Friday, March 03, 2006

Ravished desires (Part II)

I think I’m alil’ bit jumpy now. Why not! They shot three people yesterday in three different incidents in our area. One of them was a grocer, the other was a construction worker and finally an ordinary passer-by was intending to have a haircut.
I was near by when they shot the third man, and I knew all about his murder,
Three guys were in red Opel automobile, two of’em got off and they started to fire the barber’s site killing a poor 20 years old was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I heard later that when Abu Shahad (the grocer) was murdered, they put a paper on his bloodish body declaring that they will terminate 20 guys from our area and other 20 from a nieghbored quarter.
For God’s sake, we’ve been terrified for the sight of any new unfamiliar fishy vehicle….
Today’s noon, we were standing infront of a centre for young men for billiards and networking games chatting about yesterday’s catastrophes when a white Daweoo (actually it is called Espero) marched slowly across us then the car’s window went down slowly too……… I whispered “جاك الموت يا تارك الصلاة” which means “ it’s your time, you impious” everyone was steady and ready to hear and perhaps to receive some bullets shots. We just finished playing a round of Medal of Honor and no one expected that he would face the same end of those virtual soldiers. Everyone was hoping it wasn’t GAME OVER….
Among these hopes and thoughts, a head popped out of the window and then we heard a voice from inside the car “Salamualaikum! Anyone of you knows where is a nearst clinic?”
What?! Where is the machine gun then? Are you terriorst suffering from a sudden heart attack or ulcer?
Leaving them behind guiding that guy and back to home where I hurried to my desk and turned on my PC and listened to Eminem’s Toy soldier while I was paging my diary note book and recorded what I felt at that moment.
Another thing makes me anxoius is that I have a long hair!
One of the items on their kill bill is to have a long hair, they are claiming that this long hair is imitation the jews and/or females. And that did happen, they shot a christian dude called Frank and cut off his braid.
That’s why I’m thinking of wearing a hood. God, they gonna make us wear hdjab!!!!
Oh, I’d like to say that this is not the full image of Baghdad, some (let me say most of) areas are sound and safe but this happens majorly in Addora (where I live) which is called by Fallujah II .


Confessions of a Malamute said...

I hope that you are safe and stay that way. Your family and friends as well. I hope peace comes to your country soon. My prayers go with you and yours

Melantrys said...

So what you've got on your head passes for long hair in Iraq, does it? Interesting.

But seriously....

Stay safe, ok?!!

Caesar of Pentra said...

Thanx alot, Malamute and melantrys!
I will try to keep safe.

George Forgan-Smith said...

LOL, but isn't life always like that. BTW I have been trying to find a good alaskan malamute breed do you have any ideas? Nancy

Shahryar said...

"Another thing makes me anxoius is that I have a long hair!"

I am sure in the biography of Muhammad (PBUH) I read, it said that he had beautiful shoulder length hair!

Are we not enjoined to follow his example?

George Forgan-Smith said...

Lol, but life can be a bit like that. BTW did you see my new pup from Darksky Malamutes?

George Forgan-Smith said...

Gee but doesn't that always happen. Hey btw have you seen my new pup for the guys at Darksky Alaskan Malamutes?
He is so cute (but a little naughty *grin*)


Gef said...

Thanks for that, it's great to see a slightly different persepective on the topic.
BTW have you seen my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's really a great pup.
Have a great day


Gef said...

Hey that is way cool! Thanks for the insight
Sean Cody