Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm not a party animal

Hi.. I’m here again! I can’t post regularly regarding to my current offhome status, therefore, I had to find time and a PC supported with the Internet service to post ma shit.
I’ve met my mother again this afternoon (she is currently living at my grandma’s). She was excited to see me again, she told me that she was longing for me. Infact, I had the same feeling but I tried hard not to show it. I only kissed her cheeks.
Yeah, I miss them much but I have to say this is for our own good. I must admit that once you be over 18 you must spread your wings and migrate leaving your parents behind.
I don’t say that you should secede from your family but you may avoid many problems with them by staying aside.
Shit, the graduation party will be set up next Thursday and plenty mates are gonna be gratuated, however, I won’t participate their party cuz I don’t like such silly parties for many reasons:
1. Eastern songs are played.
2. Only the boys are dancing and the gurlz are just spectators.
3. The masquerade is deadly customary.
4. The hot weather with temp. of 40 c outdoor.
5. My shy personality.

I think when I will get married (if I will) I won’t make wedding party!

See you later and sooner I hope.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Off home

Hey.. Over here!
Can you see me?!
Ok, I'm fine! And you can see that I'm still capable of breathing!
I'm now home away since a week ago, I've joined our unversity's internal hostel.
As I revealed before, ma family is inteding to move to Syria so I had to join the hostel to finish ma study here in Iraq and join ma family lata.
Well, it's a lil' bit unfamiliar and chaotic here in the hostel...
I wish to post more but I can't now....
See you later!