Monday, March 27, 2006

Birthday in road

It was my birthday.. I’m now 22 years old (still virgin though)!
On March 18, 2006 at 10:30 am, I was intending to go home after spending two nights away at friend’s of mine so I decided to take a mini-bus as a mean of travel to back home. And, yeah! One seat left and that was for me so I got in.
It was a mini-bus for 10 passengers, there were four ladies and five men. When I got in, one of the passengers was middle-aged man said: “We’ve been waiting for you for a time!” and he dabbed on my thigh but I acted indifferent busying my self with my nokia 3360 mobile switching it to pager mode and the bus got going.
There were three men chatting about the current situations of Iraq, criticising the procedures of the formation of the new elected government and how that affects badly on the life of the ordinary citizen. I was listening to their dialouge when I noticed a mongol girl was trying to woo me, she was waving her small hand and winking at me trying to draw my attention to her. I couldn’t answer but a pale smile and then she gave me a kiss in air, and soon I was embaressed about that and felt sorry about her in same time so I decided to pull my attention away, but I was shocked when I heard the woman sitting beside that poor girl talking to me….. “Hahaha, she is my daughter! It seems that she likes you!”…… “er,… yea!….. oh,… hehe… er, ok…. Hello!” I was stuttering and my face was blushing and the girl quickly hid her face behind her mother left shoulder and started giggling, the whole scene diverted to be ridiculous but the woman thanked me for doing this and she said that I made her happy. She also told me that I reminded her by her son who is abroad for work…..
The Woman: “ He is now in UAE working with his uncle! And you could see that I spend all my time with Tota” she meant her daughter and then added : “ My son, Khalid, is in your age! He is 24 years old!”.
Me: “ May Allah keep them safe for you!”
Woman: “ And bless you too, son! See, I haven’t much left since I lost my husband in war 90” she meant the 2nd Gulf war in 1991.
Me: “Oh, may he rest in peace!”.
Woman: “ Oh, may he! Poor girl! She became orphan in her 1st year!”.
“Stop it, ma’am! You’ve wringed my heart!” I whispered, and the defected girl was still smiling.
How can someone be such loyal to the memory of his lover, I mean that mother seems to be at the beginning of 40s of her age, she is good-looking too. She could get married at that time, but instead, she prefered to raise two kids one of them has constitutional defects. I can’t imagine this but I can understand it anyway.
Then, there was a long pause intervened by smiles of that bereaved girl and coughs of 60 years old man smoking Kent cigarettes, and then the woman told the driver that she should get off and she saluted me good bye….
The woman: “ Come on Tota! Say bye to ……..”
Me : “-----” I answered.
The woman : “ Ok, stay safe, ------!”
Me: “ I will! Thanks, Ma’am!”.
Tota (giggles) : “ Bye!”
Me: “Ok, bye bye, Tota!”
And they got off.
And again I was buzzed by the same middle aged man,
Man: “ What a pity! Mind is a grace!".
Me : " But she is not crazy!"
Man : " I know she is mongol!" he said it with disgust and added : "she may not live so long, i heard they live shortly!"
Me (whispers) : "and what the fuck you wanna get?! Mind your own bussiness, sucker!"
In the end, I got home safe in one piece and thanks God!
And that was my birthday!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ma poor brother

First thing I say: “ I’m not fazed”….Oh ma poor brotha…. Son of ma dad and motha…..Don’t care, don’t botha…..Chicks are mothafucka!!!!
Yeah, these days my brother is so frustrated and depressed cuz of a chick!He started to listen to sad arabic songs and prefered to be alone with himself with a rather frown face and everytime I ask him about the reason he wouldn’t tell, until one time he was so desperate and greifed, therefore, he couldn’t keep it anymore and soon he told me about what tortured him all that time.He was loving a girl with him in the same college, he thought that she liked him too and he was hesitating whenever he decided to tell her about his feelings but in the end he decided to so.He went to her as she was walking with another girl and asked her to have some words on private;Brother: “Er,…Hi!”.Girl: “Hi?!”.Bro: “Can I talk to you on private?….. I mean I have something to tell you!”Girl (shrugging): “Me?!… No, I apologize”.Bro: “It won’t take long, just a couple of words!”Girl: “I know what are you trying to tell me but I’m sorry, I can’t!”Bro (falling from the 20th floor): “Ok, thank you for your time!”He was sighing and trying hardly to seize heavy tears when he told me his story. I became pissed off when he finished narrating that dialouge and I said at once : “FUCK HER!” twice with a chocked voice, but ma brother soon replied : “No, you shouldn’t say that! She refused me softly and I may try again later….”.I felt sorry about him and said : “Ok, cheer up, man! She just missed a wonderful guy!” and then I left him with a smile.
Fuck her again and again! After all, who is she? Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton? Why he is got to suffer cuz of her? Does he have to try again and cringe himself before her to win her heart? Well, he said that he still love her! Excuse me, bro! But this is not love, it is a mothafucka pain! You don’t have to suffer and care about a person doesn’t give a fuck about you! You mustn’t live with that illusion and punishing yourelf like that!Obsession is defined by one sided love, you should know that!I had passed through all this and my scar is a live evidence for that insanity. But, at least, we both were (me and the county girl) in love neglecting what happened after.Love is so sweet when you find someone reciprocating it with you, at that moment, I can say you are in love and you must be loyal with your lover and let your hearts do talking.Sometimes, I feel sorry about ma country girl. She was (and still) in love with me, she presented her soul and body for me and also she was ready to do anything for me but I was such a fuckin’ pig who thought of nothing but to parade his pornography.Sorry, Melantrys! Now, the image had become distinct and clear! I’ve figured out what you told me about stop decieving her and act honestly. Thank you!Anyways, I think that sex makes any two lovers connected more to each other and prepare a suitable ground for the consturction of truth between them.
Anyways, I’m now enjoying ma self watching porn at XXL and MULTVISION sat. channels. I want a time-out to relax before going on again.
One last thing, this post wasn’t for my brother only, but it is also for you Kid, Blue and every heartached person.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fire extinguisher

Good afternoon,
Last night at nearly 9:30 pm I was sitting behing ma PC when I heard a loud sharp scream comes out from the next door "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh".I hurried to get out and see what happened, I thought that he was shocked by the electric power but I was terrified when I saw a huge flames rising up from the nieghboors garage with scary screams coming out through the fire, I spontanously started to yell at ma brother and dad, and soon I saw ma father was coming out and then ma brother too. I ran to get the hose to come down the fire spreading beside that poor man's car I told ma father to help me with that but he wasn't listening, his attention was to move our car away leaving me alone and then I heard ma brother shouts to pull our nieghboor's car away. My brother was standing bravely near the scary flames with a big blanket to decrease the danger of that fire, some guys helped him with that and they decided to pull the car away in order to avoid the danger of the blow and they did so.
Ma dad came then and yelled for us to come back, this time we didn't give a fuck....
Let him be coward and enjoy that miserable life we all are living but let's do our job and live proudly. I prefer to die and people helping others better than living this shitty life.
Anyways, someone brought a fire extinguisher and let that fuckin' fire down.
No one was hurted (thanx God) and it was impressing moment when that man thanked us (me and ma brother and ofcourse that extinguisher guy).

I think I will never forget that.

ps: I didn't watch porn afterwards that night!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ravished desires (Part II)

I think I’m alil’ bit jumpy now. Why not! They shot three people yesterday in three different incidents in our area. One of them was a grocer, the other was a construction worker and finally an ordinary passer-by was intending to have a haircut.
I was near by when they shot the third man, and I knew all about his murder,
Three guys were in red Opel automobile, two of’em got off and they started to fire the barber’s site killing a poor 20 years old was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I heard later that when Abu Shahad (the grocer) was murdered, they put a paper on his bloodish body declaring that they will terminate 20 guys from our area and other 20 from a nieghbored quarter.
For God’s sake, we’ve been terrified for the sight of any new unfamiliar fishy vehicle….
Today’s noon, we were standing infront of a centre for young men for billiards and networking games chatting about yesterday’s catastrophes when a white Daweoo (actually it is called Espero) marched slowly across us then the car’s window went down slowly too……… I whispered “جاك الموت يا تارك الصلاة” which means “ it’s your time, you impious” everyone was steady and ready to hear and perhaps to receive some bullets shots. We just finished playing a round of Medal of Honor and no one expected that he would face the same end of those virtual soldiers. Everyone was hoping it wasn’t GAME OVER….
Among these hopes and thoughts, a head popped out of the window and then we heard a voice from inside the car “Salamualaikum! Anyone of you knows where is a nearst clinic?”
What?! Where is the machine gun then? Are you terriorst suffering from a sudden heart attack or ulcer?
Leaving them behind guiding that guy and back to home where I hurried to my desk and turned on my PC and listened to Eminem’s Toy soldier while I was paging my diary note book and recorded what I felt at that moment.
Another thing makes me anxoius is that I have a long hair!
One of the items on their kill bill is to have a long hair, they are claiming that this long hair is imitation the jews and/or females. And that did happen, they shot a christian dude called Frank and cut off his braid.
That’s why I’m thinking of wearing a hood. God, they gonna make us wear hdjab!!!!
Oh, I’d like to say that this is not the full image of Baghdad, some (let me say most of) areas are sound and safe but this happens majorly in Addora (where I live) which is called by Fallujah II .