Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the land of killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum.

Al Jazeera has reported statements by a Sunni woman that she was raped by three Shia-led police force members after she was detained over the weekend.Iraq's prime minister ordered an investigation into the allegations made by the 20-year-old married woman on Monday, but a senior Iraq police official has disputed the claim... read more on http://english.aljazeera.net/News

The 20-year-old married woman, Sabrin al Janabi, said she was attacked after police commandos took her into custody Sunday in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Amil. She was taken to a police garrison and raped, she charged.

I really don't know what to say about that brutal crime... *exhales*

There is nothing can piss me off more than raping an innocent person cuz that fucken incident sticks in the victim's mind permanantly, making that poor victim to live in the shadow with painful memories. And what makes it worse that our arabian fucked up societies don't forgive and excuse those unfortunate ladies. At the contrary, they start to talk about them badly calling them bad names, they also avoid to mingle with them in order not to "sooten thier reputations"... *pouts* They live alone with thier misery, cuz most of the pigs.... sorry, I mean "men" wouldn't think about getting married from those ravished ladies.

Some of them can't get a job afterwards, so either they

a. emigrate to some place where they can start a new life (and this option is so difficult without a great support and hope in life).

b. or some of them start to work as prostitutes to keep some food on the table (which is very common here).

c. and not so few women commit suicide after a while.

My grandparents came from countryside communities which is known by being conservative and firm about any illegal sexual relationships. If any two unmarried couples were caught having sex, they either get punished by death or getting married instantly. Of cousre, if they chose to get married that doesn't prevent them from getting beaten to a pulp. Anyway, you all know my viewpoint about pre-marital sex. And there, I totally disagree terrifying sexual love even if it was illegal. But there are some few rape actions, when the rapist is sentenced to death penalty. On a personal level, I agree on that, However, in all cases the lady has to live isolated and cornered unfortuanately.

I'm very upset and pissed off for that poor honest lady, Sabrin, and hoped if those savages would be punished severly for thier horrible crime. But, with no surprise, the Iraqi goverment has released a declaration on their website reveals "It has been shown after medical examinations that the woman had not been subjected to any sexual attack whatsoever and that there are three outstanding arrest warrants against her issued by security agencies," the government statement said. "After the allegations have been proven to be false, the prime minister has ordered that the officers accused be rewarded," it said.Why I'm not so surprised, and we belong to a state where the blood is shed for free and the wail is becoming its national anthem? Why I'm not surprised, and the hangman is the assassin and the victim is the accused one? I'm now a mixutre of emotions; love, grudge, sadness, compation and anger. I'm sorry, I think I'd better be alone for some time.... But before going.......Rest on you, friends! And don't trust hope, cuz it's forsaken this land........

*logs off*