Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi... I'm here!

On Friday 20th of September at 08:45 pm I arrived to Baghdad after staying for a year in Damascus. Lots of ideas, expectations and predictions I had formed about Baghdad all the way long. Of course, many of you (blog-mates) are accusing me by being suicidal or lunatic to head back to Iraq during these critical days. But I had explained that to some friends and I'm gonna explain it to you again. I couldn't finish my study abroad because I can't afford the costs of the scholarship there… and that part stinks.. I know!Another reason that I wasn't pleased with the unfriendly...... Let's not talk about that.
Anyway, it was a dark night when I got to Baghdad; the power was out in most of the neighborhoods. When we got down from the bus, I hurried to the luggage box to take away our bags. Later, I hired a Taxi and then zoooooooooooooooooom back home.During my ride back home, I received an SMS from Melantry telling me that she was going to call me in few minutes. Of course she knew that it is insecure if I was outside to pick up and chat along in English, therefore, I had to reject the call. But later when I got home, mel called me again and this time it was Caesar there to answer!
I live in a neighborhood was considered till a recent while as the headquarter of the Al-Qaida militants in the capital. People here told me that they had lived their worst days during those months I had spent abroad. Many (Shiite) people were compulsorily displaced, others were killed, and others were frightened to death trying helplessly to survive.In result of the forcibly mass departure, some (Sunni) people who were displaced from other neighborhoods had to inhabit those desolated houses. Anyway, as a result of the "Baghdad security plan" many of Al-Qaida members are in custody, some are killed, and others had to runaway to other unsteady areas. Thus, the situation now is relatively safer than before. Some fellas told me that couple of days before my arrival, the Iraqi police accompanied by the US forces had found a dead body in a blank pitch just behind my house. Spooky, eh?
I had a walk along through my neighborhood to check the aftermath of those terrible events, and I found some houses were partly or completely ruined. There were also giant stacks of concrete blocking the main entrances of my neighborhood, therefore, there is one way (in and out) as both entrance and exit. They were hard months on those people of Baghdad. However, there is still a bright side…By time, with the appliance of "Baghdad security plan" and formation of councils of Sahwa (= Awakening) and alliance of the free good individuals of this country, security and stability are being restored to the capital step by step. Now the violence levels in Iraq has come to its lowest degrees and , in sha Allah, security will continue and get better over time. Now people are going regularly to their workplaces, colleges, schools, markets, etc. Some families are taking their kids in Eids and weekends to "Al Zawraa Park" which is a famous park (Zoo + playing field) in Baghdad. It's improving slowly and gradually here. When I first got to college, I was worried of that the recent event might affect some fellas *** as I was affected to an a certain level by the media. But thanks god, none of this is real. I'm enjoying the college with my friends whether they were Sunnis or Shiites.
Finally, I'm so sorry for that long absence. But I'd like to defend myself and say that I was busy like hell in the recent while, besides, I have no internet connection at home. I may get Internet service soonish. I promise to keep updating my blog. And lemme say: Happy Eid and Christmas and so.