Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fire extinguisher

Good afternoon,
Last night at nearly 9:30 pm I was sitting behing ma PC when I heard a loud sharp scream comes out from the next door "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh".I hurried to get out and see what happened, I thought that he was shocked by the electric power but I was terrified when I saw a huge flames rising up from the nieghboors garage with scary screams coming out through the fire, I spontanously started to yell at ma brother and dad, and soon I saw ma father was coming out and then ma brother too. I ran to get the hose to come down the fire spreading beside that poor man's car I told ma father to help me with that but he wasn't listening, his attention was to move our car away leaving me alone and then I heard ma brother shouts to pull our nieghboor's car away. My brother was standing bravely near the scary flames with a big blanket to decrease the danger of that fire, some guys helped him with that and they decided to pull the car away in order to avoid the danger of the blow and they did so.
Ma dad came then and yelled for us to come back, this time we didn't give a fuck....
Let him be coward and enjoy that miserable life we all are living but let's do our job and live proudly. I prefer to die and people helping others better than living this shitty life.
Anyways, someone brought a fire extinguisher and let that fuckin' fire down.
No one was hurted (thanx God) and it was impressing moment when that man thanked us (me and ma brother and ofcourse that extinguisher guy).

I think I will never forget that.

ps: I didn't watch porn afterwards that night!!!


Don Cox said...

Any idea what caused it? Electrical fault in the car?

Bill said...

A fine deed C o P and im sure the memory is the first installment of the ten fold thing ;-)

aNarki-13 said...


Melantrys said...

Hm, this creates a serious conflict, and no two ways about it.

Should we wish for regular semi-catastrophies for Caesar to occupy himself with, or should we wish for a peaceful life for the neighbours?


Konfused Kid said...

i'm very happy the porn has finally leaved you.

keep on writing about shit like this

Caesar of Pentra said...

Yeah, it was an electircal spark gave the fire to the sleeping fire.
MeL, I think you should wish me a new chick ;).
And by the way, I'm not quitting any porn.

Melantrys said...


cile said...

but: with the shortage of electric energy and such, of course there will be a lot of improvised structures around being used for getting electricity to the houses. am i right to think that more accidents like this one are happening?