Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memories are not for sale

Last weekend, there were mend and maintenance works in my grandparents' house. They are trying to patch it up again to be in a good shape. I'm afraid they intend to sell it. Grandma died recently after the death of my grandpa by 10 years bequeath that grand house with a small agrarian land and some trivial possessions.
Anyway, that house represents a special meaning to me. I spent most of my childhood years over there and always it brings back delightful and painful memories.
I was in the garret trying to gather, rearrange, and organize some stuff there, when I saw an old closet with few boxes surrounding it. I felt curious and I wanted to see what things were hidden there. I found things I didn't use to spot them for years, such as, my deceased grandpa glasses which he didn't like to put them on, my uncle's helmet, old watches…. etc.
I opened couple of the cardboard boxes and I found plenty of audio cassettes and videotapes. I remember that my mother used to listen for and watch most of those tapes when I was a kid. I quickly hurried to bring a recorder and try to play those magnetic tapes to find out if they were still valid or not. And to my surprise, they still can speak! Songs of the 70s, 80s and early 90s like, "final countdown" by Europe, "let it be" by Beetles, "brother louie" by Modern Talking, "big in Japan" by Alphaville, "eye of a tiger" by survivor and some albums for Bee Gees, Michael Jackson (when he was black :P), Pet shop boys, George Michael. Mom was a big fan of George Michael, but what a disappointment when she knew that she wasn't Georgie's type. I also found some box sets of famous blockbuster movies in the 80s (Rocky tetralogy, Indiana Jones, Conan the barbarian, Rambo, the good the bad and the ugly…. Etc. The amazing thing is each item of that stuff is in a good shape. When I asked about how could they survive so far. They answered me that my uncle (he's now in Ankara) was keeping them in this form.
I really got 20 years back and I felt sorry for selling this big house.
Anyway, I just wanna congratulate you, fellas! Merry Xmas and happy new year.
See you next year! ;)