Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gradutated as a Grim Reaper!

To disguise as one of the dreariest death symbols in your what supposed to be significant day of your life, is something weird. But since it is a masquerade party, i guess it would be a cool costume to wear. (in the picture below I'm trying to reap out a life of some poor fella :P)

Just to let you in the picture, most of the colleges and universities in Iraq hold two graduation parties for their seniors just before the end of the scholar year.

Those two parties are:

1st. Graduation photograph shooting session (Casual is required); and it is set up usually in middle of April. In that day, memorial photos are taken for the seniors with their teaching staff and college council. After shooting the picture, the students head to a concert hall to continue celebrating this day.

2nd. Masquerade; and this party is set on the begining of May. Each group of students is free to choose a costume to wear. The party is held within the (university/college)'s perimeter. You can enjoy the loud (sadly Iraqi) music presented by the DJ, you can have fireworks in the daylight, and taking photos.

In fact, I wasn't interested much in such parties and I talked about this earlier here on this blog. I even didn't want to join my classmates in this party beacuse most of them are not friends, they are just colleagues. Besides, the first ideas of what costume we should wear was simply sucky. Some said that we could wear fishermen, others suggested sailors, a group called to choose a folk Kurdistani custome. The most dreadful idea is to dress as business-men!Until, I and some dude were chatting about this band british band grim-reaper. And hence, it came the idea of our costume. Of course it wasn't easy to convince the rest of our partners to apply this scary theme for a graduation party. But after bringing a sample of the "grim reaper" costume and let everybody tries it, all were happy to wear in the masquerade.

I tried as best as I could to look like a grim reaper. I painted my face in black and white, I nail-polished my finger nails with black. The scythe was also important. I couldn't believe how many ppl asked me to take a photo with them. I even scared a young child and the more I tried to calm her down, the more she was feeling scared. I hate that feeling, I used to get scared of those damn things when I was a kid.
The best part of the party is that I took many many pictures with chicks. All of them said that I was acting the role of the grim reaper seriously. The number of chicks and dudes take photos with me made me to feel like I was a celebrity.