Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Full of memories

Supplementary Edition,

Ok, I'm here to console myself first and then the Iraqi people for the martyrdom of the comedian artist "Waleed H. Jiaz" and ask Allah to inspire his family with patience and support.
Jiaz was murdered in Baghdad in 20th of Sep. 2006 by some unknown brutal gunmen. He was father for 4 daughters and a boy.
Personally, I liked that comedian and I liked his show "Caricature"! He was one of the stars of that audacious comedic show, which concerned about many different issues that really interest every Iraqi civilian such as; the critical security situation, the fanatics, the dismal performance of the Iraqi government and the low-level services (Power, fuel, water, traffic and communications).
Yeah, I know there're tens of such poor guy are killed everyday in Iraq but I do matter for his death……… His death reminded me by Saif! They had the same effect on their own people; both of them had that incredible sense of humor! Some may say "Is it possible that such a naughty dirty-minded weasel cares for losing a person?" and I answer them "I do! cuz I lost Saif; and he was a brother of mine!".
God bless Saif!
God bless Jiaz!
God bless the martyrs of Iraq!
And God bless us all!


MixMax said...

Allayerham Waleed, and Saif! Allayerhamne all, my brother.

Where are you now? still in Syria?? or you just decided, like always, to jump over the border back to Iraq?

Melantrys said...

Yesterday he was still in Syria. Today.... who knows? ;)

MixMax said...

While thinking where this boy is now, Syria or Baghdad, I am watching and listening now to "on an island" of David Gilmour!

what a coincidence...

Melantrys said...

Well, I sure hope the island has internet.... ;)

No, I think it'd be very unlikely now for him to rush off to Baghdad again.

MixMax said...

nice one, melan :)

I hope you are right, and that he just stay away from Baghdad. Last time, the boy was feeling homesick, remembering his old friends, which made me thought that he was thinking of going back

Melantrys said...

He said he wouldn't. And if he even dares to think about it again he'll be in deep trouble with me....

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hey, wait! wait! Can i say something here!
I'm still in Damascus, unfortunatly! But I can't be online much these days, I have a job! I hope I can find some time to get accessed to net in the next few days!

Melantrys said...

No, stfu! Who are you anyway, barging in here and demanding to have your say?!


Ok, ok, it's your blog. But keep your comments short next time, ok?



MixMax said...

I heard that Iraqis are having hard time finding work in Syria! good for you, brother.

rebelBodhi said...

check out mine,

Proshat said...

Hi dear Pantra!
Congrats on the new jobs!
You are invited to play blog-tag game:
write 5 facts about yourself that rarely people know in blogosphere. Then invite 5 other people to play the game. It's fun.

Konfused Kid said...

Weenak Gaweed, G ibn G.