Sunday, January 29, 2006


I must've been drunk..... But anyways, I can use the net..... I THINK I'm now uploading some images...........................

For the shit of freedom......:

and, aahh... Take this...

I think it's for a blonde chick with a nice pussy.......

am I right??????

hmmmm, Always have some optimism....

what the hell are you doing? NOT NOW.... Can't you see that I'm busy???

the necessity is the mother of invention.....

Ahh, What is written there...?


Sunday, January 22, 2006


It’s been along time, isn’t it?
I tried to post earlier but I was set back due to many reasons; exams, repeated power outtages and my recent sudden illness
(to whom it may concerns: I feel better now!)
Facing some silly problems with the KID cuz of my last posting, he claimed that I depicted him as a horny mothafucka and Rock Girl as a playful pervert. Well, I dunno if I did that or not but it wan’t my intention to do that (I write what I see).
I may exaggerated about RG of being lesbian but she read my post and said it was ok.
Anyways, both of’em appreciate that kind act of me. (how conceited am I!)

Hey, I wanna talk about something disquieted me these days: THE MARRIAGE
I went again to Rumadi to see my “nymph” there with some wet dreams in mind but once I met her she informed me that we should stop that orgy cuz she thought that I was using her and also she wasn’t sure of my feeling about her, she told me that we should love each other and think seriously for the future of our relationship…..
Wtf she’s talking about? Did she mean about the future by marriage?! and what about that alleged orgy? We didn’t have an intercourse but few separated kisses?! (I licked her clit once but that was so sudden and fast).
When I asked her about the Eidya (a certain bonus presented during Eid), I thought she would give me a kiss as an eidya but instead of that she gave me her photo and said with a smile: “Take this and kiss (her) a lot!”.
Infact, I felt sorry about her. She deserves a better man not a crook.
I wanted her the girl of my lusty fantasy but apparently I let her fall in love with me.

I don’t wanna be hurry with picking my lifemate. I don’t wanna wake up in a morning looking miserably to the woman lying besides and damning the moment I chose her to be my wife…….

Lusty Caesar was here---

Sunday, January 08, 2006

the troika

Damn you, Kid! That was close!
The Liberty traingle, the threesome, two guys and a girl, two metalliks and a rapper, the troika….etc. name us anything you want. That is the three of us; me, the Kid and Rock girl.
R.G. and the Kid are my beloved pals, we are all in the same college, same age (the Kid is younger than rest by a year), same tall, about the same feature, same thoughts, same minds and even the same foolishness.
I knew the Kid since summer 2003, when it was announced that we were in the same department. At first, his image in mind wasn’t that much bright cuz I didn’t know the guy before and to be more honest I didn’t like him at the first glance, I don’t know why but he seemed to be antipathic person with his ugly mustache and hairy arms.
Few weeks later, we had some talks and salutations but still had some uncomfortable impression. I thought that he was concealing something bad about me but being as sly as me I tried not to disclose that. One day during English language lecture, I was tossing the pen ennuily, the Doc. was reciting some dialouge with a ludicrous manner of speaking before she demanded from one of the students to read it loudly and clearly.
I intentionally disregarded her call letting the other students performing that request.
And soon one of them started to warble, I was astonished for the accent “God! That fella is from the BBC no doubt!” talking to myself. Afterwards, I realized that fella is the kid himself!!!!!!
Another day at Maths lecture, the Kid brought a digital camera with him that day and he secretly began to snap some shots to the classroom, mates and even the lecturer.
But unfortunately, he got busted by the Doc. and soon he was sent to the college council for investigations. As I was the supervisor-student I felt that I had a mandatory task toward this guy, so I imposed myself to support him in his trouble.
Anyway, he was survived after signing a commitment that this incident wouldn’t happen again. I felt that I didn’t do my best to help him and I let him down, but he hurried to me being out of breath to tell me what happened with him during that session, he said that the dean was there and told him that this action is a misdemeanor in western countries customs.
(C’mon, dogg! What the hell are you talking about?! Tens of teachers, doctors, writers and experts were murdered and their assassins are still walking freely).

Then, our relationship got more adhesion and well connected. We became close friends telling each other secrets and things that we couldn’t dare to reveal in a day.
Whenever I was fucked up, the Kid was there to share me that load.
Talking about the college chicks and what if we could have sex with them, he always said : “Pal, you just need a hole to evacuate your desire!”.
“it’s hormone thing and I can do nothing about it” I answered.
Studying for the exams, working on some project, having some problems with our department girls and traveling abroad created some interruptions to my friendship with the Kid.
I failed that year and he did pass and then left for Amman, so I guessed that it was over and soon realized that I lost a precious buddy. I thought that the companionship of a chick is the most desired thing in my life but I had found that there is nothing like the pals chats.

September 2004,
I was walking along the section’s corridor lazily when I caught sight of a boy wearing a yellow shirt with a weird funny tie, a wide disinguished smile on the face….. “Ooh,Kiddy!” I started to yell with a glee, he looked so neat. I was delighted by his arrival and was more pleased when he told me that he would stay in Iraq a longer time.

In fact, in my first year I was (seiving) the friendship of my partenrs to pick up the approriate one to be my true friend and with no further researches, the Kid was the chosen one.
I know that the Kid was resenting my adulation and vainglory at first but both of us accepted the defects of each other and accustomed to live with that.
He told me one day that he didn’t like me at the beginning because he thought that I was cajoling the gurlz a lot!!!!!

The Kid met a girl on Yahoo! chat and later on they began phoning each other, and being his best friend, he was telling everything about her and about their daily conversations and quarrels. Sometimes, the crazy Kid was recording their chats to enjoy listening later.
He didn’t realize till this moment that I got dizzy everytime he prated about their monotonous love story.

January 2005,
A girl with 14 years old who was a friend of my sister divulged that she was loving me passionately. A few rushing unquiet kisses and caressings escorted that hot situation.
The Kid was the only guy knowing about that (and now you, ofcourse!), he said : “man, you gotta tape it next time!” he also added : “but Caesar, you’d better have no intimacy with her, it’s fuckin’ painful, foxy!”.
I’m not exaggerating but I take that advice seriously despite the lust I had (anyway, I should not depend on that, after all, it’s hormone thing!”

Afterwards, I was cursed by the divine punishment for palying frivolity with that gurl. The first scholar course final exams results revealed that I had (fucked up) again, but the girl passed that mid-year exams sound and safe!
I decided to repent and do the prayers, I let my beard to grow some centimetres more, asking the Lord’s forgiveness whenever my eyes dropped on a passing-by (butt).
The Kid was supporting me and trying to convince me that I had done nothing sinful and must pay more attention to the next course. And with no other moment of hesitation, I was back (the Lusty Caesar) again.

During that period, the Kid met another gurl, this time was one from our college who was mad about that Metallica band.
I remember once, the Kid and I were out of the cafeteria conversing about something when that gurl came and asked the Kid to let her examine a T-shirt for that metal band, it was funny and weird cuz we didn’t know the gurl before but then they (the Kid himself and the ROCK GIRL) became close friends.

Well, I was impressed (in a way or another) by the gurl but needn’t to let the Kid introduce to her. I was interested about the relationship with the (countryside teen).
Months passed, trouble were amassed and I was getting worse day by day. I considered myself that I was the most inauspicious person this world (my earlier postings illustrated that).
And then, I sent as SOS signal to the Kid perhaps I could get some good news or find a beneficial salvation for my issue.
One night, I met the Kid online and he told me that he was chatting online with the Rock Girl. I desperately demanded her ID from him and he did after a lil’ debate.
That was our dialouge (me & the Rock Girl):
me: um... er... hello?!
Rock Girl: hi
me: er..h.. hi....
R.G.: who?.. who are you?
me:! well
R.G.: bye
me: wait!… wait!
R.G.: no, bye!
me: why?? you didn't know anything yet, just cause you are a girl and I'm boy!
R.G.: whatever! i dont know u and i dont wanna chat with you…. ok ? bye
me: i thought you are more open-minded
R.G.: no I’m not, i dont care!
me: well, i bet you are! cuz I know you!!!!! (I thought that I should stop playing the polite gentleman role and tighten the screws a lil’ bit.)
me: and I’m not trying to scare you
(3 minutes pause)
me: so you like metal? and you are 22 yeas old
R.G.: no, i hate every thing!
(the Rock Girl is confused now)
R.G.:heeeey who are you?
(Back again to our game)
me: well i'm .. as you guessed, from hell or somehting nearby ….. i'm from Iraq
R.G.: heeeeeeeey, Kid ?
me: the Kid, the Kid himself….he is in Amman right now
(currently playing the dummy guy role)
me: you know him?!
R.G.: just leave me alone
me: why? is it something bad?……. i'm trying to chit-chat that is all
R.G.: bye
(feeling bored from continuing this)
me: at least do u want to know me? huh?!
R.G.: no……. bye and dont chat with me again
me: you, stubborn!
(being lil’ pissed of but trying to calm down)
me: you could guess who am I, at least! But anyway, sorry for that….you may misunderstood me
me: but
me: i had fun really talking to you
me: and i'm afraid i bothered you quite enough
me: sorry anyway
(Caesar is signing out)

Well, I published a posting about that conversation, but I decided to cancel it later due to Kid’s request. He claimed that Rock Girl would mind and sue me for that!

Anyway, I was fucked up afterwards examining my scar all the time going intervened by whims of masturbation. So I decided to establish a new way of pulling the shit out of me and that was my BLOG.

Later, the Kid told me that he told her about me and she decided to meet me.

October 2005,
I met Rock Girl and the first statement she said was: “God, you look like Richard Gear!” then we went on….
She is so naïve and innocent girl, wears trousers with an islamic yashmak covering the top. She has creamy skin with a cute looking and fabulous eyebrows. In addition, she is a heavy metal lesbian fan!!! Yea, she does love the sex fair as well as metal!
She is infamous for that thing……. FUCK OFF, HOMOPHOBICS!!!
Once, she jested with a bully girl and told her that she wanna marry her, the latter rushed to Anarki to tell him that… I wasn’t there to witness the reaction of Anarki but I bet that he was nauseated by.

We (the three of us) form a perfect team of insurgents against all bad notions and defects of our society, all had the same viewpoints and conceptions about almost everything.
We are like f.r.i.e.n.d.s. (except we need 3 other people more).

By the way, she is not a blogger as the Kid but she has a lot of fat shit to release. I remember once when I first told her about my blog’s title In Iraq, sex is like snow, she sighed and said : “yeahh, you are right!”.

I can say more about Rock Girl but that was all she allowed me to post about her, our
secrets simply are our own.

Ahhh, yeah… I forgot….

hApPy EiD ;)