Saturday, September 10, 2005

Al'aima bridge

On Wendensday 31 of July 2005 the Iraqi people faced a disaster that they never seen like before, it was the disaster of Al'aima bridge.
Hunderds of people were lied down motionless cuz they were crashed by feet, drown in the river Tigris or died by asphyxia because of the heavy crowds of the shiite who were crossing that bridge to reach Imam el'Kadum mosque to celebrate the memory of that shiite's leader.
the whole misery started when two young men were telling jokes to each other of wearing a bombed belt and being ready to blow up all the marchers there. Then, some people heard them talking about that jokes but they took it as a matter of a truth and soon began to yell:"BOMBED,BOMBED, BOM..." Meanwhile, some Iraqi national guards shot some fire in air and soon the crowded bodies were flowing over each other, the whole scene was like having marathon therefore, the fences of the bridge broke letting the people jumping to the river either they intended or not.
yeah, that's true that I'm a sunni guy but I'm not supposed to be happy. I think that both Sunni & shiite are the lungs of this country, the one can't cancel the other and the proof of that is "Ottoman Ali".
Ottoman is 19 years old Sunni young man, when the disaster began he replied some mosque calls to rescue the people drown in the river tigris, he rescued 6 people and broght them to shore safe but he never stopped and soon he swam towards a poor woman was begging for a help but the atrophy and the fatigue purged that guy and soon he was swallowed by the great Tigris leaving us a memory of a hero named Ottoman Ali for both Sunni and Shiite.

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