Monday, March 27, 2006

Birthday in road

It was my birthday.. I’m now 22 years old (still virgin though)!
On March 18, 2006 at 10:30 am, I was intending to go home after spending two nights away at friend’s of mine so I decided to take a mini-bus as a mean of travel to back home. And, yeah! One seat left and that was for me so I got in.
It was a mini-bus for 10 passengers, there were four ladies and five men. When I got in, one of the passengers was middle-aged man said: “We’ve been waiting for you for a time!” and he dabbed on my thigh but I acted indifferent busying my self with my nokia 3360 mobile switching it to pager mode and the bus got going.
There were three men chatting about the current situations of Iraq, criticising the procedures of the formation of the new elected government and how that affects badly on the life of the ordinary citizen. I was listening to their dialouge when I noticed a mongol girl was trying to woo me, she was waving her small hand and winking at me trying to draw my attention to her. I couldn’t answer but a pale smile and then she gave me a kiss in air, and soon I was embaressed about that and felt sorry about her in same time so I decided to pull my attention away, but I was shocked when I heard the woman sitting beside that poor girl talking to me….. “Hahaha, she is my daughter! It seems that she likes you!”…… “er,… yea!….. oh,… hehe… er, ok…. Hello!” I was stuttering and my face was blushing and the girl quickly hid her face behind her mother left shoulder and started giggling, the whole scene diverted to be ridiculous but the woman thanked me for doing this and she said that I made her happy. She also told me that I reminded her by her son who is abroad for work…..
The Woman: “ He is now in UAE working with his uncle! And you could see that I spend all my time with Tota” she meant her daughter and then added : “ My son, Khalid, is in your age! He is 24 years old!”.
Me: “ May Allah keep them safe for you!”
Woman: “ And bless you too, son! See, I haven’t much left since I lost my husband in war 90” she meant the 2nd Gulf war in 1991.
Me: “Oh, may he rest in peace!”.
Woman: “ Oh, may he! Poor girl! She became orphan in her 1st year!”.
“Stop it, ma’am! You’ve wringed my heart!” I whispered, and the defected girl was still smiling.
How can someone be such loyal to the memory of his lover, I mean that mother seems to be at the beginning of 40s of her age, she is good-looking too. She could get married at that time, but instead, she prefered to raise two kids one of them has constitutional defects. I can’t imagine this but I can understand it anyway.
Then, there was a long pause intervened by smiles of that bereaved girl and coughs of 60 years old man smoking Kent cigarettes, and then the woman told the driver that she should get off and she saluted me good bye….
The woman: “ Come on Tota! Say bye to ……..”
Me : “-----” I answered.
The woman : “ Ok, stay safe, ------!”
Me: “ I will! Thanks, Ma’am!”.
Tota (giggles) : “ Bye!”
Me: “Ok, bye bye, Tota!”
And they got off.
And again I was buzzed by the same middle aged man,
Man: “ What a pity! Mind is a grace!".
Me : " But she is not crazy!"
Man : " I know she is mongol!" he said it with disgust and added : "she may not live so long, i heard they live shortly!"
Me (whispers) : "and what the fuck you wanna get?! Mind your own bussiness, sucker!"
In the end, I got home safe in one piece and thanks God!
And that was my birthday!


Melantrys said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!

Well, there are several possible reasons for that woman still being alone that I can think of off the top of my head. :P

1) Even after 15 or 16 years her love for her dead husband is still so strong that she can't love another man. (It happens.)

2) She simply hasn't found another man yet.

3) She may have found another man, but he might have minded the daughter.

Actually I'm afraid that is the most likely reason. People tend to look down on people with Down Syndrome or other disabilities.
We used to have a girl with Down Syndrome at the corner to the next street, she was a couple of years older than me, but anyway...
She was a distant relation of our then neighbours. But the new wife of our neighbour did not approve of her step-daughters playing with the retard.
One day my sis came home from school, and M. stopped her and asked her to go and ring their door bell for her.
Sis: Why can't you do that yourself?
M.: They won't open the door.
Sis (knowing she was lying): Well, if no-one opens the door, then they're not in and won't open either when I go ringing.
M.: When you ring they will open the door.

When the last one of her parents died it was made part of the will that the child willing to house and take care of M. would inherit the house.
Well. The house was sold. I suppose the money went to whatever institution M. is in now.

Moral: People are bastards.

cile said...

good story! beautiful!
i could sort of 'travel with you' on this bus.
thanks for letting me see this
take care

Caesar of Pentra said...

Thanks, mel! You are right about the reasons, but in Iraq, I think the first reason is likely to happen here...
and I'm honored to join you Cile wherever you will be!

aNarki-13 said...

Down Syndrome.. poor people.. why do we call them mongoloids?

its not fair.

happy birthday..

i think the 3rd reason is the most probable in Iraq, coupled with the one i have in mind, which is:

an iraqi step-father is bound to be less-caring, if at all, about any previous children, healthy, let alone ailing..
means that SHE is not willing to expose her daughter to pity and mishandling by other people.

at least she has another, fit, surviving child.

poor woman, and poor child.

romance here is a far-fetched idea, esp. for the older generations.. i mean, they read bout it in books and saw it in movies and serials, but in real life?

i strongly doubt it.

but then again, i've said more often than not that personally i dont believe in romeo/juliet stories.. not in Iraq anyway.

Saif AlYassen said...

nice story but can i ask u quetion do u have mongole shape too to woo u? or u did something made her looking to u?

Melantrys said...

No, he does not look like he has Down Syndrome; what does that have to do with anything?????

Maybe she just felt that he's a nice dude...?

Maybe she just thought he was cute?

Caesar of Pentra said...

C'mon Saif! You know that I am cute guy!
Btw, congrats for publishing your own blog!

Saif AlYassen said...

thx caesar.
i know that u r very cute (J)

Konfused Kid said...

All i Have to say is...

Heh HeH Heh Heh Heh....

Not only do u attract members of the same sex, the OTHER opposite sex (i.e Chickens) but now the only girl who dugs ya is a shifty-eyed mongolid...keep on blogging...(kidding, J!)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Am I attarcting boys, Kiddo? I dunno, you know better! And by the way, it wasn't fun talking about her like that! And one more thing, try to get your own net account not begging it from this one and that one.
And Yasine, stop calling me J!
Thank you, mel for your honest true feelings abou all.
Well, Anarki! I dunno! But I feel that she still love her husband!

Melantrys said...

Just don't forget to kick you-know-who for the "shifty-eyed Mongoloid"

Caesar of Pentra said...

Oh, yeah! I did, Melantrys!

Shahryar said...

I am sorry AnaRki13 is so pessimistic and believes "personally i dont believe in romeo/juliet stories.. not in Iraq anyway."

Romance occurs in all cultures universally no matter how much the social structures try to suppress it!

Of course with a mindset like his, he would not recognize a romantic overture if it slapped him in his face!

Further he said "an iraqi step-father is bound to be less-caring" - Duh!

A stepfather may be equally caring or non-caring irrespective of whether he is Iraqi or non-Iraqi!

In the UK we stopped calling Down Syndrome "mongolian idiocy" around 40 years ago since the term is considered offensive and medically meaningless.

aNarki-13 said...


i have a distant relative with the same name, and he has the same attitue towards me, is it something that comes with the name, or is it just me? (probably just me, but it was polite to ask anyway!)

:D lol

"A stepfather may be equally caring or non-caring irrespective of whether he is Iraqi or non-Iraqi!"

believe me, shahrayar, iraqis are a breed of their own.. walk the streets of baghdad on any day, and u will know what i mean!

and i mean post-war iraq, not the 80's iraq or even early 90's iraq..

take care all. believe me shahrayar, i dont mean to offend, i just gave up on this idea a long time ago..

Zohra said...

Happy Belated Birthday...mine is March 18th too!

jarvenpa said...

I just came across your blog (link from alive in iraq's website)...and my eye fell upon this older post of yours--happy belated birthday, may your life be long and happy.
My littlest son (not so little anymore, he is 17) has Down Syndrome (the term "mongol" has kind of fallen out of use in the US; it came from the mistaken belief that somehow the usual slanted eyes of these people had something to do with Mongolia. Odd).
He notices people of all sorts, and is shy with most except those who, for some reason, catch his fancy. The people he likes best have always been exceptionally nice people. You should feel honored by the girl's attention--but I do understand how it might have embarassed you. (My son has an eye for pretty girls--maybe the young Down Syndrome girl has a similar eye for very handsome guys. So, you should be flattered.)

Drive By Fruiting said...

Your blog rocks!