Saturday, April 07, 2007

Celebrating the Good Friday!

Yesterday I went to, Bab Toma, a classy neighborhood mainly populated by christians. Bab Toma is a historical tourist area here in Damasus. Some called it by "the Old Damascus" and it's arabic translation means;
Bab = Gate or Door,
while Toma = refers to Thomas who was one of the Roman empire veterans.
Anyway, to find more about Bab Toma and other ancient sites here in Damascus, I recommend you to visit Soraya's blog and read about Gates of Damascus.
Since Friday is the weekend day here, I decided to spend my weekend there in Bab Toma to witness the ceremony of the Good Friday.It was crowded when I got there in the afternoon, had a walk there in the main street where the malls, markets, restaurants and beautiful chicks. ;)Later, I was joined by my brother who was waiting for me near some Pizza restaurant. Of course, the hot delicious smell and my empty stomach seduced us to get into the rest. and order a yummy Pizza.*bonne appetite* :D
We kept touring until we reached old alleys. Those alleys' streets were paved by bricks of old stones, the buildings also were old and made of blocks of stones. A lotta of antiques stores were spreading along the both sides of the narrow streets. Actually, the whole place was a peice of an antique art. And then the crowds were gathering more and more just before the sunset near an old big church. Boys and girls from the chorus were gathering infront of the church. Men and women, young and old, grannies and kids all were there. There were also some foreign tourists among the public. Soon, young men and girls were re-trooped in rows holding drums, horns, candles, portraits for Jesus and Mother Mary......... etc.
Some were dressed in white uniforms and some were dressed in blue. I joined the marched people as they were following the chorus.
It was awesome!........
I blamed myself alot for not bringing any camera to take some shots for that wonderful ceremony. Yes, I am muslim! But I don't know why I felt happy when I walked with those people and shared thier celebrations.


Dat Guy ! said...


I just stumbled in here, doing a blog search of the word "sex"...

Celebrate, my friend!

You've got a truly cool blog here!

I'll be back. Enjoy~~Easter.


jhondie said...

Why Not Celebrate? I celebrate Cinco De Mayo and I'm not even Mexican! But it sure is fun dancing the Salsa with the ladies.

A. Damluji said...

i think you did..

Great that you had fun, C.
take care.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Happy Easter, fellas!
Thanks for visting my blog. Well, I've visited your blog and it's interesting and naughty. I like it :P
I'd like us to be friends.
How is the easter there in Iraq? I'm alil' bit concerened about what's happening there! I'm starting to feel that Baghdad's security plan is not fruitable!
Sorry, I can't let in any anonymous comments.
I'm sorry too about lastnight's conversation. The Internet connection here sux.
I'm delighted to find you here. I wish if sometimes we can meet each other online. I have several things I wanna talk about with a friend like you. I couldn't discuss such things with you in the college cuz you were often busy with your higher studies and giving lectures. Besides, I can't reveal things face to face. I think that the cyber chat is a good way to let that shit outta me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Easter, Caesar! Your perspective on Good Friday ceremonies was interesting, to say the least. There was one up here at Purdue, too. About 30 (by my estimation) people walked across campus with a cross, in silence and beating drums.

A. Damluji said...

hello pentra, sure anytime you want! thing is, i RARELY log on for any amount of time, and if i do, i'm invisible.. BUT, if i GET an offline, i ANSWER.
anyway, next time i see you online i'll send hi's, ok?
تدلل ولا يهمك عمي

jhondie said...

Baghdad Security plan? Too Early TO say bro. The insurgents have deffinately stepped up the violence since April 9th. Mostly against americans though it would seem. But none of it is making the news :) I guess it only matters if one of us dies. Its definitely been a bloody 2 days though. Hopefully they run out of steam before we do.

Dat Guy ! said...

Where'd your chat-box go!

Thanks for dropping in.

Cheers to you!


Dat Guy ! said...


Holy smokes.

(my Grandmother [Maternal]was German. I know all about nice German girls)

Take care,

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Easter sucked here. Saw a fatal car accident. Im not christian anyway so its kinda a non event for me. Even the 4 day weekend wasnt anything since Im working for myself now... argh... good posting though Caesar

Unknown said...

wow just amazingly u have describe dwhole history nice blog

Kitten said...


oh my god....

caeser...go back to ur 'In the land of killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum' post and read my comment and provide me with answers plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!

i am SO confused!!! i dont know what to think!

zmanutdz said...

The celebrations are truly unique in Syria. It is refereshing to see them practise some religious freedom under a dictatorship regime like theirs. It doesnt matter if you are muslim/christian to appreciate the beauty of these celebrations.

DLW said...

I'm glad you were able to observe the good friday ceremony.

It is an important day for Xtns because it matters that Jesus rejected the use of violence but chose to suffer in a dignified manner to change our lives and our world.

Unfortunately, after a first century that was highly decentralized, there was then a gradual growth of greater hierarchy in Christianity in the next two centuries, which then prepared Xty to be made the official religion of the Roman Empire and which led to other corruptions and atrocities being done in the name of Christianity, including the crusades.


Confessions of a Malamute said...

Riverbend has a new posting out.

Read It

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Blogspot cut off my link, this one works (I hope)


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