Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Ok, pals! I may leave Iraq forever soon. My family is arranging the final steps of our departure! Anyway, I didn't make up my mind yet! I'm not sure that I wanna leave for real. Actually, if I left, I think I should terminate blogging because I don't live in Iraq anymore. But the last thing I can think is to give up posting into my blog. So, what to do?! Any ideas? Please, help!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Death squads

I’m back!
I was in a real dormancy in the recent while! I tried to post earlier but I couldn’t. I’m now in Iraq after spending couple of weeks in Syria! I had a nice time there, I went for some ancient and touristic sites, such as, Saladin’s castle, Qasyon Mount., Lazekia beaches, Hamidya Bazaar, Tishreen square …etc.
I stayed in Damascus and the weather was really fine there, the Syrian people are nice and very collaborative, the chicks are WOW! But, I don’t why I felt sorry about me. Actually, I felt sorry about Iraq. Whenever I saw a beautiful sight or view, my heart painfully contracted sadly on Iraq. We are missing here something called system!
I just wonder how can we continue doing our jobs and go to schools or to work?! A week before, my father came home terrified! He said that some gunmen stop their office bus on the highway that leads to “Albayaa area” in Baghdad. He added and mentioned that those hirelings obliged the driver to pull over and grabbed that poor driver out of the bus and aim their AK47s over his head. One of them ordered the passengers to show their ID cards! The other gunmen yelled: “Fuck them, let’s move on from here quick!”. They took that poor driver with them and quickly drove their four wheel drive Toyota. One of the passengers volunteered to drive that bus back home. My dad said that nobody was believing what was going on! Of course, no one heard anything about that unfortunate driver since that afternoon. It’s familiar situation these days to be murdered according to your fellowship (whether being Sunni or Shiit) by some civil gunmen, all they have to do is to form a fake checkpoint and hunt some innocent people and leave quickly before they got busted by a US army vehicle or a chopper.
When I was in Syria, I met some European tourists (two Greek men and a French woman), they all asked me about the reality of the civil war in Iraq, my answer was “the bastards militias! what’s happening there is a valid environment of that war!”
Jaquelene (the French lady) begged me not go back!
With all that horror and devastation, I’m still breathing (thanks god) but I’m sick of being lonely. I used to mail some girl who was in her high school senior year, we used to chat online and exchange mails. She found me a nice guy after she was betrayed by some mothafucka. she couldn’t trust me at first but I struggled a lot to win her confidence. She told me a lot about her except her living place! She promised to meet after finishing her baccalaureate exams. But since then, I heard jackshit!
I wish that nothing bad had happened with her, I wish that she’s alive and safe somewhere. It’s ok to leave me alive than being dead!