Friday, February 05, 2010

The Hurt Locker vs Avatar

Avatar and The Hurt Locker are going to go head to head next month for the Best Picture and the Best Director in what looks to be one of the most interesting Oscar battles. In one corner we have the box office dominating, big budget Avatar and in the other the gritty and critically acclaimed The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker is nominated for 9 Oscars, won Best Director and
Best Picture LAFCA Award and Critics Choice Award while Avatar is nominated for 9 Oscars,
won 6 Critics Choice Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards. And let's not forget that filmmakers James Cameron, the director of Avatar, and Kathryn Bigelow, the director of The Hurt Locker, were once married, which makes it even more interesting!

I think this is my first time that I post something about movies and cinematic works here in my blog and as far as I am concerned I have seen the two films recently and, to be honest, I liked The Hurt Locker more because it is more related to me and my world than that Sci-fi movie. Despite liking Avatar my feet are firmly in the The Hurt Locker camp as it was the best movie of 2009 in my opinion. The Hurt Locker the best American feature film yet made about the war in Iraq. Finally some genuine Iraqi actors as Iraqis instead of Indians and Egyptians. Kathryn Bigelow met some Iraqi refugees when shooting the film in Amman and she casted refugees who had theatrical backgrounds "SPOILER ALERT" such as Suhail Aldabbach, who plays the role of a forced suicide bomber at the end of the film. And because the movie was shot in Jordan within miles of Iraqi borders, the scenery is more alike to that in Iraq.

Avatar is deserving of all the praise that it has gotten but I'm of the opinion that, while it deserves to be nominated for Best Picture, it doesnt deserve to win due to the formulaic nature of its story and bizzare characters. They were very one-dimensional. The men in The Hurt Locker have a lot more depth to them, in my opinion which elevates the movie to a higher
place than Avatar. Avatar, once stripped of its visual splendors, is only several steps above a film like transformers 2 in the cinematic food chain. If The Hurt Locker wins, then it will definitely make the Oscars much more exciting. In the past few years, the award has gone to smaller indie films (i.e. Slumdog Millionaire, Crash, No Country for Old Men) so I think The Hurt Locker has a pretty good chance of winning. However, the only way that will happen is if Avatar wins everything else (technical awards, director, etc.) and then they might give The Hurt Locker the big prize. Anyway, the winners will be announced 7th March so let's wait and see who will win the best picture award this year.