Friday, December 29, 2006

Kissing 2006 goodbye!

Cold air sucks, really!
Anyway, happy you new year and happy eid, everyone! I hope both synchronous occasions unify and bring peace on you, earth people!
I hope that 2007 is much better than 2006. Neglecting Italy's (ma fav. team and birhplace) winning the world cup in last July, 2006 was very painful and dreadful year for me and for most iraqis (including Saddam)! Many tragic events happend and this is not the right time to talk about them.
*coughs again*
Oh, shit! I'm facing some problems with my PC, I think I should plug out some older parts and get newer ones instead! But that costs some money, doesn't it?!
God, I must put0 some budget for expenditure! Infact, I'm saving some money for the summer holiday to visit either Lebnanon or Turkey but I haven't set up my mind yet!

*Coughs some more while listening to "Side 2 side" by THREE 6 MAFIA*
Brrr, It's so damn cold here these days!
For the first time, I did see the snow in real! But still I haven't tried the sex thing and I don't think much about it these days cuz I think I'm living in Siberia not in Damascus! Besides, I'm exhausted enough in the work that I can't think of anything horny! (therefore, you can cheer up, ladies) :P


Melantrys said...


Poor, little, (not?) horny man. Don't get ill over there. :P

Turkey? That's interesting. Gotta tell A. at work about that..... ;)

Dreamer said...

Happy Eid and New Year to you too


Confessions of a Malamute said...

ha ha ... There is a punk song called "too drunk to fuck" perhaps you can write a new version using exhaustion as an excuse ? :P

Good to read your update.

And cold ??? In the ME ? please. Come to Canada for your holidays and I can show you *real* cold. Soon we will have our annual polar bear swim. Thats on Jan 1st when several thousand people in all the seaside towns in my province go for a swim in the ocean. I've done it myself in years gone by. It will cure your new years hang over if it doesn’t kill you outright. Of course then you have to spend the rest of the day in the bar drinking hot rum toddies trying to warm up again. But its fun.

Happy Eid to you and happy new years. Hopefully this year some sanity will come to the world. I'm not holding my breath tho  Don’t work so hard that you don’t have energy to kiss the ladies… they might die of shock if you're not chasing them :P

Caesar of Pentra said...

Yea, Mel!
I'm thinking by going to Turkey, my uncle lives there so I wouldn't matter about the lodge! But, I can't speak Turkish and most of the people there don't speak English!

Dreamer, I working on that blog count thing!

Hahahaha! I think i'll work by your advice!

Melantrys said...

Hm. Well, I don't know where your uncle lives, but there are Turks who speak English. Maybe not as many as speak German, but, hey, if worst comes to worst I can help you out with a couple of words, so you won't have to starve: bamya (yup, the same), nohut (chick peas), ekmek (bread). Oh, and of course they do have dolma. :D Now, what was water again, was it su? *scratches head* Or you could try bira... *whistles innocently*

Or you could go to that region where my female Turkish colleague comes from; they do speak Arabic there, though the dialect seems to be rather different. Food there is more Arabic as well. They have hommus, for instance, which is not widely known in most parts of Turkey....

Vinicius said...

Caesar, Feliz 2007 para voce, e todo seu povo, só espero que a PAZ reine em todo esse ano entre todos os povos, aqui no Brasil, faz muito calor e chove muito. Gostaria muito de um dia conhecer seu pais. Tank's.

São Paulo- Brasil

Lana said...

Hello. [:
Please don't stop writing in this blog until you get 40 and losing your sex-thing. It's all very fun too read! Keep on going.

Caesar of Pentra said...


Res said...

It's good you got a sitemeter!

Cheers to you!

Now....go give Melantrys a spank*!

helen said...

Happy New Year! kiss,kiss,kiss! Good luck to you and be happy!