Sunday, October 30, 2005

Filthy inside

Umm sitting in my college net lab right now acting as the operator, just finished a boring lecture that made me yawning till death. I wanted to concentrate on it and pay the minimum magnitude of decent attention to the Doc. but it simply didn’t work out! I was justlike some of my section’s colleagues with eyes wide open and brains fully turned off.

Hey, intellectual kid, your performance that day was awesome and impressive. Therefore, bravo for that! There is no need to say “keep going!” cause you gonna do it.
Actually, you are playing on the strings of the guitar as if you are doing this on anyone’s veins (Ok, may be I’m just exaggerating), but you motivated something inside me with your playing.
Perhaps I should get a guitar to burst the sensations of wrecked soul, but I’m too lazy to do so, besides, I’m saving money to buy a new DVD reader driver.

Kid! By the way, enjoy your Microsoft frontpage project with “the prosperity chick”!!!!

Ok, Émigré! I’m tri-x rated boy!
Feel happy now?! You may wonder why that caesar don’t post any political shit in his cold blog?? Well, it is as simple as that; I can’t whoop anymore by the name of things like occupation, terriorism, corrupted government, constitution, sunni & shia, Saddam or even Al’aima bridge. Not b/cuz that I don’t giva shit or feeling indifferent as Haneen mentioned, but I just had fucken enough of what um watching and seeing day after day (btw, I hear now some heavy gunshots outside whilst I’m typing this posting).
I mean, it isn’t enough watching this pain in every place we stepped on?
Do we need to wage more of fury, anger and grudge to smash what left of a lost hope?!!
Must we widen the gap between us because of infertile conversations and speeches:
- well, I would say YES to the constitution’s refrrendum cause it is the best for Iraq’s benefit!
- What?? NO is my only word to this mockery!!!
- I bet that you are Sunni! Do you want Alzarqawi to kill more innocents?
- And do you think that blessed paper will tear him up?!!
- Of course, it will! Just you sunnis accept it and the situation will be settled down! Can’t you stop the destruction!
- Oh yea!! At least, we sunnis don’t led blindly by a word of “Ayotall…
Aferwards, word from here another from there and curse up curse down soon it was a big fight between these two citizens!

Why is that, huh?
About what these two Kia mini-bus passengers quarrelled for? Is it really Iraq’s benefit? Do we really care about Iraq; the soul?
Why we swap the accusations to each other; “you support terrorism, you support US armed forces, you are Baath loyalists, you are Iran ass-kissers,……..etc).
Can we talk about other topics like sex? Or just thinking about that makes you XXX freak?!!!

And Jarrar, if you have a problem with me you can discuss it with me directly. Just don’t panic! I don’t sting or bite anyway!
C’mon, you know what I’m talking about cuz Anarki13 transmitted your message to me.
It is the fact that you all are maltese and um just a psycho centerpiece!!

But I’m not pissed off cause you know why; last Monday at 10:20 pm, I was completing the final touches on my Electonic circuits lab report when my cellular buzzed showing a new number. At first, I didn’t pick it up cause I thought it would be another missedcall from those childish-minded mates I have, but the nokia tune continued playing so I decided to know who is that faggot!
And to my surprise, it was my cousin who lives in Rumadi!!!
I was delighted to hear from him all about our grandfamily news, the situation there, his study and the most imporatnt thing was my girl’s news.
I asked him about her; if she had received my two letters and if she did why she didn’t reply’em.
My cousin answered all these questions saying: “ well, listen Ali! she is sending you her greetings with love and to tell you that she is angry that you didn’t come recently to visit. And what concerning your letters she kept them by heart and she couldn’t reply cause (I’d rather prefer not to reveal the reasons)
Finally some good news!


Saturday, October 22, 2005

for the love of spanking

Hey, I was truning the pages of this book and I decided to fetch you some clues about that so I put'em on here,
The book is written by Dr. Victoia Zdork and published by DAR ELMALYEEN, Beirut.

Yes, spanking can be sexy, and a majority of women have fantasies about being spanked. Most men, too, find spanking a woman to be a strong sexual turn-on.But sexual spanking is not the same as the punishment spanking we may have experienced as children.
For a woman, the turn-on is not so much in the sensation of pain as it is in the feeling of helpless submission and vulnerability of being bent over her partner's lap, the attention being paid to her behind (a primary erotic zone), the feeling of a man's hand warming her buttocks, and the anticipation of sexual pleasures to come.
For a man, the arousing aspect of spanking is the feeling of control and power over his helpless lover, and the excitement of playing with her attractive bottom, turning it pink and putting her in the mood for some hot, passionate sex.
To master the art of erotic spanking, it is important to understand the following six principles:
The bottom is a prime erogenous zone; however, unlike other zones such as the breasts and back of the neck, the sexual arousal nerves in the bottom are buried in a layer of fat and require harder stimulation -- like in spanking -- to trigger them;
The physiological process of sexual arousal demands that before orgasm can occur, blood must be collected and kept in the genitals and nearby areas. Spanking creates just such a physiological response, as the stinging of the skin causes blood to collect in the bottom (and simultaneously in the nearby genitals), thus accomplishing "mechanically" what caresses and kisses do psychologically;
A properly done spanking, such as over the knee or with a cushion or other support propping up the woman's bottom, causes the bottom to squirm from the sting, simultaneously resulting in her rubbing her clitoris on the supporting knee, pillow, etc.
The feeling of "surrender" or submission is an important part of a woman's sexual response, as many women need to give up control and give themselves "permission" to feel sexual. Spanking incites and reinforces such feelings;

However, a woman must feel safe before she can give up control and surrender. Therefore, you must first earn her trust before attempting the game of erotic spanking. You must equate the spanking with sexual pleasure, eschewing any anger, sado-masochistic impulses or desire to humiliate her.
The tacit understanding, no matter what the role play, should be that spanking is a form of
foreplay and that orgasm is the goal of both players. Therefore, the actual spanks should be mixed with caresses and gentle rubbing of her bottom and genitalia, and other foreplay if possible.

When you actually start the spanking, you may start by spanking her over her clothing, then over her panties (if you have her wearing them). Once you have warmed her bottom, you will always want to spank her on her bare bottom, as that is the sexiest kind of spanking.
Alternate a dozen or so spanks with rubs of her bottom, using firm but very sexual stroking to spread the warmth all over her rump. A finger between her legs can be used to get her breathing faster. You can also alternate spanks with gentle rubbing of her clitoris, tugging of her labia or caressing of her anus. This will make her associate spanking with other pleasurable sensations, thus conditioning her to get aroused to spanking. Take your time, savoring every smack and every feel of that delectable behind.

And Finally, a really good spanker can sometimes bring his partner to climax from such a sexy over-the-knee spanking. But every lover who knows his partner's symptoms of arousal can judge when the time is right to shift her from the spanking position to implement on his erect shaft, which should be hard and ready from having her naked bottom squirming over it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

French Kiss

Toward the kisses and the dalliances, the woman loves the words and the gentle looks expressive of the longing and the emotion.
And there is the superficial kissing that pleases the women which is the touch of the lips by the lips for a while. And they may refuse (some of the women) the kisses and may allow other kinds of contact and adhesion and may a superficial kiss raise the desire in the woman if the pressure of the lips exceeded and the kissing period lengthened and that is related to the psychological effects, that led some women have required from the husband that he can not sleep with her and will not have sex until he touches and kisses her all over her body with long superficial kisses on her face and other body areas so that a violent revolution is raised and may demand half hour or an hour from the continuous kissing to win the prize!
And there is also the deep kissing and it is the tongue kiss of the tongue which is known by the French Kiss or the husband kiss and includes the touch of the tongue to the tongue and the lips to the lips and the internal parts of the mouth and the gentle deep superficial connection and the violent one to beloved mouth and squeezing the tongue and the two lips and biting them thin bite.
Tens of women recognized that they may come to the desire summit with kissing of French Kiss type alone without having sex because the mouth and the tongue and the lips contains millions of neurons that raise the violent sexual desire in the woman and the man, and 90 % of the women want the touch of the husband to their reproductive organs by his mouth and his tongue and they come to the strong orgasm.
And what about the of the health conditions to the nice kiss; advises doctor John Knutila (the author of “Fit for Sex” A Man's Guide to Enhancing and Maintaining Peak Sexual Fitness ) the husbands with the necessity of the care with the cleanliness of the mouth the tongue and the lips by cleaning them by the brush and the paste before the kissing and the non smoking or eating foods with smell before the kissing and the treatment of the inflammations of the mouth, tongue and the gum and the enjoyment of a sound health same free from the disease...
Take care for your elegance, your clothes and your appearance at the kissing and do not hurry the kisses until the woman allows you the entrance.
And enjoy the sucking and the touch and the squeezing and the chewing and the lick and the kisses’ sound and an exchange by mouth and the taste of the lips and the tongue.
Finally, the kiss raises the desire in the woman more than of any other thing.
But beware; the kiss may bequeath the disease if it was from a slut woman!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Caesar was here!!!!

I just finished unleashing my fat shit of today’s crap on my diary note book and I’m turning to unleash it to you to smear your big hollow heads;
I’m now sitting behind my PENTRA listening to Linkin Park as I’m summoning up my ghouls to wreck the residue of my exhausted mind.
Overusing of touching my self, having some troubles with my college mates (including Mr. Gee’s stuff, releasing a virus to of one’s PC and being in debt to another), haven’t doing my prayers for a while (I know.. I know it’s Ramadan), being choked by a Muhajaba (the girl who wears that Islamic head cover or what known as Hijab)…….etc.
Ok, ok, ok Caesar, you just need to calm down, relax, never think of that cutting shit again, seize your sexual desires and send off those nasty fetish thoughts hovering inside your brain, find a way to a compromise with your good religious part with that lusty introvert one, being depressed in every second……… (I didn’t mention the fuckin’ customary routine of Iraqis daily life).
But that is not all; some Yahoo! Messenger pal told me that he loves me!!!! FUCK!!!!
No, not you too! I had enough with my study partners’ sarcasm. Shall I French kiss a girl in front of you all? Why you misunderstood me when I said: “I’m not a homo but I don’t mind… bla bla bla bla”.

My Dad was here trying to play that prodigy father role of giving advice as if he was the wise Daniel (why should I care? Let him enjoying this)

Damn you Kid, you fucked up again! And btw, stop praising yourself! I know that you are asshole like me but I’m proud of being your pal.
And you, PRINCY! I’m not the Satan I’m human and I need to be loved just like anybody else.
Lampard! Thanks for holding your slimy tongue and shutting your mouth all the day long.
Hey, Tornado! Do you get nervous when someone laughs at your voice? C’mon man! Beg your lord to realize your wishes…… يا رب
Where are you Anarki, why you don’t smell your old friends in university?
One more thing, I wanna apologize to you Shagohod but I did that cuz you started it first.
I feel better right now……. Zzzzzz!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Rock Girl

I delete this posting according to some dude's request.