Thursday, March 08, 2007

8th of March

International Women's Day (8 March) is an occasion marked by women's groups around the world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday. When women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day, they can look back to a tradition that represents at least nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.
International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men in order to end war; during the French Revolution, Parisian women calling for "liberty, equality, fraternity" marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.

Happy Women's Day, Ladies! And lemme salute in this occasion every Iraqi woman. They are the real heroes. To know more about thier suffer try this site:


Proshat said...

Happy Women's Day...
& thank you my ear friend for standing up along side your female friends.
It means a lot to us honey.

Caesar of Pentra said...

No thanks, dear! It's my duty!

Dreamer said...

Thank you for those sweet words.
The world needs more people like you.

aNarki-13 said...

:) seems like you're the only male iraqi blogger who remembered :)

you should (deserve to) brag about it, i guess..

aNarki-13 said...
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Konfused Kid said...

nyeh nyeh nyeh...poor pervert resorts to slyness for getting laid.

do it baby.

Melantrys said...

*raises eyebrow*

Don't you think you're being just a "little bit" unfait here, kid...?


Caesar of Pentra said...

Thank you, indeed! I told my Proshat before : "It's my duty!"

Thank you for lettong me know that. Actually, I am a feminist and feel proud about that!

No comment.

Leave him!
By the way, I need to chop some woods! :P

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Times and attitudes change. Sometimes quite quickly. I remember listening to a radio program on how society values have changed over time. They read letter that had been written in the past. One letter was written by a man to someone else detailing how he was gonna kick the ass off another man for “insulting” his sister. He was quite mad about how the man had taken liberties with her and threatened her virtue. It wasn’t till they got to the end of the letter that you found out what the “crime” was. The man who was the subject of the letter had asked the sister (but did not receive) a kiss. That’s all, a kiss. And for this the brother of the girl was madder than hell. The next thing I learned about this letter was that it was written around 1915 in the USA. The radio program read a bunch of other letter from various times. I found it quite interesting.

Nothing is forever. Everything you see now is changing. Religion, values, even the land itself changes. Its what life is. Stop changing and you die. You can have some effect on parts of it, you're entirely at the whim of the Fates for other parts. But remember, what you see today may be gone in the blink of an eye. Change isn't always slow. Great religions that existed for centuries have fallen to dust remembered by no one. New idea’s come into being. Its up to us to chose for us what we hold as valuable. What we decide as our values. We can change them we can hold on to them for dear life…. I feel for the way that women are treated. Historically it hasn’t been very good. Male dominated religions and cultural values are giving way to – hopefully – something more balanced. And so it should be. There is no reason that society should be directed by only one part of humanity. The societal systems that work the best are those that are in balance. The more people try to hold to meaningless values the worse it is for everyone. Human rights is a big issue right now. Remember that human rights is for everyone – woman included – not just for the rich and powerful. Nothing is forever. Change or go extinct. Even if that extinction is in your own soul.

Now that I’ve had my babble how are you Caesar ? Spring is sproining here. Its warming up a bit. My stupid cat bit me last night. Little Shit (that’s his name btw, cos that’s what he is, a Little Shit) didn’t like me cutting the plats out of his fur. He drew blood too and now its swollen. Buying a new van on Monday, finally. The car I have is dying and I'm amazed its working at all. I’ll be making a trip into the Interior later in the spring to go visit my dad. He lives about 600km east of here. But I'm not doing it till the snows are gone. Those roads are a nightmare at the best of times. On one side you have a mountain, on the other side you have nothing at all. I hate driving. But it will be good to see him, haven't seen him for a few years now.

Anyway, hope all is well with you. Have you found any new cuties to chase after ? I’m off to bed. Its almost 330am here and I'm tired. Take care and don’t chase too many skirts ;-)

Caesar of Pentra said...

:)) Stop it, Malamute! You will scare the ladys. Congratualtions for the van! ;)

aNarki-13 said...

You SHOULD be proud to be a feminist :) seriously!
me myself i'd like to think of myself as a a feminist..

aNarki-13 said...


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I surfed in to remind you about jumah prayer today. If you can't make it to your local masjid come by my blog for my 2 pence in a khutbah series:

Be well.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Caesar of Pentra said...

Wow, 13! I'm pleased to know that you are a feminist also. You've been so nice with both genders, and especially with the fair sex.
Infact, being nice with the females is a first step to be a feminist. You deserve the best, dude! She will be lucky the one who decides to be your lifemate! :)

Thank you, nuh! But I quit my prayers since a long time...
I'm not satisfied about that though.

Caesar of Pentra said...

By the way, it's 18th of march...