated in making the decision by voting for the side or the candidate I like. And to be more honest, I felt so fuckin' bored and it would be a great idea to walk out to get some refreshing air in such a beautiful winter sunny day.
I went to an election site and marked the same old bloc I voted for 4 years ago. They are secular but they didn't win many seats at that time. Hopefully this year they win. In fact, I hope everyone who wants to serve Iraq in real wins.
Iraqi official spokesmen stated over the media that security plans were firm and successful and they were 100% by Iraqi forces. Hmm, weird. Because I noticed the existence of US forces units near most of the checkpoints and main entrances of the election centers. However, they didn't intervene directly. Their job was like being supervisors.
anywayz. *is looking at his watch* it's 6:09 pm Baghdad local time. The voting is over. Luckily, no serious accident has been registered. Again, Everyone honest and wants to serve Iraq and intends to bulid Iraq to be a powerful and prosper country, I wish them all the success to achieve that goal.


Sang J. Moon said...

Just for your information, this is a prediction I made on my blog on February 25, 2008, which I was told was too optimistic:

"So what's going to happen in the future? Iraq is gradually settling down and lower level priorities beyond damage control are starting to get attention. There are still hotspots like Mosul and relatively low level violence, but Iraq is still one country politically and even the worst critics of the Iraq occupation admit that things are getting better. There will be a point when the Iraqi security forces will be able to take over completely from the USA, and it looks like it will be sooner than later. The key to Iraq's future are in the hands of its leaders, chosen by its people. Despite what's in the news, the politicians are still talking to each other, and they are negotiating although it sometimes looks like fracturing in the headlines. As long as they keep talking, Iraq is on the road to recovery no matter what pressures outside countries put on it."

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I'm glad to hear the elections went smoothly, Caesar. And glad to hear that you voted. I know, sometimes you think how can one vote make a difference. But it's not that, so much as the ability to exercise your right to vote that is important. In our Senate election here I ended up voting for the candidate I really liked, even though I knew he wouldn't win. Well, he didn't, but I'm still glad I did. :)

I hope whoever gets in to office in Iraq serves your country well. :)

Pan said...

Interesting post.
It makes me slightly guilty I have avoided voting the couple of times I've been eligible...
I heard there was over 400 candidates in your elections though,I wouldnt know who to vote for!

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Moon,
So far your prediction is right. I hope this means that the violence and terrorism are gone away and never come back.

@ Lynne,
It's not important to vote for the most popular/strong candidate. I doesn't mean if I'm sunni that I should vote for a sunni candidate or I'm shia I should vote for a shia candidate or I'm christian that I should vote for a christian candidate. I will vote for the one i'm convinced that he would lead the country to a prosper future.

@ Lelly,
I heard there was over 400 candidates in your elections
Believe me, girl! I don't know more than 10 candidates. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your voting adventure...I saw not too much went down with the bastards so that´s a plus. Let´s see how it turns out. Take care!

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