Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Back Home

It's confirmed, I'm heading back to Baghdad.... Since October 2nd I haven't seen Baghdad. A lotta thoughts and ideas I'm composing in my mind about that wounded city. Among all the bad and dangerous things that I have to avoid and take care of, I should put a new item to the list that is called by (Mrs. Cholera). Anyway, I'll do as Melantrys asked me...: "Don't drink tap water!". Ok, Mel! I won't! I'll die of thirst then :P No, I'm kiddin'! I'll boil the water in pots and then put it in the fridge. The bad thing about me going back home is that I had to cut my long hair. You know it's not safe to walk in the streets of Baghdad with a hair ends up to the shoulders. Anyway, I'll try to contact and keep in touch with each one of you!
God bless you all.