Monday, March 13, 2006

Ma poor brother

First thing I say: “ I’m not fazed”….Oh ma poor brotha…. Son of ma dad and motha…..Don’t care, don’t botha…..Chicks are mothafucka!!!!
Yeah, these days my brother is so frustrated and depressed cuz of a chick!He started to listen to sad arabic songs and prefered to be alone with himself with a rather frown face and everytime I ask him about the reason he wouldn’t tell, until one time he was so desperate and greifed, therefore, he couldn’t keep it anymore and soon he told me about what tortured him all that time.He was loving a girl with him in the same college, he thought that she liked him too and he was hesitating whenever he decided to tell her about his feelings but in the end he decided to so.He went to her as she was walking with another girl and asked her to have some words on private;Brother: “Er,…Hi!”.Girl: “Hi?!”.Bro: “Can I talk to you on private?….. I mean I have something to tell you!”Girl (shrugging): “Me?!… No, I apologize”.Bro: “It won’t take long, just a couple of words!”Girl: “I know what are you trying to tell me but I’m sorry, I can’t!”Bro (falling from the 20th floor): “Ok, thank you for your time!”He was sighing and trying hardly to seize heavy tears when he told me his story. I became pissed off when he finished narrating that dialouge and I said at once : “FUCK HER!” twice with a chocked voice, but ma brother soon replied : “No, you shouldn’t say that! She refused me softly and I may try again later….”.I felt sorry about him and said : “Ok, cheer up, man! She just missed a wonderful guy!” and then I left him with a smile.
Fuck her again and again! After all, who is she? Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton? Why he is got to suffer cuz of her? Does he have to try again and cringe himself before her to win her heart? Well, he said that he still love her! Excuse me, bro! But this is not love, it is a mothafucka pain! You don’t have to suffer and care about a person doesn’t give a fuck about you! You mustn’t live with that illusion and punishing yourelf like that!Obsession is defined by one sided love, you should know that!I had passed through all this and my scar is a live evidence for that insanity. But, at least, we both were (me and the county girl) in love neglecting what happened after.Love is so sweet when you find someone reciprocating it with you, at that moment, I can say you are in love and you must be loyal with your lover and let your hearts do talking.Sometimes, I feel sorry about ma country girl. She was (and still) in love with me, she presented her soul and body for me and also she was ready to do anything for me but I was such a fuckin’ pig who thought of nothing but to parade his pornography.Sorry, Melantrys! Now, the image had become distinct and clear! I’ve figured out what you told me about stop decieving her and act honestly. Thank you!Anyways, I think that sex makes any two lovers connected more to each other and prepare a suitable ground for the consturction of truth between them.
Anyways, I’m now enjoying ma self watching porn at XXL and MULTVISION sat. channels. I want a time-out to relax before going on again.
One last thing, this post wasn’t for my brother only, but it is also for you Kid, Blue and every heartached person.


D.C. said...


Damm, love hurts! no kidding!

Your brother seems like a good young man and his has a wonderful brother too.

You are right, if love is not reciprocated, it is not worth hanging on. It just stretches the pain to no end. However letting go, seems hard, but does it ever feel good! It's freedom and opening new doors.

I have a little boy, 10 years old.
he will go through what your brother is facing, I can't stand it already, and he can't even say the word "G" yet, "g" for girl friend...
It is like a dirty word still!
Boys are great no matter. the age from 0 to 90..., as long as they can smile once in a while!
Mellow with porn, I heard people turn blind after... ;-)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Thank you d.c. for dropping in here!
Good luck for your lil' boy!

aNarki-13 said...

blind and have hair on the palms of their hands..

anyway, college love bites.. BUT, every person has a right to say yes or no, just cuz ur bro loves her doesnt mean she HAS to say yes if she doesnt, or just to make him feel better..
you always bombard us with "freedom of choice for women in Iraq and the Arab world speeches"..

i am truly sorry for your brother, but i truly believe he'll get over it and forget bout her completely within two months' time.

freedom of choice (and everything else)is absolute, doesnt matter on which side of it you stand.

write a rap song about it. better still, go listen to EminEm, he has many songs bout that..


Caesar of Pentra said...

Oh, 13! I said FUCK HER by I didn't mean her personally, I used that to show that he should forget all 'bout her and drop that to ashtray.
And what has this to do with the freedom of choice????????
I mean she can refuse the lad but she can't wreck him down even if she didn't know that.
And how do you know that it takes 2 moth time to get over that?
By the way, I told him to listen to eminem's SUPERMAN instead of those arabic tragic hitz.

aNarki-13 said...

two months.. ah.

c comment on kid's last post:

actually i've been there already, same situation but with more humiliation..

anyway, that's what you get when messing with Architecture girls!

it took me two months which is very reasonable, cuz one month is too short, 3 are too long..

cheers kid. keep on wanking.