Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cold blooded....

Hey.. A whole fuckin’ deep shit week of tests smothered my passionate intentions of releasing out the sap of me and pasting it over here.
Yesterday, our department team lost their match in the college tournament. We were beaten 3-0… OUCH!! I played for the first 20 minutes and then was out due to my low rated stamina ( I didn’t play soccer or do practicing for a month, plus, I masturbated twice on the night before the game).Luckily, the result was draw 0-0 when I was out so I guess no one can blame me now.

Wish to post more but feeling too cold and my fingers are sore so I guess this is it.


Baghdad said...

Remember to take it easy with the play before the tournaments ;-)

cile said...

I thought to tell you this because of the title of this movie.

Plot Summary for La Tigre e la neve, (2005)

Attilio is a divorced Italian poetry professor with two teenage daughters. He is a whimsical, talkative dreamer who is also madly in love with a beautiful woman named Vittoria. The latter, who collaborates with Fuad, a great Iraqi poet and one of Attilio's closest friends, follows him to Baghdad where war has broken out. A few days later, Fuad calls Attilio to break a very bad news to him: Vittoria has been seriously wounded by an explosion and is bound to die
due to the lack of treatment available. From this moment on, all Attilio thinks about is reaching Bagdad and save his lady friend's life.