Friday, February 17, 2006

Ravished desires

Buh, it’s me again…
(Caesar is currently examining his scar)….
I feel bored and thoughtless and my family now is preparing for moving away to Syria, they offered the house for rent and sold some extra furniture and other things.
This time luckily they have something to distract their minds cuz during the recent while they were quarrelling a lot for different stupid reasons.
When I was kid, they were fussing and quarrelling also but from time to time and I had to manage the reconcilation between them but not any more. My baby face’s smile and innocent lies wouldn’t work anymore and frankly I got sick of that.
But, I asked myself why all that quarrells and misunderstandings are happening everyday? And I found the right answer to that….. it’s the pre-arranged marriage.
Yeah, my parents didn’t plunge into love story and then got married like most of the fairy tales. No, it was very ordinary western marriage which is indeed a kind of an agreement between the families of the new couples.
They didn’t test each other well during the engagemnet peroid as my father travelled to Serbia & Montenegro (Yugoslavia previously) leaving my mom in Baghdad, then after 2 years my father returned to Baghdad and soon they got married.

Anyways, F it!

Oh, shit! I failed again!
My exams’ results showed that I failed in 4 subjects and therefore there will be a big fat shit to be done during next summer.

Hey, I miss my country girl a little. I don’t know if I wanna meet her again or not cuz I’m still terrified of the marriage thing ,besides, I don’t know if she is the one I want to be my life mate…..
Not because she let me examine her sensational parts with my slimy tongue, but I think we don’t belong together….
Yeah, I must admit that I will lose a gorgeous body with fascinating lips, but I must put and an end to that orgy and stop exploiting her and deceiving her.
I’m horny and lusy that’s true but also I have my own principles and I can’t bring a girl like her down.

One last thing, thank you melantrys for your advice to curb my naughty spirit but I don’t wanna get cold showers anymore…. I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melantrys said...


Well, next time I tell you to take a cold shower just take it as the cue to get your brain (no, your other brain... :P ) onto another track. ;) We wouldn't want you to die of pneumonia, now, would we?

As a western girl I am surprised at how many prearranged marriages work out (or seem to work out?) anyway.
But even a romantic love marriage may fail.
Should that keep anyone from seeking love or committing oneself? Hell, no.


Confessions of a Malamute said...

You poor humans, thank god our bitches only come into heat twice a year. As for solving your problem... find something else to occupy your mind. Either that or start a sex cult. One guy had a sex cult called the Flirty Fishes. In short it was showing your love of jesus thru acts of prostitution. Now *thats* pimping. All the sex and Rolls Royces you could want ;-) He had thousands of followers around the world. Im amazed at both his inititive and the stupidity of his followers.

aNarki-13 said...


sorry to hear bout ur study.. do better next time. and hope to God there will be a next time..

arranged == western?

nooooo! my friend, and i call your "country" roots to the matter:

how many "country" marriages are out of love?

movie-love, ross-and-rachel love, is just a flash in the pan. works real swell, for about 30 days.

marriages are for life.

believe me, arranged marriages work more often than love marriages.. ESPECIALLY in Iraq. ask any of the people around you.

reason? when you love someone, you tend to overlook his/her weaknesses, you see him/her as the perfect person. in arranged marriage nothing can be farther from the point: you start by picking out weaknesses and character faults, even from the first chaperoned date.

hence, when an arranged marriage works, it works much better than a love marriage..

you can rectify some bits by allowing for a long engagement period, where gradually the sugar-coating melts and you get the full-blast of taste..

point is, do not blame your parents marriage, or think its faulty, they hung together for TWENTY years, and God willing more to come. How many years will YOU be married?

oh and btw, love is more than sex.

Konfused Kid said...

Anarki13 has been pissing me off recently, but he's hit the mark here. I have nothing further to say

Surveys show that arranged marriages work off a great deal better than lovey-doveys, simply cuz you're much too high to see where your feet is. As a matter of fact, a love that is built on understanding would last infintely much longer than that built of sexual attraction and/or incongruent heartbeats.

And love, is the greatest emotion a human being can feel. Truly, it changes you.

Find it.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Ok, I got the poin! And holy shit I meant eastern marriages....
And about Love and sex, I think that love is a mean and sex is a purpose

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