Friday, September 30, 2005

Ramadan, Muslims’ fasting month

Hail the Muslims all over the globe with coming of the new arrival Ramadan; it is the 9th month of Hegira* (*the Islamic year), it is about 30 or 29 days of fasting, praying, reading Koran and worshipping Allah.
That doesn’t mean that we will do these things in Ramadan only but it means that it should be done more and more of ‘em during this holy month.
The fast in this month is simply to quit eating, drinking or smoking anything starting from the early rays of dawn up to sunset. But that’s not all, it is also a month of goodness that means you have to treat and deal with people well and be honest and trustful, never quarrel or mistreat or cheat your mate or anyone else as Allah reveals in Koran.
I’m just dying to enjoy the incredible taste of ifatar in Ramadan, which is a big meal served after sun sets.
I ask God to bless us and Insha’allah Ramadan Kareem!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Time out is over

Ooofff! I was sitting in the computers lab and I sneaked out to blog this to you:
I NEED TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!


I dunno what happened to me these days but I can’t stop listening to the duet “Stan” which was performed by the greatest rapper ever “Eminem” and the lovely “Dido”. It is weird but I think that my state recently is similar to Stan’s (the guy in the clip), that’s true!
Last winter I met a girl with 14 years old in “Rumadi” (my dad’s hometown). In fact, she is my sister’s friend and is pretty pretty. I don’t deny that I was mesmerized by her beauty, tried to be closer to her and she in turn didn’t mind it at all so we kept on meeting, chat, then admiration and …………….. until we found ourselves in an erotic situation (but didn’t have sex).
I returned to Baghdad while she stayed in Rumadi, this time with love healing my tortured heart and since then I didn’t see her again.
Without mentioning the horrible troubles I faced since I returned to Baghdad (hell city as Anarki13 said) that gave me a real pain in ass, I started to write letters to that cute girl telling her all that familiar shitty stuff of being lonely and missing her. I even asked one my cousins living there to be my messenger and I sent her two letters but with no reply, I’m now still writing letters but no one available to be my message boy this time. I wrote ten letters till now and was wonder if I would stop that crap or not but now it's too late - I'm on a 1000 downers now, I'm drowsy and all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call.
The entire time going I look to her photo (she took one with my sister) I even forgot to ask her about her personal photo.
God, I tried to tell my sister about our relationship but I couldn’t cuz I was afraid that she will mind.
One day I picked up a new clean razor blade and scratched my chest (just over the heart) to see how much it would bleed It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me, I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment to do such insanely scary thing but certainly I didn’t intend to commit suicide.
I was (and still) in that freaky illusion knowing that I’m psycho about that country girl and my worst fear is the end will be just like it was to Stan (putting my girlfriend in the car’s trunk and jumped with the car out of the bridge), I don’t know.
The only thing I know is I have to keep on my faith, be patient and more relaxed and pay an attention to my study cause I don't really got shit else so that shit helps when I'm depressed.

P.S.: the verses written in italic are based on STAN's lyrics.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Belly Dancer

Sorry, guys!
This post was made by the young silly and idiot me. I'm sorry. And thankfully I didn't do what I said here. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sex is like pringles, once you pop you can never stop!

Hey, Iraqi people please listen up! Haven't you asked yourselves that question; What is the real meaning of sex?
Is it only going to whores' flats in Al'saidiya* and Kamaliya* or meeting the hookers of Arasat el'hindiya*, huh? (* are famous baghdadi whoredom places).
Are we educated well about sex? Do you we know the difference between porn and sex? And did we hear that word of pre-marital sex? Come on; don't say that it is illegal or islamically not allowed,
I bet all of you will do it if you have the chance cuz you want to do so.
Why are you so separated (I mean boys and gurlz)? Why we can't discuss such things? And what about HOMO-SEX; is there homo-sexuals in Iraq (you know, gays and lesbians)?
Hahahaha, imagine a couple of Iraqi lesbians! How will that be? Anyways, I didn't say couple of Iraqi gays cuz they are a lot and I know some (No no no don't let your nasty minds go any further I'm not goddamit gay!)
And you Iraqi chicks, do you know a lot about the concept of sex?
Is it right that the sexual desire of the female beats the desire of the male by 9 to 1?
Do you like spanking on your butts during having sex? Do you want the guy replies all your sexual demands, if you have any? Or that bullshit just found in the porn movies?
Let us not be ignorant and radicals, let us widen our culture (the sex is also a culture believe me!), let us let our minds be more wide open in order to expect and be ready for everything that may face us in this fucken life!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Al'aima bridge

On Wendensday 31 of July 2005 the Iraqi people faced a disaster that they never seen like before, it was the disaster of Al'aima bridge.
Hunderds of people were lied down motionless cuz they were crashed by feet, drown in the river Tigris or died by asphyxia because of the heavy crowds of the shiite who were crossing that bridge to reach Imam el'Kadum mosque to celebrate the memory of that shiite's leader.
the whole misery started when two young men were telling jokes to each other of wearing a bombed belt and being ready to blow up all the marchers there. Then, some people heard them talking about that jokes but they took it as a matter of a truth and soon began to yell:"BOMBED,BOMBED, BOM..." Meanwhile, some Iraqi national guards shot some fire in air and soon the crowded bodies were flowing over each other, the whole scene was like having marathon therefore, the fences of the bridge broke letting the people jumping to the river either they intended or not.
yeah, that's true that I'm a sunni guy but I'm not supposed to be happy. I think that both Sunni & shiite are the lungs of this country, the one can't cancel the other and the proof of that is "Ottoman Ali".
Ottoman is 19 years old Sunni young man, when the disaster began he replied some mosque calls to rescue the people drown in the river tigris, he rescued 6 people and broght them to shore safe but he never stopped and soon he swam towards a poor woman was begging for a help but the atrophy and the fatigue purged that guy and soon he was swallowed by the great Tigris leaving us a memory of a hero named Ottoman Ali for both Sunni and Shiite.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

With the name of my lord

Well, that is my first time here so I expect to have good experience during the next days God willing.
Um.. er.. wha.. Ah, yeah... you can view my blog weekly and I beg your pardon, if you have the time and the desire to send me anything anything you want to say just don't hesitate cuz I'm looking forward to hear from you any any anything.