Friday, December 29, 2006

Kissing 2006 goodbye!

Cold air sucks, really!
Anyway, happy you new year and happy eid, everyone! I hope both synchronous occasions unify and bring peace on you, earth people!
I hope that 2007 is much better than 2006. Neglecting Italy's (ma fav. team and birhplace) winning the world cup in last July, 2006 was very painful and dreadful year for me and for most iraqis (including Saddam)! Many tragic events happend and this is not the right time to talk about them.
*coughs again*
Oh, shit! I'm facing some problems with my PC, I think I should plug out some older parts and get newer ones instead! But that costs some money, doesn't it?!
God, I must put0 some budget for expenditure! Infact, I'm saving some money for the summer holiday to visit either Lebnanon or Turkey but I haven't set up my mind yet!

*Coughs some more while listening to "Side 2 side" by THREE 6 MAFIA*
Brrr, It's so damn cold here these days!
For the first time, I did see the snow in real! But still I haven't tried the sex thing and I don't think much about it these days cuz I think I'm living in Siberia not in Damascus! Besides, I'm exhausted enough in the work that I can't think of anything horny! (therefore, you can cheer up, ladies) :P