Saturday, February 14, 2009

My 25 random things

Rules: Once you've read this, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, you have to write them back to me as a mail or a comment. It's because I want to know more about you.

1. I'm kleptomaniac
2. I am a daydreamer.
3. Ants are my favorite pets.
4. I have never been in love, no matter how hard I tried to find it. And it sucks sometimes.
5. I find sorrow inspiring sometimes.
6. I always have this daydream of being a famous skilled footballer.
7. Call me weirdo, but I dislike cars.
8. I had a vid on YOUTUBE of me being kissed by a guy in a swift sudden move. Arrrgh!
9. I'm afraid of heights.
10. When my best friend passed away, I cut myself and I found much relief.
11. I had a temporary blindness for couple of hours.
12. I have the hots for the girls who smoke.
13. Had my first kiss when I was almost 17. *sighs*
14. I support death penalty. Rapists and misogynists deserve it.
15. Never had vaginal sex. *sighs even more*
16. One of my next plans to do after graduation is to learn Spanish.
17. I can hold my breath in water for about a couple of minutes. I dare you!
18. Once I gave an anonymous present to a miss in the teacher's day. The present was an old bra and torn pair of socks. :))
19. I used AK47 once, shot one bullet in the air just for fun.
20. My wildest dream is to live in USA or Europe.
21. Cloudy days make me feel depressed.
22. I think anal sex is a bit overrated.
23. I don't like to have early breakfast.
24. I find foreplay and caressing better than sex itself.
25. Happy Valentine everyone!


Touta said...

"It's because I want to know more about you."
this phrase is abadan mu creepy. :D
wa number 25 is not a thing. Heeya phrase.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

"12. I have the hots for the girls who smoke." Quagmire...giggity giggity giggity goo!

Pan said...

Once you've read this, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
I only read that bit.

Except for two points that I happened to look at..

20. My wildest dream is to live in Europe.
21. Cloudy days make me feel depressed

Ah.You may find a small clash between those those two... :P

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ touta,
Hehe, why you say so? Am I that suspecious? :P You can mention 25 things about you that are not too personal. See tis so simple. *comes closer* stay calm, I won't bite. *comes closer some more* No, No, stop!..... Dammit, she's gone! :))

@ Matt,
What? you like girls smoking cigarettes? Also I like girls who smoke a hookah. ;)

@ Lelly,
I guess I will go out in nights only. :P

Touta said...

hahahaha, okay, but I also got tagged on facebook, straight after reading your 25 things! now i have to write 50 things, offfffff.
wa, don't insinuate i am a scaredy cat :P.

Unknown said...

Ok here's my 25 things...LOL
1. I'm also a virgin hahahahaha
2. I love photograpy taking pics
and having my pictures taken
3. I have an Iraqi friend who
sleeps with a new girl
practically every night and I
find this nasty
4. Spring and summer are my
favorite times of the year
5. Easter is my favorite holiday
6. I find Iraqi men and mexican
men attractive
7. Mexican food is my favorite
8. I'm a perfectionist
everything has to be perfect
or I go crazy LOL
9. I have such bad allergies
10.I did something this week
and I wasn't supposed to tell
anyone but I told 3 people
11.I'm jealous because people I
know are traveling to Hawaii
and other places and I don't
get to go
12.I grew up in Hawaii and Japan
13.My daddy and my cousins live
in the Philippines and I'm
14.I'm so happy I have a baby
girl to by dresses for and
other girly stuff
15.I hate sports
16.The ocean is my favorite place
and always has been
17.I love balloons
18.I think love gets stronger but
sex gets boring the longer
you are married but I think
this is ok and normal
19.I love gardening I have a
beautiful yard
20.My sister irritates me
21.Can I go on or do I have to
stop at 25 things lol
22.Happy Valentines Day everyone

Anonymous said...

I don´t but that was a reference to a Family Guy episode in which Lois wants to become a model. Her modeling agent is a chick who smokes a lot and has a tracheotomy which Quagmire finds irresistible...

Unknown said...

I just realized I never got to 25 things lol Ok so heres the rest lol
23. Nobody knows it but I take naked pictures of myself when Im alone
24. I hate cooking I just do it because I have too, the alternative would be starving to death and that doesnt sound fun
25. And the last thing...well I have a big mouth and I have trouble keeping secrets but I can if I know it will hurt someone if I tell

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

25 things about myself? But, Caesar, then I would have to think too hard! And I'm feeling lazy. :P

Well, lets see, maybe a few...

1. I love chocolate.

2. I have been infatuated, but never "in love". I'm not sure what it is...

3. I love fog.

4. I hate coffee.

5. I don't enjoy making small talk at parties with strangers.

6. I'm looking at Caesar's 25 things and admiring his ability to share such pesonal things with us. He's far more open than I am.

7. I have ridden in a hot air ballon and found it an amazing experience. You get to see the world from a whole different perspective.

8. I have a fear of speaking in public. That is, giving speeches.

9. I love to travel, but would not feel comfortable doing it alone.

10. I think smart guys are hot.

Okay, that's it for now. My mind is exhausted. lol! I'll have to owe you the rest. :D

So, Caesar, have you tagged Mel yet?

Unknown said...

You know I was thinking, I wasn't sure I was in love when I got married and I'm still not sure but I have put some thought into it and for myself I think Im in love because if something happened to my husband I would miss him dearly and I never want to get a divorce I love going on vacation with my husband and spending time with him and can't wait for him to come home from work. So I think this is love. I don't think love is always clear or some over whelming feeling of joy and seeing stars LOL and all that stuff. Sometimes its just not infatuation, but more realistic, it's not like what you see in the movies.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


Thanks for that definition of being "in love". I rather like it. :) I've always suspected all that flowery stuff you see in movies would not really last, that real love had to be something you grew into. If you were lucky, that is. And it seems you are. :)

Unknown said...

You know what love is? It's not arguing over the small things. Every morning I try to remember to hand my husband is anti-bacterial foot powder so his feet don't stink, and he uses a permanent marker to write my name on the milk jug I drink out of so I know, and everyone else knows, that this is my milk jug. Love is when were both sitting here laughing our asses off while I write this comment!!!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Every morning I try to remember to hand my husband is anti-bacterial foot powder so his feet don't stink,...


Now, that sounds like something you're doing for you!

Touta said...

you american lucky your guys know what anti bacterial foot powder is....actually so lucky they know what deodrant is. hehehehe.
and this is the best definition of love i have found so far...its just the wheat..made me want some corn. :D

Unknown said...

love is being there through good and bad, working things out, listening to each other, its waking up in the morning and fixing breakfast even though you were up all night with a baby, its going to work even though you are sick or tired to support your family. This is real love! Commitment to each other and to the family. Real love is not easy, its not a fantasy. Instead its the reality of real life and the courage to stand by your partner. this is what I meant!

Unknown said...

its the security of having someone there for you, someone who is your best friend, who you can grow old with and laugh with despite some of the things you go through. Love is seeing the humor in tough times, trying not to throw up your self lol when your partner is throwing up in the bathroom from the flu!!! Really people Ive been married 16 years. This is real love!

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
You're there too on my facebook list? I didn't know that. I'm expecting one name though.

@ SA Cicily,
Welcome on board! ;)
you said on #1 you are virgin, eh? Oh, then. But what's the story of the baby girl mentioned in #14? Oops, don't mean that you are talking about horoscopes? Virgo you mean?
# 6, cool! :D
# 8, you mean you are like that hilarious Monica of f.r.i.e.n.d.s.?
# 23, now I know! I'd love to see couple of them. :P
# 24, I hate cooking too!

@ Matt,
Oh, family guy again! I've seen the compelete 1st season and it's good. But it's not as awesome as the Simpsons. Homer Simpson kickass!

@ Lynne,
# 6, Thank you!
But where are the rest of those random facts? ;)
I tagged Mel also. But I doubt that she would talk about any random thing about her. And she has the right not talk about them.

@ Cicly again,
Ok, this is confusing! You're married?

@ Touta,
actually so lucky they know what deodrant is. hehehehe.
*raises eyebrow*

Look, girls! I'm sick of talking about LOVE. It's a myth!

Touta said...

On your facebook? what are you talking about?
I got tagged by a friend. :D
Wa....I have done one on my blog and on facebook, bas they are shwaya different.

"*raises eyebrow*"
ihna khoma aysheen ib gheer balad? Go walk through a group of guys bil shariaa, and you'll know exactly what i mean about deodrant. :D or lack of it. :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ touta,
و الله اني ما ادري انت وين ساكنه؟ بس اني متأكد من ولد شارعنا و كلهم ريحتهم جوري و زعفران و قرنفل. ورود ما شاء الله. بس تريدين الصدك ما استحمل البنية اللي تخلي عطر نسائي. بعض العطور النسائية تقززني و تلعب مية نفس. ما تحتاجون عطر انتوا معطرين بالمسك و العنبر من كاعكم. هاهاها

Touta said...

aysha ani east side mal baghdad...bas mrayaat may khaloon reeha...yitomsoon ib banyo mal reeha. Akhtinig nobat, bas mu mithal il khanga laman amshee yam wahid reehta tuktal mal cigarrette wa sweat. Mashalla ala heechi reeha itfuq al raas.
schlon itghazil..reehat il nisaa min bidayatna mal العنبر? qasdaq il AMBA? :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ touta,
do me a favor! Don't write arabic with latin characters! :P Anyway, it's better than subsituting the arabic characters with numbers. *comes closer to smell you* *sniffs* Ahhh, i don't smell anything. :))
Have you seen "the Parfume: a story of a murderer"? That movie rocks!

Touta said...

mu suchee, i dont have an arabic keyboard! wa la, ibkeefi. :P
That movie! *shudder* eee, i have a bad addiction to horror movies, and that one scared me more than hostel!
I mean- it didn't scare me. I never get scared for I am touta the brave. O_o.
I liked the part at the very end, made me laugh when he pours the whole perfume ala raasa. Thaka aslee.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Yea! btw, did you see that redheaded chick he killed? She's awesome. ohh, Rachel Hurd-Wood! *mumbles mumbles*
You don't like horror movies? I love watching horror movies. I watched the 1st 4 parts of Saw. I have the 5th part but I haven't seen it yet. Jigsaw kicks ass! :P

Touta said...

I've watched the first 3 parts of saw, and all the hostel parts- and I love horror films, its just that i find the creepy japanese ones waay better than some of the recent hollywood ones. Like grudge japanese style was better than grudge hollywood style.:D

and no..I don't remember the red head chick he killed. I dont go around remembering the victims from horror movies, and I'm worried that you do...*raises eyebrow at you*

anyway, jigsaw is pyscho, mu cool...*raises eyebrow again*

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Okaaaay, lets see, I still owe you some random things. :) So here's a few more...

11. When I was about thirteen I used to smoke. It was just something my friends and I experimented with during summer vacation. Once school started I quit. And I have never taken it up again.

12. Hmmm...not sure if this is cheating since you may already know this, but I'll put it down anyway. :) I love to read. I will read just about anything as long as it's well written (and some that isn't :D). If you like horror, you may want to either read "The Relic" or see the movie they made from the book. Good horror story.

13. I hate phones. Especially when they ring. :D

14. I used to hate trying new foods when I was a kid. Now I find that a pleasurable activity.

15. I love old western movies. Yeah, yeah, that's right, I'm a closet John Wayne fan. :)

Well, that's enough for this installment. :P Gotta run.

JG said...

Interesting list, Caesar.


Not smoking is the way to go! It took me a little longer to give up than you but I did it and it's great being a non-smoker, wouldn't have it any other way!

Unknown said...

I was joking of course Im not a virgin LOL and as for the pics maybe someday LOL but I wouldn't mind seeing a few of yours!!!



Unknown said...

You should post again I love your blog!

Ioannes said...

you are absolutely amazing. i ve been reading your blog for years already and cannot stop marvelling.. thanks for your honesty. it's beyond refreshing. it's a gift

Unknown said...

1. I love cats... I can't resist their cuteness
2. I am Bipolar Type 2 :D
3. I love green apples
4. I'm fond of green tea
5. I find myself a better person when I'm in sorrow.
6. If I could change anything about the Islamic faith, I'd legalise Suicide.
7. I hate guys who show off.
8. I have seen 4 snakes close up.
9. I'm in love with loneliness... I love to be alone all the time...
10. I'm anti-social... yes... I hide it with been overly social... but actually I hate people's company...
11. I've always wanted to die a martyr and be a suicide bomber... unfortunately, I'd die only for death itself and not for Allah so that's why I haven't considered it seriously.
12. I'm still in love with my ex bf... he's an @$$ hole and seriously inflicted harm on me emotionally and mentally... but I don't know why I still love him :(
13. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate...
14. I support killing for self-defense and "getting even purposes" though I contradictorily believe that murder and killing without logic is morally and ethically wrong... but sometimes death from anger brings a peaceful pain...
15. I want to go back and save the people of Iraq (build schools, orphanages)... so one day I can return to my roots... "Iraq, will live on... forever..." *Sigh*
16. I plan to brush up on my really bad Arabic~
17. I want to make conspiracy theory based documentaries sometime in my life...
18. I wish I could die of an assassination
19. I love getting Brazilians!!!
20. I have obsessions with Sufis and Bedouins... I don't know why... but I suppose its because they lead spiritual lives of little or no materialism... and the simplicity in their lives
21. I love music... especially Indie rock and alternative rock!!!
22. I miss my cat :(
23. I am obsessed with the colour black.
24. I'm a perfectionist...
25. I think I have OCD or OCPD... I wonder why I'm so obsessed with things such as cleanliness, tidiness, matching colours, well cooked food and making things even more 'perfect'