Thursday, December 29, 2005

Triple 5

I wanted to post something else about sxplaining my alibi, but the current situation here in Iraq deviated it and switched my attention to reflect some of that foggy image to you.
Ladies & Genltemen,
WELCOME to Iraq; welcome to the frequent power outtages and insufficient water flow incoming, welcome to the (kilometred) queues of thirsty cars wating to get their little share of few liters of fuel with keeping in mind an important fact that Iraq is an petroleum exporting country!
It’s well-planned scheme to dislodge the habitants out of their land by blocking all that components of life and terroring them on their own ground.
Heeey, Long live 555! May Allah keep you safe to serve Iraq and go on the wheel of the progress. After all, it is the wise choice of the Iraqi people who took the counsel of ………… seroiusly and voted for them.
The black ink over the fingertips hadn’t dried yet and they declared that the prices of the feul will rise up in order to fight the smuggling as they claimed, but we found later that the southren cities of Iraq like Basrah resist the resolution and and opposed to apply it on their gas-stations (Iraq become federal country as you know!), while in the capital, that decision or resolution is active. However, the government acts helpless towards the application of that decision in Basrah.
Why is that, huh? Where are the oil wells and refineries mostly found? From where the smuggling operations takes action? And the imporant question, to where??
I think all of us know the answers! And I think that we should let the US army militants enjoy their celebration of the new year arrival!!!!!!

I should terminate this posting before the power does, the POWER is 5 or 6 hours off to one hour of usage.



Melantrys said...

*has been bullied into a comment*


Happy New Year!

Baghdad said...

Hey there,

long time no see!

Merry Christmas and HAppy new year to u too.

Its been a while since Ive tried to stay up to date with everything, we moved cities here, so we still settling in.

So whats up with the pro 555? :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hahaha, thnx Melantrys!!!

Hey, Baghdad! thnx for dropping in here ;)

Melantrys said...

Anytime, Caesar, anytime. :P

Baghdad said...

Whats so good about 555 Ceaser... ;)
If they were helpful, they would have avoided the increase in petrol prices that Iraqis have been demonstrating against. It cant get anymore expensive for Iraqis, not as though their income is over the skies to pay for such expenses. This smuggling can be helped by border control. Abit unusual when speaking about the drugs that had been previously coming into Iraq from Iran as well.

Hope all is good on your side. Ours is messy lately. Cheers! :D