Sunday, December 11, 2005

that was fist to hit you

Hello, anybody’s home?!
I’m back!
Sorry for being late but it’s my lazy ass who shackled me and hindered my fngers to peck something over here. Well, I’m doing fine! All my dark thoughts are going to vanish by virtue of someone I met recently.
Well, I don’t know what if I’m gonna say sounds crazy or else; but I think I prefer to be hurted and had a broken heart, I like the pain. I feel now that I’m not the man I used to be “suddenly, I’m not the half of man I used to be!”.
For the first time in my life I felt the real meaning of confidence. I thought that “summer occurrence” would terminate the torment that tortured me over over, I thought that sex would settle and stabilize the impetuous soul of mine. But I was bluffing myself, I always accused the Iraqi gurlz by names of ignorance and emptiness.Unmindful to important fact that is our fucken drastic society impose them to be like that.
How many times (you Iraqis) saw a gurl talking with a lot of boys and immedaitly you started to caw “ Dude, she’s a taxi” (means by “taxi” that she is passable for all guys justlike being a TAXI).
Why is that idiocy?! Can’t you stop bounding like monkies and let the people alone?
What are the chances of the of free existence in such system of livlihood that calls for covering the females to be like a walkin’ napkin?! Well, guys! Guess what? Females have souls too and they wanna enjoy the life as you do, that stupid veil inhibits and restains the desire to live delightly.
Fella! Imagine that cards were played differently and you are wearing yashmak instead of your sister, what would you feel now, huh?!
A year ago I had a big fight with my father when he decided to oblige my lil’ sister to wear hidjab!!!! Hello, dad! She is only 14 years old, what are you thinking of?! Besides, she doesn’t go out or mix with strangers, the only destination she meant is either her school or grandpa’s house!! And ofcourse because he was so (democratic) person, the disapproval was the only available answer.
She cried a lot and I felt her sorrow but I couldn’t do much but trying to diminsh that greif she received. I think this is a falgrant meddling in someone’s life to command him to commit of something that couldn’t do.
If I could marry a veiled (muhadjaba) girl, I would donate her he right to take it off because I wouldn’t marry a lass if I didn’t have the absolute confidence of her loyalty.
I remembered once when I had a similar conversation with a (muhadjaba), I asked her “does hidjab annoy you in summer, I mean it’s hot!” she mockingly quoted her aunt’s answer :”the hellfire is hotter!!”.
Oh, c’mon! is the perfection and the piety had reached to their utmost ceiling and we had nothing to but handling the issue of hidjab.
Last year there was an incident in Basrah when a group consist of some young men and girls arranged a picnic after finishing their classes but they were surprised by the onslaught of the followers of a fundamentalist islamic leader, they’ve beated this young bunch by cudgels and lash and statrted to call them infidels, perverts and prostituters. (NO COMMENT)
Is the pluder, snatch, deception, embezzlement, assassination, the free bloodshed or any other sin scattered in Iraq is totally annihilated that we could think in being more devout and pious.

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