Monday, November 06, 2006

Shifty minded

Hey, for the ones who haven't about me recently, I'd like to tell them that I'm here in Syria again!!!
No, I'm not kiddin', I'm sayin' the truth! I've been there in Iraq for a week no more, but what a week!
In fact, I just wanted to start ma life independently leaving ma parents away and continue finishin' ma studies without any stress and tension. I thought by going back there I can meet ma longtime expected girl, I went back to be myself and prove something I need to be proved!
I went there with all dreams and fancies of a better independent future ignoring every tear or request to abandon that idea of going back.
"WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE", that was what I had realized as soon as I got Baghdad. I intended to go to college on Sunday to see some pals and hang out and meet, if possible, ma girl but I couldn't make it! The area was crowded with armored vehicles of US armed forces, there were also some choppers hovering above. "Shit! I have to go on foot till the main road!" I've whispered. There were number of Iraqi national guards and one of them was holding a speaker:" WE ASK THE CIVILIANS NOT TO GO OUT, THERE WILL BE SOME SEARCHING OPERATIONS AND WE HOPE YOU COOPERATE WITH US TO MAKE THIS MISSION SUCCEFUL FOR YOUR SAFTEY!"
"What?! We haven't started yet! It's ma first day here!" I went to them to tell them I had college and I must go before 8:00 am!
"Sorry, dude! All the residences should be stock taken!" Some American sgt. last-named Blake as it was written on his uniform.
Me: "What for?! Is it for that kidnapped soldier?"
Blake: "Oh, hehehe! Yea, for this and that! Now, you may go before someone sees you and thinks that you are some informer or something!"
Me: "Oh, yea! Nice way for kicking me out but thank you anyway!"
I went to college anyway, and to my surprise there wasn't much there, as I revealed in my last posting, and also I couldn't meet that girl!
All the ones I've met there told me that I was silly to go back to Iraq in such conditions whatever the reason was! There were some reasons I'd prefer not to mention led me by thinking of leaving Iraq again!
Anyways, I wanna tell you something real that I've experienced; Chick are so dumb! And no offence, you ladies!
I'm worried about the people there in Iraq, the next days would be so difficult and horrible! Saddam has been sentenced to death penalty and this issue won't go easy, possibly, things will rise up terribly there in Iraq!
In Iraq, yesterday is better than today! Forget the sex thing! ;)


Melantrys said...

Well, just stay put in Syria now, you silly little man.

MixMax said...

If you just stop hyping around, then things will be better for you :)

Take care please and as Meantrys told you "just stay in Syria for the meantime".

Good luck

Caesar of Pentra said...

Oh, thnx! I think I should listen to your advice!

Dreamer said...

Hey, good decision about returning to syria. You just need to stay strong and resist the temptation of going back to baghdad, although it is easier said than done, i guess.

Proshat said...

Good decision... I guess. I would be less worried about ya. & I just hope things can get better for Iraqi people.
BTW, what do u think about Saddam's conviction? Death Penalty I mean...

Caesar of Pentra said...

Well, I can't say anything about Saddam's destiny, whether he deserves that sentence or not!

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Hey, good to hear your back in Syria... sorry you couldnt meet that girl. Hope things go well for you there =))

aNarki-13 said...


"From ghoulies and ghosties,
Long-leggety beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us."

Melantrys said...

*wonders if aNarki is off dancing with the fairies*

Lilly said...

I read ur blog, u touched my heart. U express urself so well, the pentup sexual desires mixed with ur feelings about life makes reading u an erotic experience for me. I hope u stay in Syria...