Thursday, January 25, 2007

Go, go, go Charlie! It's your birthday!

Hey, dudes!
Listen, it's the first anniversary for this fabolous insightful network! I'm proud to break a record there!!!! My post has the "longest- comments section" It reached to 59 comments and still going!!!
Read it! My post was titled by "A letter to Mother Eve"!!!
You will find there some of the biggest bloggers there! Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Friday, January 19, 2007

They said, I said…

In this series, I'm intending to focus and concentrate on some blogs for Iraqi bloggers restrictively, and comment (sometimes criticize) their postings. So let's get down to business…

(Iraqi Atheist episode)

Hey, Atheist!
Relax, infidelinho! I think you have carried a lot against our "boss" ;)
I wonder how much time it took to be such a Satanist and form dissident thoughts and ideas about Allah. Actually, you remind me by an Iraqi friend who was a materialist. He wasn't one of the Communist Marxism's fans, though!
Anyway, lemme begin with that post of yours about homosexuality;In fact, I wanted to post about that before! But regarding to some certain attitudes and events, I chose to defer it to a later notification.
Mmmm, "Homosexuality and Iraq", sounds interesting topic! But, I'm afraid I have to say that your prelude was disappointing. I think that you weren't so lucky in explaining that "Farikh" thing and the other idioms! I mean some meanings were explicated unnecessarily. I'm still wondering how you knew that gay men come from the eastern part of the capital only. You revealed that those areas have a variety of social classes of baghdadi fellas including Christians, and thus (as you claim), they are less religious people!
For God's sake, what the hell this has to do with the Christians? And if you are referring to those high-class places, lemme ask you, what about Al mansour? It is applied to the same standards you mentioned. And that one lies in Al karkh or, in other words, the western part of Baghdad. I think you need to detach between a Tanta and Farikh! It's common to call those effeminate young men by Tanta, and they, to a certain level, are transvestites or transgender people.
As a matter of fact, people of conservative cultural backgrounds or beliefs tend to look upon transwomen, if they are attracted to men, as effeminate gay men who took their effeminacy to an extreme level. If attracted to women, they are perceived by the proponents of the Autogynephilia theory as otherwise straight men with an abnormal fetish. This view is contested, as part of the debate on the associations and distinctions between homosexuality and transgender, and the issue of autogynephilia (In fact, I will talk more about this later).
Back to the "Iraqi homosexuality", I think its shortcomings are summarized in mere sex desires. I think it's more proper to use the word "Bisexuality" in Iraq than "Homosexuality" since most of the homosexuals in Iraq are ready to have sex with both genders. Therefore, there's no actual sentimental commitment between the majority of the homosexuals in Iraq. And yes, there are some lesbo ladies but I think that they are doing this for fun!As far as I'm concerned, being straight doesn't make me a homophobic! But unfortunately, this is not applied for the rest of the Iraqi people. They think if you don't attack, object or disprove the homosexuals that means you are a one! It's common to say there that: "a girl's love comes from the heart, whilst, loving a guy originates from the mind" which means, it's a kind of a mental sickness.
Personally, I had suffered and been annoyed from my friends' continuous sarcasm because once I had said that "I do respect their scope and I don't fear them".Oh, come on! Guys here kiss and hug others for greetings.
I didn't imagine that such a statement will make such turmoil inside the college. And soon I was named by Mr. G, which refers to Gay! They didn't only stop their derogatory comments about me, but also, they also alleged that my hair, behavior and way of speech implied that I was a real gay. These rumors were infiltrated to some girls, and one of them told me that she knew why they were calling me by G!!!
All this offence was released from cultured people, so you gotta imagine what the reaction of ignorant people and extremists would be!
And yes, if I don't have a problem with homosexuals that doesn't categorize me as a gay. And here, atheist! I must take a bow to you!Basically, homosexuality has nothing to do with me! But things such as; rape, misogyny, bestiality and pedophilia are really pissing me off and make me feel sick at times!
In overall, the post was neat, eloquent and successful to some point in spotlighting the foggy image of the homosexuals in the Iraqi community.

I had some informationl to enrich your blog about some race who called by Yazids!
They worship (some deify) the Satan because, according to their belief, "that the universe is ruled by two gods (the good god and the bad god).The good god is known for the most people by the Almighty (also known as Allah), while the evil god is the Satan". They claim that the Almighty (the good god) is philanthropic in character and can't harm or punish anybody, therefore, worshipping such god is an absolute stupidity and waste of time. Instead, they worship the Satan (the bad god) to avert his malice and what he can cause a detriment to those who deny and don't obey him.Some of those Yazids allege that the Satan is as mighty as Allah, and they have for this concept several allegations, such as, "the Satan had contradicted the Almighty's command to genuflect before Adam (the first man) and disdained himself to do so".To be honest, I always ask myself about many mysterious divine issues. I didn't want to be driven blindly to the religion without any moment of thinking and contemplation. And I submit to one thing, that the god had created us for some unrevealed reasons. However, I do believe in his existence and being unique, means that he's not Jesus, Satan, Buddha, or anything else, the whole god is unseen and high. Therefore, I don't dare to mess up with that Supreme Being.Eventually, I think that anyone of us has an inner voice to call some being for help or rescue when he/she's in trouble or critical situation. But some of us just deny that voice afterwards.

Oh, before signing off! I'd like to say something to that troubled "Ali" and I would be grateful if you kindly transmit these words to him,
"Unless you are enjoying your current situation and having some orgy out there, I think you should take a brave decision to quit that horrible nightmare you are living now and don't let them to blackmail you with that feeble threat anymore. I know suchlike people, those curs won't dare to do a word of it."
Here, I should blame you, atheist! You should support and help that poor fellow and give him every advice and boosting words possible. *shrugs*