Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi... I'm here!

On Friday 20th of September at 08:45 pm I arrived to Baghdad after staying for a year in Damascus. Lots of ideas, expectations and predictions I had formed about Baghdad all the way long. Of course, many of you (blog-mates) are accusing me by being suicidal or lunatic to head back to Iraq during these critical days. But I had explained that to some friends and I'm gonna explain it to you again. I couldn't finish my study abroad because I can't afford the costs of the scholarship there… and that part stinks.. I know!Another reason that I wasn't pleased with the unfriendly...... Let's not talk about that.
Anyway, it was a dark night when I got to Baghdad; the power was out in most of the neighborhoods. When we got down from the bus, I hurried to the luggage box to take away our bags. Later, I hired a Taxi and then zoooooooooooooooooom back home.During my ride back home, I received an SMS from Melantry telling me that she was going to call me in few minutes. Of course she knew that it is insecure if I was outside to pick up and chat along in English, therefore, I had to reject the call. But later when I got home, mel called me again and this time it was Caesar there to answer!
I live in a neighborhood was considered till a recent while as the headquarter of the Al-Qaida militants in the capital. People here told me that they had lived their worst days during those months I had spent abroad. Many (Shiite) people were compulsorily displaced, others were killed, and others were frightened to death trying helplessly to survive.In result of the forcibly mass departure, some (Sunni) people who were displaced from other neighborhoods had to inhabit those desolated houses. Anyway, as a result of the "Baghdad security plan" many of Al-Qaida members are in custody, some are killed, and others had to runaway to other unsteady areas. Thus, the situation now is relatively safer than before. Some fellas told me that couple of days before my arrival, the Iraqi police accompanied by the US forces had found a dead body in a blank pitch just behind my house. Spooky, eh?
I had a walk along through my neighborhood to check the aftermath of those terrible events, and I found some houses were partly or completely ruined. There were also giant stacks of concrete blocking the main entrances of my neighborhood, therefore, there is one way (in and out) as both entrance and exit. They were hard months on those people of Baghdad. However, there is still a bright side…By time, with the appliance of "Baghdad security plan" and formation of councils of Sahwa (= Awakening) and alliance of the free good individuals of this country, security and stability are being restored to the capital step by step. Now the violence levels in Iraq has come to its lowest degrees and , in sha Allah, security will continue and get better over time. Now people are going regularly to their workplaces, colleges, schools, markets, etc. Some families are taking their kids in Eids and weekends to "Al Zawraa Park" which is a famous park (Zoo + playing field) in Baghdad. It's improving slowly and gradually here. When I first got to college, I was worried of that the recent event might affect some fellas *** as I was affected to an a certain level by the media. But thanks god, none of this is real. I'm enjoying the college with my friends whether they were Sunnis or Shiites.
Finally, I'm so sorry for that long absence. But I'd like to defend myself and say that I was busy like hell in the recent while, besides, I have no internet connection at home. I may get Internet service soonish. I promise to keep updating my blog. And lemme say: Happy Eid and Christmas and so.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Back Home

It's confirmed, I'm heading back to Baghdad.... Since October 2nd I haven't seen Baghdad. A lotta thoughts and ideas I'm composing in my mind about that wounded city. Among all the bad and dangerous things that I have to avoid and take care of, I should put a new item to the list that is called by (Mrs. Cholera). Anyway, I'll do as Melantrys asked me...: "Don't drink tap water!". Ok, Mel! I won't! I'll die of thirst then :P No, I'm kiddin'! I'll boil the water in pots and then put it in the fridge. The bad thing about me going back home is that I had to cut my long hair. You know it's not safe to walk in the streets of Baghdad with a hair ends up to the shoulders. Anyway, I'll try to contact and keep in touch with each one of you!
God bless you all.

Monday, July 30, 2007


In my wildest dreams, I didn't imagine that Iraq could win the Asian cup. Winning such tournament requires big efforts, a great support and a hard work to build and prepare a strong team that can vie the others. Those standards are available for many big teams such as; Japan, South Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Australia ( the Aussies have joined the AFC "Asian Football Confederation" recently). Those teams belong to countries are known by their stable security and economic situation. Before the start line of this tournament, I hoped that Iraq would show an attractive performance and try to be a tough contender. Actually, the Iraqi squad had something more to say. They became on the top of the group on Australia after the exciting victory against "All Stars" Australia (3-1). Victories continued and Iraq was through to the semi-final again since 31 years ago. They had to play against South Korea "the giants of Asia" in the semi-final. The optimism became stronger and the hope was bigger this time. The Iraqi players believed that they could make the difference there, therefore, they translated the dreams of a whole nation into a remarkable show in the ground. And after a dramatic match that made the crowd out of breath, Iraq won the match on penalties (4-3). I think all of you have seen the celebration of the Iraqi people there in Baghdad. Thousands of people were dancing and partying the big event of reaching the final for the first time ever. But the fiends of death were not pleased to see the Iraqis gathering in big crowds with no difference or discrimination between Sunni, Shiite or Kurds, so, they tried to kill the joy and turn off the flame of unity and the result was a bombed car and 50 innocent people killed. To be quite honest, I couldn't sleep that night!
One of the poor women has lost her son in that brutal blast decided not to set up the funeral because she believed that the Iraqi team would win the cup. So, the Iraqi players made a promise to do the impossible to grab the victory in the final. And they didn't disappoint that poor mother and other 25 millions of Iraqi ppl. They beat the Saudi team by (1-0) and they won the asian title for the first time. As soon as the refree ended the match. hundreds of thousands of Iraqi all over the globe were out in the street partying the joy of the victory. As for me, I couldn't control myself and I went on crying like a baby. It was a great moment not for my own life only, but for millions of Iraqis I'm sure.
Iraq has won again. And no, 13! You ain't gonna hear the end of this!
Congratulations, Iraqis!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idle hands....

Ahhh! It's been a long time. But first of all, lemme thank those pals who kept sending mails asking about me and pushing me for publishing new posts. To be quite honest, my recent postings were controversial and arguable. More readers were dropping in as you can figure that from the site meter located at the bottom of this webpage. That's why I decided to look for spicy hot topics to post. Actually, I have several issues to talk about but I can't post anyone. Actually, I'm not feeling good these days. I don't have the enthusiasm to do blogging like before. Many reasons keep me blue and I don't want to mention them. You may all know that Melantrys did show up in Damascus last June. I had to play the role of a tour guide for that German lady. It wasn't her first time here in the middle east, she's been in Amman last year but unfortunately I couldn't make it to Jordan last year as I had a lot of work to do for my college's summer courses. Both of us were excited to see each other in person but we couldn't managed to arrange a meeting at that time. And then, I left Iraq ahead to Syria to join my family. I decided to make some money to visit new countries and spend the my summer vacation. Of course, I didn't think about going to Europe or the States cuz they would cost me so much money I can't afford. Therefore and as a beginning I thought about going to either Turkey or Lebanon. I cancelled the idea to go to Jordan. Iraqis living in Syria have some troubles that prevent them to cross the Jordanian borders. Jords suck!I told Mel about my projects and she said that she was ok to head for Turkey rather than Lebanon. Anyway, things went out in the opposite direction of my plans. Read Mel's posting,,, to know more about it. I couldn't believe myself when Mel told me that she would visit Damascus this summer. Earlier, she didn't like the idea of spending her vacation in Syria and I think you know why. She is naïve like most of the westerns who are being hypnotized by the media. Lol, I'm kidding. No offence! And here comes my turn, I was on a new mission! I must manage to find a lodging, plus I should find out about those travelers’ cheques.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

From Caesar to Kitten... "Don't panic, dear!"

I was surprised when I found a stream of comments on a posting was published some time ago. Usually, I forget to check the comments of the previous posts. I think I'm not running my blogsite well. :))
I thought about replying those comments directly, but then I chose to put my reply in a form of a posting so that it can be lucid and noticeable. And I hope it can drag other bloggers' attention and hence they are invited to have thier say about it.
So let's get down to business…
Thanks alot for visiting my blog, and thank you also for your nice comments. You discussed your viewpoints - which counter mine - in a very smart and nice style. And yes, I am Muslim.... er, I think I am!
About the pre-marital sex... Lemme clear something; I understand your respect about the traditional bans and religious prohibitions. I know very well the amount of troubles for any girl - in our society - loses her virginty before getting married. She becomes a slut according to some people's viewpoints and her sin that she gave her heart and body to the wrong person. That's why I chose to have ORAL sex with my relative. No intercouse was allowed for our both own good, I didn't even disclose my genitals infront of her. However, I still feel bad about that incident.

"How can u possibly respect a muslim lady if u have sex with her before marriage?"
I didn't expect to hear that from an Iraqi chick lives in a free liberal society! I understand from this that we should scorn that lady and avoid mixing with her. I mean that's what I got it from you, therefore, no wonder that the people in strict conservative communities call for stoning and whiplashing those ladies. And why you didn't say that how can a muslim lady trust or respect a muslim guy if he used to have sex before marriage? Ah, yes, I forgot! I forgot that we are living in tribal system where the guy can do whatever he likes. It's very normal here that a guy can go to brothels, hang out with prositiutes, watch porn or fool a stupid poor girl, but he goes mad when he catches his sister chatting on the phone or online with some dude. And, no! I am not encourging the prostitution here. Although I support pre-marital sex thingy, but take this from me (muslim ladies): DO NOT THINK ABOUT HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!
I heard many stories about relationships from pals, and I found that some couples choose to do it orally - and anally sometimes- in order not to deflower the female. As far as I'm concerned, I find hugs, kisses and caresses are quite enough. Oral is fine too, but it comes when the highest levels of love and trust are approved for that couple. Unfortunately, my relative chose the 'wrong person' = me. :(

"Pre-martial sex is NOTHING except for fulfilling a desire"One day, Qais *the arabic version of Romeo" who was mad about Layla *the arabic character of Juliet* asked a preacher about sex between unmarried couples "is it considered by fornication?". That preacher answered him that "fornication is to offer your body to someone you are not in love with". and then the preacher shut his mouth and went away.

"Love, respect, care, protectivness, understanding, etcallow all of the above...but sex completes it"
That's 100% what I believe, Kitty!
You know why I like to try the pre-marital sex?
First of all, I don't have a girl friend. Secondly, I'm 23 years old virgin. I can't marry a girl before at least 6 or 5 years from now (2 years to finish my studies and 3 or 4 years of work to establish a comfortable level of living). That if I was so lucky to accomplish all that in this period. I don't come from a wealthy family or drive my own car. I don't wanna be just like others who entertain thierselves by paying for sex.
By the way, Kid! You said that what you have realized from those four years that my life is focused on meeting a beautiful chick and bla bla bla.. Well, to be quite honest, I don't know what your defenition to the beauty is. Do you mean physically? You know what my wildest dream is? It's to meet a nice, sentimental and smart girl and share one roof with her and spend my life calling her name. That's simply my wildest dream! Thanks, kid, anyway!
And, Red Devil! Lemme take a bow for your"I fully respect any lady who would wait for marriage to have sex or a 14 year old girl who was curious about going through the experience". That proves who nice insightful person you are! As a matter of fact, I don't mind to love and -marry- a deflowered girl. Or should we dump any girl who has been fooled by some bastards? See, kitten! Not all of the men are pigs. ;)
Finally, I have to say thank you very much to visit my blog and drop some hot spicy comments. And, no.. you didn't bother me at all. An intellgent industrious blogger like you is always welcomed.

P.S. : Melantrys has left you a comment on this page for you, Kitty!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Celebrating the Good Friday!

Yesterday I went to, Bab Toma, a classy neighborhood mainly populated by christians. Bab Toma is a historical tourist area here in Damasus. Some called it by "the Old Damascus" and it's arabic translation means;
Bab = Gate or Door,
while Toma = refers to Thomas who was one of the Roman empire veterans.
Anyway, to find more about Bab Toma and other ancient sites here in Damascus, I recommend you to visit Soraya's blog and read about Gates of Damascus.
Since Friday is the weekend day here, I decided to spend my weekend there in Bab Toma to witness the ceremony of the Good Friday.It was crowded when I got there in the afternoon, had a walk there in the main street where the malls, markets, restaurants and beautiful chicks. ;)Later, I was joined by my brother who was waiting for me near some Pizza restaurant. Of course, the hot delicious smell and my empty stomach seduced us to get into the rest. and order a yummy Pizza.*bonne appetite* :D
We kept touring until we reached old alleys. Those alleys' streets were paved by bricks of old stones, the buildings also were old and made of blocks of stones. A lotta of antiques stores were spreading along the both sides of the narrow streets. Actually, the whole place was a peice of an antique art. And then the crowds were gathering more and more just before the sunset near an old big church. Boys and girls from the chorus were gathering infront of the church. Men and women, young and old, grannies and kids all were there. There were also some foreign tourists among the public. Soon, young men and girls were re-trooped in rows holding drums, horns, candles, portraits for Jesus and Mother Mary......... etc.
Some were dressed in white uniforms and some were dressed in blue. I joined the marched people as they were following the chorus.
It was awesome!........
I blamed myself alot for not bringing any camera to take some shots for that wonderful ceremony. Yes, I am muslim! But I don't know why I felt happy when I walked with those people and shared thier celebrations.

Monday, March 19, 2007

the Aftermath

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- If elected president, Sen. Hillary Clinton said, she would likely keep some U.S. forces in Iraq in a supporting role after 2009 because America has "a remaining military as well as a political mission" that requires a presence there.
However, in an interview with The New York Times published Thursday, Clinton said the American troops would not play a role in trying to curb sectarian violence.
Rather, they would be positioned north of Baghdad to combat terrorists, support the Kurds, counter any Iranian moves into Iraq and provide logistical, air and training support to the Iraqi government "if the Iraqis ever get their act together."
"If there is not any political resolution, the civil war will continue and we need to get out of the way," she told the Times. (Watch how Americans think the war is going )
Clinton aides say her comments are consistent with a broader plan by Democrats in Congress to begin redeploying combat troops, with the goal of having U.S. forces out of Iraq by March 2008. However, some political analysts say her support for a continued presence in Iraq could touch a raw nerve with anti-war Democrats.
"They're really not sure that she's with them on Iraq and other issues," said Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. "So they're suspicious, and that suspicion shows itself in what they say about her."
In 2002, Clinton voted for a congressional resolution authorizing President Bush to take military action in Iraq. And although she's become a vocal critic of the way the war has been executed, she has repeatedly refused demands from anti-war Democrats to admit her vote was a mistake, although she has said "knowing what I know now, I would not have voted for it."
Of her two closest rivals for the Democratic nomination, former Sen. John Edwards, has said his vote in favor of the 2002 resolution was a mistake; Sen. Barack Obama was still a state legislator in Illinois at the time of that vote, but he has opposed the war from the beginning.
Wednesday, Obama outlined a plan for maintaining a U.S. presence in Iraq similar to Clinton's.
"Withdrawal would be gradual, and we'd keep some U.S. troops in the region to prevent a wide war, to go after al Qaeda and other terrorists," he said.
The question is whether, given her previous record on Iraq, Clinton's call for continuing a U.S. presence might resonate differently with anti-war activists.
"They are not inclined to cut her much slack," Sabato said. "They are inclined to cut Barack Obama quite a bit of slack and John Edwards some slack as well."

Kerry rejects call for Iraq troop withdrawal
Defeated Democratic candidate on “Meet the Press”By Bill Van Auken

For any of his erstwhile supporters who cling to illusions about what might have been had the vote gone a bit differently on November 2, the defeated Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry provided a definitive answer Sunday.Appearing on the NBC television news program “Meet the Press,” Kerry was shown a videotape of his fellow Massachusetts senator, Edward Kennedy, calling for a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, beginning with the immediate removal of at least 12,000.“Do you agree with Senator Kennedy that 12,000 American troops should leave at once?” asked NBC’s Tim Russert.“No,” replied Kerry.“Do you believe there should be a specific timetable of withdrawal of American troops?” Russert continued.“No,” Kerry repeated.The tone of the televised exchange was the exact opposite of ambush journalism. It was evident that Kerry welcomed the opportunity to disassociate himself from Kennedy’s proposal and embrace a policy that, in all essentials, is indistinguishable from that of the Bush administration—one that means US military occupation for years to come.At the same time, the establishment media was anxious to get the Democratic standard-bearer on record, affirming the unity of the two parties of big business on the all-important issue of the continuing war in Iraq.“Now, obviously, you’ve got to provide security and stability in order to turn this over to the Iraqis and to be able to withdraw our troops,” Kerry declared in the interview. Asked if he would vote to approve the Bush administration’s request for $80 billion in additional funding for the Iraq war, he responded, “The likelihood is yes.”Providing “security and stability” is a euphemism for crushing the resistance to US occupation. It means killing thousands upon thousands more Iraqis and sacrificing hundreds, if not thousands, more US soldiers. This is what the $80 billion will pay for.The revealing interview follows the trajectory of the Kerry campaign. The senator won the Democratic primary by posturing as an antiwar candidate and denouncing Bush for “misleading” the American people, but once he emerged as the undisputed front-runner, he rushed to declare his commitment to the occupation, and even condemned the Bush administration for failing to send enough troops.He turned from trying to hoodwink the overwhelmingly antiwar Democratic base to assuring the US ruling elite that he could be trusted to prosecute the war, and do it more competently than the Republican incumbent. In granting the interview, Kerry was merely dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s” on the policy that he advanced in the run-up to the election.Now, in defeat, Kerry speaks of the election as a “mandate for unity” and “finding common ground.” That ground, evidently, is to be found on the killing fields of Iraq.Kerry lost the election in November because the Democratic Party was unable and unwilling to offer any genuine alternative to the policies of the Bush administration. The Democratic presidential candidate embraced the fraud of the “global war on terror” and the lie that the colonial war to conquer Iraq and its oil reserves is part of this supposed struggle against terrorism.Interviewer Russert quoted to Kerry an article that appeared in Newsweek magazine citing a post-election meeting of Democratic Party supporters at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington. Kerry, according to the report, “told the group they needed new ways to make people understand they didn’t like abortion. Democrats also needed to welcome more pro-life candidates into the party.” The magazine reported, “[T]here was a gasp in the room.”Asked if the report was accurate, Kerry replied, “It’s pretty accurate, sure.” He went on to say he would support federal legislation to require parental notification of planned abortions, a measure that would drastically undermine abortion rights, threaten the health of minors, and criminalize a legal form of medical care.The lesson drawn by Kerry and other leading Democrats from their defeat in the 2004 election is not to advance a program to counter the reactionary social policies of the Bush administration or end the war in Iraq. Rather, they are convinced that the party must turn even further to the right, competing with the Republicans in the use of “values” demagogy and appeals to religious backwardness.

Now, western fellas! Thanks alot! Anyway, I'm afraid that your protests and demonstrations would turn into a curse on the Iraqi people's future. I don't know how can the withdrawal of the US troops bring the peace on Iraq and take its people to a safe shore?
I think the coalition, including the Americans, should leave when the Iraqi security forces are capable of doing the job on their own. It's ironic that the so-called insurgents' policy of murdering members of Iraq's police force is probably the major factor is keeping foreign troops in Iraq. US troops should stay as long as it takes. Leaving early will cause a civil war and leave Iraq in total ruin. The Bush administration is going to have to cave in and supply more troops or else implement more heavy handed tactics by its current forces in Iraq and by the Iraqi troops. Neither option is politically "correct" so the lesser of two evils must be chosen. Leaving Iraq early will serve to encourage terrorism on a global scale to a degree that is almost too horrible to imagine. Unfortunately, it's impossible to set an exact timetable, too many variables. First, Iraq's own military and police force must be rebuilt before any withdrawal can be contemplated. US withdrawal before accomplishing this would be grossly irresponsible. I would not make too much of the recent opinion poll showing Americans believe the war is a mistake. I believe this to be true but I do not think it changes the fact that America must finish what they started there.Some people might think that it should be replaced by UN troops in order to restore the stability in Iraq. Well, I think the problem is not with the USA. In fact, if we rewind our memories back to the earliest days of Saddam's regime fall, the first bombing attack in Iraq was done by Al-Qaeda targeting the UN building in Baghdad.Believe me, friends! I don't support the occupation. But if the US armed forces have to leave Iraq in these critical moments, the situation will be more chaotic in Iraq. As soon as the US army leaves; Iran will hurry to support the Shiite and try to export thier Islamic revolution to Iraq, hence, KSA and other arab countries will intervene to help and support the Sunnis there in Iraq. In result, the civil war will become a bigger war and soon the whole middle east will be on fire!I want them to leave but not now! Not before establishing strong united goverment, The US should stay until the Iraqi army is strong enough to defend itself against the inflowing streams of incoming dangers.There's an arabic famous proverb which says
إن بعض الشر أهون
which means,Some evil can be milder...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

8th of March

International Women's Day (8 March) is an occasion marked by women's groups around the world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday. When women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day, they can look back to a tradition that represents at least nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.
International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men in order to end war; during the French Revolution, Parisian women calling for "liberty, equality, fraternity" marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.

Happy Women's Day, Ladies! And lemme salute in this occasion every Iraqi woman. They are the real heroes. To know more about thier suffer try this site:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the land of killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum.

Al Jazeera has reported statements by a Sunni woman that she was raped by three Shia-led police force members after she was detained over the weekend.Iraq's prime minister ordered an investigation into the allegations made by the 20-year-old married woman on Monday, but a senior Iraq police official has disputed the claim... read more on

The 20-year-old married woman, Sabrin al Janabi, said she was attacked after police commandos took her into custody Sunday in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Amil. She was taken to a police garrison and raped, she charged.

I really don't know what to say about that brutal crime... *exhales*

There is nothing can piss me off more than raping an innocent person cuz that fucken incident sticks in the victim's mind permanantly, making that poor victim to live in the shadow with painful memories. And what makes it worse that our arabian fucked up societies don't forgive and excuse those unfortunate ladies. At the contrary, they start to talk about them badly calling them bad names, they also avoid to mingle with them in order not to "sooten thier reputations"... *pouts* They live alone with thier misery, cuz most of the pigs.... sorry, I mean "men" wouldn't think about getting married from those ravished ladies.

Some of them can't get a job afterwards, so either they

a. emigrate to some place where they can start a new life (and this option is so difficult without a great support and hope in life).

b. or some of them start to work as prostitutes to keep some food on the table (which is very common here).

c. and not so few women commit suicide after a while.

My grandparents came from countryside communities which is known by being conservative and firm about any illegal sexual relationships. If any two unmarried couples were caught having sex, they either get punished by death or getting married instantly. Of cousre, if they chose to get married that doesn't prevent them from getting beaten to a pulp. Anyway, you all know my viewpoint about pre-marital sex. And there, I totally disagree terrifying sexual love even if it was illegal. But there are some few rape actions, when the rapist is sentenced to death penalty. On a personal level, I agree on that, However, in all cases the lady has to live isolated and cornered unfortuanately.

I'm very upset and pissed off for that poor honest lady, Sabrin, and hoped if those savages would be punished severly for thier horrible crime. But, with no surprise, the Iraqi goverment has released a declaration on their website reveals "It has been shown after medical examinations that the woman had not been subjected to any sexual attack whatsoever and that there are three outstanding arrest warrants against her issued by security agencies," the government statement said. "After the allegations have been proven to be false, the prime minister has ordered that the officers accused be rewarded," it said.Why I'm not so surprised, and we belong to a state where the blood is shed for free and the wail is becoming its national anthem? Why I'm not surprised, and the hangman is the assassin and the victim is the accused one? I'm now a mixutre of emotions; love, grudge, sadness, compation and anger. I'm sorry, I think I'd better be alone for some time.... But before going.......Rest on you, friends! And don't trust hope, cuz it's forsaken this land........

*logs off*

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Go, go, go Charlie! It's your birthday!

Hey, dudes!
Listen, it's the first anniversary for this fabolous insightful network! I'm proud to break a record there!!!! My post has the "longest- comments section" It reached to 59 comments and still going!!!
Read it! My post was titled by "A letter to Mother Eve"!!!
You will find there some of the biggest bloggers there! Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Friday, January 19, 2007

They said, I said…

In this series, I'm intending to focus and concentrate on some blogs for Iraqi bloggers restrictively, and comment (sometimes criticize) their postings. So let's get down to business…

(Iraqi Atheist episode)

Hey, Atheist!
Relax, infidelinho! I think you have carried a lot against our "boss" ;)
I wonder how much time it took to be such a Satanist and form dissident thoughts and ideas about Allah. Actually, you remind me by an Iraqi friend who was a materialist. He wasn't one of the Communist Marxism's fans, though!
Anyway, lemme begin with that post of yours about homosexuality;In fact, I wanted to post about that before! But regarding to some certain attitudes and events, I chose to defer it to a later notification.
Mmmm, "Homosexuality and Iraq", sounds interesting topic! But, I'm afraid I have to say that your prelude was disappointing. I think that you weren't so lucky in explaining that "Farikh" thing and the other idioms! I mean some meanings were explicated unnecessarily. I'm still wondering how you knew that gay men come from the eastern part of the capital only. You revealed that those areas have a variety of social classes of baghdadi fellas including Christians, and thus (as you claim), they are less religious people!
For God's sake, what the hell this has to do with the Christians? And if you are referring to those high-class places, lemme ask you, what about Al mansour? It is applied to the same standards you mentioned. And that one lies in Al karkh or, in other words, the western part of Baghdad. I think you need to detach between a Tanta and Farikh! It's common to call those effeminate young men by Tanta, and they, to a certain level, are transvestites or transgender people.
As a matter of fact, people of conservative cultural backgrounds or beliefs tend to look upon transwomen, if they are attracted to men, as effeminate gay men who took their effeminacy to an extreme level. If attracted to women, they are perceived by the proponents of the Autogynephilia theory as otherwise straight men with an abnormal fetish. This view is contested, as part of the debate on the associations and distinctions between homosexuality and transgender, and the issue of autogynephilia (In fact, I will talk more about this later).
Back to the "Iraqi homosexuality", I think its shortcomings are summarized in mere sex desires. I think it's more proper to use the word "Bisexuality" in Iraq than "Homosexuality" since most of the homosexuals in Iraq are ready to have sex with both genders. Therefore, there's no actual sentimental commitment between the majority of the homosexuals in Iraq. And yes, there are some lesbo ladies but I think that they are doing this for fun!As far as I'm concerned, being straight doesn't make me a homophobic! But unfortunately, this is not applied for the rest of the Iraqi people. They think if you don't attack, object or disprove the homosexuals that means you are a one! It's common to say there that: "a girl's love comes from the heart, whilst, loving a guy originates from the mind" which means, it's a kind of a mental sickness.
Personally, I had suffered and been annoyed from my friends' continuous sarcasm because once I had said that "I do respect their scope and I don't fear them".Oh, come on! Guys here kiss and hug others for greetings.
I didn't imagine that such a statement will make such turmoil inside the college. And soon I was named by Mr. G, which refers to Gay! They didn't only stop their derogatory comments about me, but also, they also alleged that my hair, behavior and way of speech implied that I was a real gay. These rumors were infiltrated to some girls, and one of them told me that she knew why they were calling me by G!!!
All this offence was released from cultured people, so you gotta imagine what the reaction of ignorant people and extremists would be!
And yes, if I don't have a problem with homosexuals that doesn't categorize me as a gay. And here, atheist! I must take a bow to you!Basically, homosexuality has nothing to do with me! But things such as; rape, misogyny, bestiality and pedophilia are really pissing me off and make me feel sick at times!
In overall, the post was neat, eloquent and successful to some point in spotlighting the foggy image of the homosexuals in the Iraqi community.

I had some informationl to enrich your blog about some race who called by Yazids!
They worship (some deify) the Satan because, according to their belief, "that the universe is ruled by two gods (the good god and the bad god).The good god is known for the most people by the Almighty (also known as Allah), while the evil god is the Satan". They claim that the Almighty (the good god) is philanthropic in character and can't harm or punish anybody, therefore, worshipping such god is an absolute stupidity and waste of time. Instead, they worship the Satan (the bad god) to avert his malice and what he can cause a detriment to those who deny and don't obey him.Some of those Yazids allege that the Satan is as mighty as Allah, and they have for this concept several allegations, such as, "the Satan had contradicted the Almighty's command to genuflect before Adam (the first man) and disdained himself to do so".To be honest, I always ask myself about many mysterious divine issues. I didn't want to be driven blindly to the religion without any moment of thinking and contemplation. And I submit to one thing, that the god had created us for some unrevealed reasons. However, I do believe in his existence and being unique, means that he's not Jesus, Satan, Buddha, or anything else, the whole god is unseen and high. Therefore, I don't dare to mess up with that Supreme Being.Eventually, I think that anyone of us has an inner voice to call some being for help or rescue when he/she's in trouble or critical situation. But some of us just deny that voice afterwards.

Oh, before signing off! I'd like to say something to that troubled "Ali" and I would be grateful if you kindly transmit these words to him,
"Unless you are enjoying your current situation and having some orgy out there, I think you should take a brave decision to quit that horrible nightmare you are living now and don't let them to blackmail you with that feeble threat anymore. I know suchlike people, those curs won't dare to do a word of it."
Here, I should blame you, atheist! You should support and help that poor fellow and give him every advice and boosting words possible. *shrugs*