Saturday, August 01, 2009

1, 2, 3 I'm free!

Yeaah! I'm free! No more college, no more study, no more boring books, no more freaky lecturers, no more scary tests or exams. I'm an engineer now, or at least that's what they said! ;)
I'm sorry, I've been so lazy to post something over here. But since most of you know me either from Facebook or Y! messenger, I guess u know about my graduation.
Now after finishing college, I need to find me a job. I went to couple of interviews and they told me to wait for a phonecall but so far I haven't recieved any of their calls. :(
By the way, now I'm available online. I have purchased a wireless internet service at home. Therefore except the times of the power cuts or the times when my PC go crazy, I can be available. ;)
See ya later!


Sandybelle said...

Hi Caesar, goncratulations for the graduations, and best wishes in finding a good and suitable job for you.. بالتوفيق

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Well hi Caesar! Nice to "see" you. :)

I know, it's tough once you graduate to interview and wait and wait and see if you have been hired. When I was last looking for a job I decided on the one that I really really wanted and then called back again and again to see if they had made up their minds who they would hire. What I was trying to do was to show them that I really wanted to work for them and that I was a determined person. I don't know if it made a difference, but I did get the job. :)

Good luck, Caesar.

Average American said...

Congratulations on your graduation and good luck on your job hunt!!

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Sandybelle,
Sandybelle Sandybelle, ana ismee Sandybelle... mmmm, I don't remember the rest of the song. :P
Anyway, I think it's ur first time here. I hope u keep in touch. Thanks a lot for ur wishes and good luck you too.

@ Lynne,
Thanks a lot, dear! You know it sucks when u have to kiss some asses in order to get hired. I hope I wouldn't kiss so many asses to get applied for a well-paid job.

@ Average American,
Cool SouthPark character, dude! I think it's ur own character, isn't it? Thanks a lot! keep visiting!

Average American said...

Caesar, thanks for visiting! I've been popping in for a year or two now, but this might be the first time I commented, at least in quite a while.

That's a character I made at their site a while ago. I can't get the "save" to work anymore though cause I don't have the right flash update or something like that so I can't change it. Guess I'll stay young forever!

David said...

Congratulations Caesar! I wish you good luck finding a job! So, what sort of engineer are you? I spent some years working as a structural engineer. I'm sure that Iraq can use many engineers of various disciplines.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the "official" engineer christening! Now maybe you can help me with my 802.11 g router and its dang signal :p

Ioannes said...

Congratulations Caesar! Now comes the exhilarating time of job hunting. Hope you'll get through it successfully. I've also just graduated from college and it's been quite the ride finding a job --- even in Germany they're short of those. I was lucky though, but luck usually comes only after you have tried and tried and gotten tired of trying :P

AAA said...

مبروك التخرج :)
موفق فالوظيفه اللي تسر خاطرك ان شاء الله. وانا بعد لسه ما حصلت وظيفة استقر فيها. مشحططه كل سنه شكل... الله يعين الجميع