Sunday, April 29, 2007

From Caesar to Kitten... "Don't panic, dear!"

I was surprised when I found a stream of comments on a posting was published some time ago. Usually, I forget to check the comments of the previous posts. I think I'm not running my blogsite well. :))
I thought about replying those comments directly, but then I chose to put my reply in a form of a posting so that it can be lucid and noticeable. And I hope it can drag other bloggers' attention and hence they are invited to have thier say about it.
So let's get down to business…
Thanks alot for visiting my blog, and thank you also for your nice comments. You discussed your viewpoints - which counter mine - in a very smart and nice style. And yes, I am Muslim.... er, I think I am!
About the pre-marital sex... Lemme clear something; I understand your respect about the traditional bans and religious prohibitions. I know very well the amount of troubles for any girl - in our society - loses her virginty before getting married. She becomes a slut according to some people's viewpoints and her sin that she gave her heart and body to the wrong person. That's why I chose to have ORAL sex with my relative. No intercouse was allowed for our both own good, I didn't even disclose my genitals infront of her. However, I still feel bad about that incident.

"How can u possibly respect a muslim lady if u have sex with her before marriage?"
I didn't expect to hear that from an Iraqi chick lives in a free liberal society! I understand from this that we should scorn that lady and avoid mixing with her. I mean that's what I got it from you, therefore, no wonder that the people in strict conservative communities call for stoning and whiplashing those ladies. And why you didn't say that how can a muslim lady trust or respect a muslim guy if he used to have sex before marriage? Ah, yes, I forgot! I forgot that we are living in tribal system where the guy can do whatever he likes. It's very normal here that a guy can go to brothels, hang out with prositiutes, watch porn or fool a stupid poor girl, but he goes mad when he catches his sister chatting on the phone or online with some dude. And, no! I am not encourging the prostitution here. Although I support pre-marital sex thingy, but take this from me (muslim ladies): DO NOT THINK ABOUT HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!
I heard many stories about relationships from pals, and I found that some couples choose to do it orally - and anally sometimes- in order not to deflower the female. As far as I'm concerned, I find hugs, kisses and caresses are quite enough. Oral is fine too, but it comes when the highest levels of love and trust are approved for that couple. Unfortunately, my relative chose the 'wrong person' = me. :(

"Pre-martial sex is NOTHING except for fulfilling a desire"One day, Qais *the arabic version of Romeo" who was mad about Layla *the arabic character of Juliet* asked a preacher about sex between unmarried couples "is it considered by fornication?". That preacher answered him that "fornication is to offer your body to someone you are not in love with". and then the preacher shut his mouth and went away.

"Love, respect, care, protectivness, understanding, etcallow all of the above...but sex completes it"
That's 100% what I believe, Kitty!
You know why I like to try the pre-marital sex?
First of all, I don't have a girl friend. Secondly, I'm 23 years old virgin. I can't marry a girl before at least 6 or 5 years from now (2 years to finish my studies and 3 or 4 years of work to establish a comfortable level of living). That if I was so lucky to accomplish all that in this period. I don't come from a wealthy family or drive my own car. I don't wanna be just like others who entertain thierselves by paying for sex.
By the way, Kid! You said that what you have realized from those four years that my life is focused on meeting a beautiful chick and bla bla bla.. Well, to be quite honest, I don't know what your defenition to the beauty is. Do you mean physically? You know what my wildest dream is? It's to meet a nice, sentimental and smart girl and share one roof with her and spend my life calling her name. That's simply my wildest dream! Thanks, kid, anyway!
And, Red Devil! Lemme take a bow for your"I fully respect any lady who would wait for marriage to have sex or a 14 year old girl who was curious about going through the experience". That proves who nice insightful person you are! As a matter of fact, I don't mind to love and -marry- a deflowered girl. Or should we dump any girl who has been fooled by some bastards? See, kitten! Not all of the men are pigs. ;)
Finally, I have to say thank you very much to visit my blog and drop some hot spicy comments. And, no.. you didn't bother me at all. An intellgent industrious blogger like you is always welcomed.

P.S. : Melantrys has left you a comment on this page for you, Kitty!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Celebrating the Good Friday!

Yesterday I went to, Bab Toma, a classy neighborhood mainly populated by christians. Bab Toma is a historical tourist area here in Damasus. Some called it by "the Old Damascus" and it's arabic translation means;
Bab = Gate or Door,
while Toma = refers to Thomas who was one of the Roman empire veterans.
Anyway, to find more about Bab Toma and other ancient sites here in Damascus, I recommend you to visit Soraya's blog and read about Gates of Damascus.
Since Friday is the weekend day here, I decided to spend my weekend there in Bab Toma to witness the ceremony of the Good Friday.It was crowded when I got there in the afternoon, had a walk there in the main street where the malls, markets, restaurants and beautiful chicks. ;)Later, I was joined by my brother who was waiting for me near some Pizza restaurant. Of course, the hot delicious smell and my empty stomach seduced us to get into the rest. and order a yummy Pizza.*bonne appetite* :D
We kept touring until we reached old alleys. Those alleys' streets were paved by bricks of old stones, the buildings also were old and made of blocks of stones. A lotta of antiques stores were spreading along the both sides of the narrow streets. Actually, the whole place was a peice of an antique art. And then the crowds were gathering more and more just before the sunset near an old big church. Boys and girls from the chorus were gathering infront of the church. Men and women, young and old, grannies and kids all were there. There were also some foreign tourists among the public. Soon, young men and girls were re-trooped in rows holding drums, horns, candles, portraits for Jesus and Mother Mary......... etc.
Some were dressed in white uniforms and some were dressed in blue. I joined the marched people as they were following the chorus.
It was awesome!........
I blamed myself alot for not bringing any camera to take some shots for that wonderful ceremony. Yes, I am muslim! But I don't know why I felt happy when I walked with those people and shared thier celebrations.