Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Just wondering who will win the next parliament elections and triumph the authorty of ruling this miserable inauspicious country. People (as well as the candidates) are hassling and fussing inorder to witness the success of their election agenda by employing resounding mottoes and ardent speeches, pledging the public to fulfill all their demands in what concerning about security, justice, welfare, anti-terrorism, reformation, reconstruction, the freedom of doctrine and everything crossing in your mind of delusive favors and promises.
Nevertheless, I will vote this time cuz I’m sick of leaning my numb ass away and acting as indifferent to what happening here dreaming of the utopia in Iraq.
This time I must participate and shrug my shoulders selecting the most suitable that I can (somehow) trust, not realizing all above requests but at least to pick up Iraq from the doom and land in a safer shore.

Canceling all the spiritual (religiuos) lists and picking out a secular one to mark over.
It is not the religion’s blemish but the matter of fact that all the islamic parties here (whether was sunni or shiit) are exploiting Islam to verify something for their own with no link have to do with Islam. Besides, it must be detaching policy from religion. Regimes as Iran, KSA, Afghanstan (during Talaban’s reign) and Sudan are such examples of that theory, I also wanna annex the current government of Iraq to that list. (To know more about this you may visit baghdad’s blog, a post called “Iran influnce on Iraq”).
Again, I repeat, Islam is not blamed for such type of dictator regimes.

One last thing, I hope that the elections will be so democtaic, impartial and transparent no matter who swept the board.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to you Brother! I don't agree with your complete discounting of the religous lists but I know many are misusing Islam.

I am confident in the Iraqi people because they are smart and they are resilient. They will make mistakes, but they will get up. The future generations will know of an Iraq that is peaceful and prosperous because of people like you who took your responsibility seriously and went to the polls to show that you care about Iraq.


Caesar of Pentra said...

As you said : Aash al Iraq al adeem ;)