Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheney's in town!

Yesterday's afternoon on my way back home, it was normally to see the huge number of vehicles in Al Jadiriya where the Unviersities of Baghdad and Al Nahrain and some important offical departments lie. It is the rush hour. But at that hour all the roads lead to other districts of Baghdad were blocked. I saw some US armored vehicles and soldiers were proliferated. Therefore, I decided to walk till I get the "Two-layered Bridge" which was called previously during Saddam's regime by "The Leader's Bridge". It was about 20 minutes on foot to go from my university to that bridge. But when I got there, I was surprised when the US soldiers told the people that the walking through that point was prohibited. I asked one of the people there about how long they had been waiting in the streets, he answered me that they were waiting for about 2 hours. *pouts*
"I can't wait forever! It will get dark soon!" I mumbled and then I decided to ask a sweaty suntanned Yankee...
Me: "Hey, sir! Will it take so long?"
Yankee: "Oh, I've been here since couple of minutes... I don't know! No one is allowed to walkthrough the square". He meant the Alhurriya 'freedom' sqaure.
Me: "So, what's the big deal?"
Yankee: "Cheney's is in town! The vice-president."
Me: "Oh!".... "Oh, shit! We'll stay here forever!" I whispered based on the fact when Ahmedinajad visited Baghdad.
After that the exhasted yankee tried do some light aerobics.
Me: "Tough day, eh?"
Yankee *rolls eyes*: "Everday in Iraq is a tough day!"
Then the talkie he had informed him that the road would be open again in 5 minutes.
And indeed, the soldiers hurried to their Hummers and Humvees and left the sqaure. I took a taxi to cross the bridge and get back home. I witnessed from above the bridge some black armoured american made vehicles parking in rows near the house of "Abdul Aziz Al Hakim" Chairman of the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution in Iraq.
When I got back home, the two "gentelmen", Cheney & Al Hakim, were on TV for a press conference.
I thought that Dick Cheney was visiting Iraq to celebrate with me and deliever G. W. Bush's congratulations on my birthday, but I was disappointed to know that Mr. vice-President was there in a middle-eastrn trip and he was visiting Iraq on the 5th anniversary of the war!! *sighs*
Hey, guys! Today, I'm 24! ;)