Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wake up! It's snowing out there!

Yesterday's morning, I woke up on my sister's voice saying "Wake up! It's snowing out there!". I heavily tried to look at the clock with half closed eyes... "Sis! It's a sick joke!" I replied. But she insisted to get me up and get outside to witness that unfamiliar event. Well, it was cloudy, therefore, I moved my bum out of my bed and grabbed a jacket and went outside. And "Hell yea, it's snowing!". It was amazing thing to watch and feel those soft white chips falling from the sky. They were melting as soon as they touch my warm hand. I've never expected to watch the snow falling on our city.
Anyway, it's cold over here in Baghdad these days. The electric power is off since the beginning of this year, the tap water is available in days unavailable in others, the mobile network coverage is very bad over my nieghborhood & the landphones are out of reach since only god knows when. But the important thing is the security stituation, which is kinda stabled. But I think as a human being, I have the right to enjoy a comortable lifestyle by providing the main civil services like (electric power, feul, water, land phones... etc.). Anyway, let's enjoy the view of snow and hope that the sex part comes later! ;)