Monday, July 30, 2007


In my wildest dreams, I didn't imagine that Iraq could win the Asian cup. Winning such tournament requires big efforts, a great support and a hard work to build and prepare a strong team that can vie the others. Those standards are available for many big teams such as; Japan, South Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Australia ( the Aussies have joined the AFC "Asian Football Confederation" recently). Those teams belong to countries are known by their stable security and economic situation. Before the start line of this tournament, I hoped that Iraq would show an attractive performance and try to be a tough contender. Actually, the Iraqi squad had something more to say. They became on the top of the group on Australia after the exciting victory against "All Stars" Australia (3-1). Victories continued and Iraq was through to the semi-final again since 31 years ago. They had to play against South Korea "the giants of Asia" in the semi-final. The optimism became stronger and the hope was bigger this time. The Iraqi players believed that they could make the difference there, therefore, they translated the dreams of a whole nation into a remarkable show in the ground. And after a dramatic match that made the crowd out of breath, Iraq won the match on penalties (4-3). I think all of you have seen the celebration of the Iraqi people there in Baghdad. Thousands of people were dancing and partying the big event of reaching the final for the first time ever. But the fiends of death were not pleased to see the Iraqis gathering in big crowds with no difference or discrimination between Sunni, Shiite or Kurds, so, they tried to kill the joy and turn off the flame of unity and the result was a bombed car and 50 innocent people killed. To be quite honest, I couldn't sleep that night!
One of the poor women has lost her son in that brutal blast decided not to set up the funeral because she believed that the Iraqi team would win the cup. So, the Iraqi players made a promise to do the impossible to grab the victory in the final. And they didn't disappoint that poor mother and other 25 millions of Iraqi ppl. They beat the Saudi team by (1-0) and they won the asian title for the first time. As soon as the refree ended the match. hundreds of thousands of Iraqi all over the globe were out in the street partying the joy of the victory. As for me, I couldn't control myself and I went on crying like a baby. It was a great moment not for my own life only, but for millions of Iraqis I'm sure.
Iraq has won again. And no, 13! You ain't gonna hear the end of this!
Congratulations, Iraqis!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idle hands....

Ahhh! It's been a long time. But first of all, lemme thank those pals who kept sending mails asking about me and pushing me for publishing new posts. To be quite honest, my recent postings were controversial and arguable. More readers were dropping in as you can figure that from the site meter located at the bottom of this webpage. That's why I decided to look for spicy hot topics to post. Actually, I have several issues to talk about but I can't post anyone. Actually, I'm not feeling good these days. I don't have the enthusiasm to do blogging like before. Many reasons keep me blue and I don't want to mention them. You may all know that Melantrys did show up in Damascus last June. I had to play the role of a tour guide for that German lady. It wasn't her first time here in the middle east, she's been in Amman last year but unfortunately I couldn't make it to Jordan last year as I had a lot of work to do for my college's summer courses. Both of us were excited to see each other in person but we couldn't managed to arrange a meeting at that time. And then, I left Iraq ahead to Syria to join my family. I decided to make some money to visit new countries and spend the my summer vacation. Of course, I didn't think about going to Europe or the States cuz they would cost me so much money I can't afford. Therefore and as a beginning I thought about going to either Turkey or Lebanon. I cancelled the idea to go to Jordan. Iraqis living in Syria have some troubles that prevent them to cross the Jordanian borders. Jords suck!I told Mel about my projects and she said that she was ok to head for Turkey rather than Lebanon. Anyway, things went out in the opposite direction of my plans. Read Mel's posting,,, to know more about it. I couldn't believe myself when Mel told me that she would visit Damascus this summer. Earlier, she didn't like the idea of spending her vacation in Syria and I think you know why. She is na├»ve like most of the westerns who are being hypnotized by the media. Lol, I'm kidding. No offence! And here comes my turn, I was on a new mission! I must manage to find a lodging, plus I should find out about those travelers’ cheques.