Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the land of killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum.

Al Jazeera has reported statements by a Sunni woman that she was raped by three Shia-led police force members after she was detained over the weekend.Iraq's prime minister ordered an investigation into the allegations made by the 20-year-old married woman on Monday, but a senior Iraq police official has disputed the claim... read more on http://english.aljazeera.net/News

The 20-year-old married woman, Sabrin al Janabi, said she was attacked after police commandos took her into custody Sunday in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Amil. She was taken to a police garrison and raped, she charged.

I really don't know what to say about that brutal crime... *exhales*

There is nothing can piss me off more than raping an innocent person cuz that fucken incident sticks in the victim's mind permanantly, making that poor victim to live in the shadow with painful memories. And what makes it worse that our arabian fucked up societies don't forgive and excuse those unfortunate ladies. At the contrary, they start to talk about them badly calling them bad names, they also avoid to mingle with them in order not to "sooten thier reputations"... *pouts* They live alone with thier misery, cuz most of the pigs.... sorry, I mean "men" wouldn't think about getting married from those ravished ladies.

Some of them can't get a job afterwards, so either they

a. emigrate to some place where they can start a new life (and this option is so difficult without a great support and hope in life).

b. or some of them start to work as prostitutes to keep some food on the table (which is very common here).

c. and not so few women commit suicide after a while.

My grandparents came from countryside communities which is known by being conservative and firm about any illegal sexual relationships. If any two unmarried couples were caught having sex, they either get punished by death or getting married instantly. Of cousre, if they chose to get married that doesn't prevent them from getting beaten to a pulp. Anyway, you all know my viewpoint about pre-marital sex. And there, I totally disagree terrifying sexual love even if it was illegal. But there are some few rape actions, when the rapist is sentenced to death penalty. On a personal level, I agree on that, However, in all cases the lady has to live isolated and cornered unfortuanately.

I'm very upset and pissed off for that poor honest lady, Sabrin, and hoped if those savages would be punished severly for thier horrible crime. But, with no surprise, the Iraqi goverment has released a declaration on their website reveals "It has been shown after medical examinations that the woman had not been subjected to any sexual attack whatsoever and that there are three outstanding arrest warrants against her issued by security agencies," the government statement said. "After the allegations have been proven to be false, the prime minister has ordered that the officers accused be rewarded," it said.Why I'm not so surprised, and we belong to a state where the blood is shed for free and the wail is becoming its national anthem? Why I'm not surprised, and the hangman is the assassin and the victim is the accused one? I'm now a mixutre of emotions; love, grudge, sadness, compation and anger. I'm sorry, I think I'd better be alone for some time.... But before going.......Rest on you, friends! And don't trust hope, cuz it's forsaken this land........

*logs off*


Konfused Kid said...

This one is weird, because usually Iraqi women if raped do not televise the event - but of course this event has political dimensions and it wouldn't hurt to know that Sabreen's wife and relatives have links to al-Qaeda, she was also arrested two years ago. That said, we all know that the Interior ministry soldiers aren't the best human beings exactly around here, so where is the truth? Only God knows.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Kiddo, she was accused that she cooks for Sunni fighters.
No matter what, that doesn't give them the right to do such a crime! Besides, there are hundreds of Sabrin in Baghdad are being raped everyday... *sighs*

aNarki-13 said...

Congrats Pentra, for being one of the few first to give an opinion on this.

everyone is waiting it fence-sitting, too scared to take position either way.

me? i can't give any opinion regarding anything Iraq for one month.
i'll tell u then which side i am on.

just one thing: the timeline of events is accurate, at least that's what i found online, she was arrested on the 18th, her family put out a bulletin somewhere online, then the rape was reported by her on the 19th. also she looked like she was wearing hospital tags, so maybe that's where she was interviewed.
one thing that baffles me:

if the rape was tested to be found FALSE by our government, (and in order for that to be accurate they have to do a rape-kit examination on HER in the few hours after the rape)and this was announced thru Maliki's office, Why does the same statement say "She is WANTED for 3 seperate charges?"
if they dont have her, how could they test her?

something stinks.

oh, and another: what ARE your views on pre-marital sex, C? didn't you give your relative oral? so are you with or against? and what's the story?

good post C, bring up more.

L.O.U. said...

That is one crime I can not live with, That & Murder of course. I dont know what I would have done if I were her.
However, with our governments, it's always like that. She cooked for sunni fighters, so what?
Isn't this the way some of your ex-government people would do to some accused victims? I mean I feel... what's really changed there in your country? What is really changed in mine? & the answer eludes me. I dont think there has been much chaneg around the real people... there has only been changes on WHO sits on the crown!
By the way, It's Proshat :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hey, 13! Thanks for complementing the post! I let my heart and mind do the talking...
But why you can't "give any opinion regarding anything Iraq for one month"?
As for pre-marital sex, I said "I totally disagree terrifying sexual love even if it was illegal", add to that, my blog's title indicates that I do support pre-marital sex... Don't misunderstand me! I don't mean the one should be a playful nymphomaniac, but what I'm trying to say that it won't hurt if someone's acquired a real experience with his/her lover before getting married!
And yeah, I had oral sex with my relative! But I feel terribly bad about that cuz I did that for fun not for love. I haven't apologized to her yet! I couldn't do that...

Hey, Proshy!
You are right, there has only been changes on WHO sits on the crown!

chikitita said...

I haven't met any rape victims, but by and large Arab communities tend to be harsh on the woman.

As for this much talked about case. I do have some doubts. Deep, deep down I feel this is just a filthy war of images so to speak.

zmanutdz said...

A very sensitive topic. I sympathise sincerely with the victim. I was surprised with her coming out on TV more than learning that rape actually happened. I am positive that raping of women has been going on for a while since 2003 and before 2003. I just fear that the whole publicity of the affair will be taken to Sunni vs Shiia yet again, the woman's case ( being true or not ) will be forgotten and a Sunni group as announced recently will plan a revenge atatck. And Mehdi army will hit back and here we go again.

I salute her courage to come out on TV but I dont see many positives coming out of this incident or many other similar ones as the accused party ( being Sunni or Shiia ) wont compromise,discuss or even admit any wrongdoing.

Melantrys said...

Seems like you're not only the first to write about this, but also are having the only place I'd want to leave a comment at by now.
The Kid generalizes too much on his hazy ideas about how victims of rape (should) behave and deserves some serious slapping for his statement about foul language being used by women.
And I'm not even gonna start about the filth left on his blog by Jeffrey.

Well, of course it is hard to say what happened in a place where a lot of ppl have agendas of their own and when ppl don't seem to be able to agree on whether or not an examination showed proof of a rape or not.

And statements like "if she resisted them , that might leave many brusis and even scars on her body , it's the quite common thing", "She mentioned that they raped her one after the other , it's not easy to control a women while she is being raped, and she didn't mention that one of them was controling her and while the other was raping" and "she got a pretty good look at his genitals didn't she? Either it's a very big scar or she was looking longer than she should. Any other woman would be kicking, scratching and punching and trying to look the other way." are just a manifestation of the urge to blame the victim. Yes, some fight like cats, but others are just too frightened and traumatized to be able to do anything to defend themselves. And why shouldn't she have stared at one of the men's penises in horror, transfixed, and noticed what she said later about that scar?

True, it is unusual for the woman to come forward like that.
1. The Iraqi general problem of not placing the blame with the rapist where it belongs, but with the victim.
2. The fact that in most cases of rape or abuse the victim feels guilty. Unrelated to the story of Sabreen it should be reflected upon what 1. does to the victims considering this...

The women will have to stand up and fight this. If more do this, and keep on doing this, even if their claims get dismissed over and over and over again, someday the law and the general public will have to take notice of them and see to it that - finally - justice is done.
Maybe she was doing just that. Making a stand, so that someday women will not have to go through hell all over again and getting blamed or even killed for trying to only get their right before the law.

Playing the secterian card was no wise move though under the current circumstances in Iraq.

Let us hope that a real, trustworthy investigation will be made concerning this incident.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Wait a second, chiki! I'm not getting you... Do you mean that incident is fabricated just to put some oil to the flaming situation in Iraq??? Well, supposedly, the girl wasn't raped or abused sexually. Don't you believe that there are hundreds of ladies, who are bieng arrested, abused and raped everyday? Oh, c'mon for god's sake, you know that!!!!

Red devil, Sabrin speaks on the behalf of every bereaved Iraqi woman! As for sunna or shi'a, my reaction would be the same. No one is discriminated!
I demand such investigations to take place in Iraq immediately, Melantrys! Ofcourse, by a neutral side.
As for being one of the first blogger who wrote about this, I'd like to say that I was feeling upset and guilty in some way at first. But now, I feel a bit more relieved! I hope this posting would help in any way possible to unmask some of the sadistic actions in "the new democratic Iraq"!

Caesar of Pentra said...

Anyway, thank you chiki for warning me not to come back!

Konfused Kid said...

Hey Melantrys...this is not a generalization of rape victims, it's a generalization of Iraqi rape victims. Please consider your statements before mouthing off in such a ridiculous fashion.

You don't know Iraqi customs so what gives you the right to say my preconceptions about rape victims are 'hazy'?

Geez. I know Eurpoeans are naive and think everyone thinks like them, but seriously, at least you should have some sense of difference between different cultures.

What I think is what most people who I know think, by the way.

Konfused Kid said...

As for Caesar, you're completely missing the point of Sabrin al-Janabi, it's clearly a propaganda effort, but in any case, I would stand by your sentiemnts about rape in Iraq in general.

aNarki-13 said...

Pentra: the "one month" is a probation period i swore for myself. i was getting too carried away in sectarian bullshit.
sorry but i can't break oath. instead i'll let You & Laith speak for me.

Mel: check out Laith (from Baghdad to NewYork), he has an excellent similar viewpoint that speaks for me at the moment.

chikitita said...

It doesn't take a genius to understand the whole thing was staged. The timing the whole account. Yet, all in all, it was an eye opener. Raping women has always been the easiest way to humiliate women and men alike.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Kiddo, I think you are really confused and confusing also!! And please, don't offend ladies! And did she mention something about customs? They showed another raped woman story, she is at her 50s of age and lives in Telafer. The accused officers have admitted the crime. Therefore, it's not some kind of conspiracy!

Ok, 13! But don't forget to tell us in which side you are afterwards!

Chiki, I'm sorry to be harsh with you! You know i don't mean it!

Dreamer said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I would like to believe her but it's all so very suspicious. I'm sure there are loads of women that go through this and this is an excellent advancement that there is somone who has a voice and lets the whole world know about it. But still im not 100% convinced. the media these days and the things politicians do to achieve what they want is beyond the limits. it's hard to know what to believe.

aNarki-13 said...

UGH. friend, i tried hinting at it there:
"..instead i'll let You & Laith speak for me..."

would i let you speak for me if your point of view wasn't similar to mine?

maybe that's still too vague, like your reply bout "terrifying sexual love even if its illegal"
huh? when is it legal? and WHAT IS terrifying sexual love? do you mean forced sex? or what?
عيني, اكتبها بالعربي حتى افتهم شدتقصد, ترة مو عيب

anyway, in short: so far, my opinion is the same as Yours' and Laith's on this issue.


i will say no more.

aNarki-13 said...

btw you should write more posts like these, get more people in here :)

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Its fucked up man. Personally I think rapists should have their balls cut off stuffed down their throats then slowly beaten to death in a public square as a lesson to anyone else who thinks it might be a good idea.

I don’t understand this blame the victim thing. Can you enlighten me ? Konfused Kid wrote a piece and stated he's commit murder if his sister so much as swore. WTF is up with that ? Good thing that asshole doesn’t live here he'd end up face down in a swamp after his neighbors heard talk like that. So enlighten me. Why is it that the victim is blamed for the actions of thugs and scum ? I just dont get it. Why is it that a brother thinks he can decide what his sister says. And if he doesn’t like it, he's free to murder her like a coward for not living up to his pathetic sense of right and wrong. This one makes me furious.


I tore confused kidiot (kidiot is a contraction of two words kid and idiot) a new one on his blog. He reminds me of when I lived overseas. I met and worked with a man from Libya. He asked me once if I was married would I allow my wife to smoke. I laughed at his question because here my opinion of smoking wouldn’t matter one bit to any girl I dated or married. He was a refuge, he left his country because he fought for human rights there and his government wanted to jail him for it. But the same rights he wanted for himself he wouldn’t give to a woman just because she was a female. I could never get it into his head his hypocrisy and stupidity of his position. I think confused kidiot has the same mind set. He is unable to see that he is part of the problem. His mindset that blames the victim for something she cant control. Yet he lives in a country where he cant control the victimization of all Iraqi’s at the hands of the invaders. He’s a victim of cultural rape, does he suggest that all Iraqi’s should die because of it ? No of course not. I truly wish people like him would get the hell off the planet and leave it for decent people. He writes here

“Geez (sic). I know Eurpoeans (sic) are naive and think everyone thinks like them, but seriously, at least you should have some sense of difference between different cultures.”

This isn't about changing the basis of Islamic culture. Its about justice for women. Its about valuing woman as human beings. You know the same thing that you (confused kidiot) want for yourself. I don’t give a damn what god you bow down to. I don’t care what language you speak. But when you murder rape victims YOU have a problem. When you think you have the right to murder your own sister for swearing YOU have a problem. You have exactly ZERO right to tell someone how to speak and to offer to commit murder of your own sibling because you don’t like how they talk. You think you're so superior but you're not. There is no difference between you and the american soldiers who rape and kill. You're both convinced its your right to decide what is right and wrong for other people and when you cant control it you kill it. Confused kidiot you are what you claim to be against. Check your head lil boy child. Seriously.

Oh, and I make no apologies for insulting you Confused Kidiot. People like you sicken me.

Konfused Kid said...


lol, first, i would not kill my sister if she was raped. i am totally against that and as i said above i have no problem marrying any woman who had her hymen torn, either voluntarily or not. and second, i didn't mean 'kill' in the literal sense, this preconception of yours really shows how really afraid The West is of Muslims. What I am saying is that it is totally unacceptable in our culture for a woman to swear in public, because that automatically means 'hooker'. In your society it is indeed different.

Confessions of a Malamute said...


If you don’t mean to kill someone don’t write it or I will take you in the literal sense.

You can not deny that how women are treated in Islam can be very poor. I don’t believe in this male superiority BS. Get over yourselves. Just because you have a dick doesn’t mean you get to act like one. I have no fear of Islam. I do have a fear of christianity. I do have a fear of any religious fanatics in fact. I do understand not all Muslims are fanatical. You on the other hand display just as many cultural assumptions about the west as you clame the west does about you. I don’t care how you choose to live or what god you choose to worship. I *do* object to injustice of ANY kind. Its why I want the americans out of Iraq. Its why I want the christian religious fanatics to shut the fuck up. They would cheerfully take away human rights in the name of some god. That is every bit as wrong as women being murdered for being raped which btw DOES happen in Islamic countries. Can you explain to me why that happens ? What makes your culture so damn special that it shouldn’t be criticized for this ? One day you will have to face the fact that you're nothing special just because you're a man. One day the women there will demand equal rights to you. And eventually they will get them. What will you do then ? Do you fight them and murder the outspoken ones ? Or do you realize that they have every right to do what they please just as you do.

I bet it would surprise you to know I have dated a Muslim women. She voluntarily left her country because she couldn’t stand how she was treated by the men there. I think good for her for having the strength to make such a change in her life. To live in a foreign country isn't easy – I’ve done it. But I also think how sad she had to leave her homeland just to be treated like a human being. Those were her words btw “I left because I would never be treated like a human being”. Not all of Islam is bad. But there are some parts of it that MUST change. Injustice is simply wrong. Doesn’t matter what kind it is. You have your own that you are in denial over. I suggest you think VERY carefully about what you believe and why. Does it make sense or do you do it simply because that is how you were brought up ? Again, when women are murdered for being raped the culture doing it has a problem. Fix it.

You need to be careful what you write.

Melantrys said...

@ the Kid: See, told ya you should have made your point clearer and that you came across as an intolerant macho idiot the way you were putting things.... :P

@ Confessions of a Malamute: off topic: Dude, don't defend me; now Caesar wants to set up a date between us. ;)

The Kid is not in favour of victimizing rape victims. He just wanted to state that he doesn't believe this particular rape victim. As to his success, see me addressing him in this comment.

And for his objecting to his sister swearing he had a saner reason than what it seemed to be (I don't feel I have licence to discuss private chats here though; maybe the Kid will choose to enlighten the world), although I still disagree.

As for his "playing the European card" as I call it, he should grant me some more brains and possibly even know me better than to say that, for which I am still seriously pouting at him.

But all in all, I'm afraid you were too harsh on the dude.

@ Caesar: What's up with your goddamn, fucking, son of a bitch of a net café ( ;) )?! Come back online, or there'll be trouble for you! :P

And indeed, 13 is right, you should write more posts like this one; it was good.

Dave said...

I find it hard to believe that a society would value a womens honor over a human life. Why do they not express outrage over senseless murders? They focus their anger on a few isolated rape incidents, while ignoring the piles of bodies in the streets. Policemen committing violent acts against women is disturbing, but it should not redirect focus from the true proble,.

Konfused Kid said...

Okay confessions.

First you need to calm down, I am all for hearty arguments, but you do no need to be so harsh. You must understand that no matter what we are different and only in exchanging opinions plesantly can we get someplace.
Yes, the 'sister' sentence in my post was undeniably a loose end, something that my hands write as an exaggeration, I was mad like you are over what I believed is a blatanat lie and hence I got misunderstood, it is my fault, i admit, and i apologize duly for the good friends i have here (melantrys, in case you pretend you don't know) for understanding me.

Now, you have to make a distinction between Islam and Traditional Arab Culture, many things of the latter are simply incompatible with the former, for example, Egyptian tribal 'revenge' killings for which you can kill any member of the tribe for which the member of whom have killed your relative.

Now, I can not deny that Islam is a religion where the male is supreme, but the extent of that also grants women a reasonable amount of freedom. it is not Islam that labels women a 'whore' for swearing in public, it is tradition, it is not Islam that makes women with their hymen undone, regardless of being raped or not, as simply 'hookers', that is again tradition. Your enemy is tradition, and it is also mine. Islam does make a distinction in certain aspects, for example, women can attain leading positions (also disputed) but they cannot become world leaders. You may be angry about that, but this is my religion and I expect you to respect it as long as I respect yours. I wouldn't ask for you to apologize for your harsh vulgarity in this blog and mine, but it would be commendable on your part as a token of good faith in your fellow unlabelled man.

Confessions of a Malamute said...


You claim that you were only “joking” about murdering rape victims. Some things aren't jokes. When you write those words expect them to be taken seriously. When I read your posting last night I was absolutely furious. I’ve been reading your posts for a few months now and was shocked that you’d write such a thing. That that mindset could exist at all is disgusting to me. I don’t agree with ANY religion that states that a certain part of society isn't good enough to attain any position they want based on religion, race, sex, sexual orientation or any of the like. And I have no tolerance or respect for any religion that claims it’s the will of god. Bullshit. It’s the will of the narrow minded power trippers claiming the word of god when they don’t know anything at all about god.

As for my being harsh on you given the information I had – that is you were serious about your statements – no I wasn’t being harsh. I'm more than happy to get into the face of anyone who says/writes garbage like you did. Next I swear. Deal with it. In my culture I (and the women folk) are free to use whatever words we like whenever we want to. Now I have actually met a few Muslims in real life. I happen to know them for decent people. I don’t look down on a culture in a blanket way. There are aspects of people cultures that disgust me. The treatment of women by MANY cultures (not just Islam) disgusts me. When you write such words as you do, you reinforce that mind set. Instead of writing that you'd kill your sister for swearing, it would be better to confront such things. To let whoever needs to know that murdering victims of crimes is totally unacceptable. PERIOD. Guaranteed I am not the only person who read what you wrote and thought you to be serious about it. I may however have been the only person to call you on it. And the others. Perhaps there is a Muslim girl out there who reads you and never comments. You don’t know she exists. You just reinforced to her that if she is the victim of rape she deserves to die. Even though that wasn’t your point. Perhaps there is an American girl out there who reads your post and never comments. You don’t know she exists. You just told her that she needs to be afraid of Muslims because the Muslim male has no problem with murdering his sister if she so much as swears. Even though that wasn’t your point. I’ve had more than one argument with people who think exactly that. That they must be afraid of Muslims because Muslims will murder their own family for being the victims of rape. Or that Muslim women are completely oppressed because they have to wear the veil. Or that ALL Muslims are insane religious fanatics who will happily strap bombs to themselves to die for Allah (May Peace Be Upon Him) etc. etc. etc. What am I to say to them ? How can I argue that the majority of Muslims are decent people when even in jest you write such things. Your words matter. If you say something like that indicate that it is indeed a joke. Sarcasm doesn’t come across well in text form. Given the level of propaganda against Islam right now you must be extra careful not to give the fascists any more ammo than they are inventing as it is. Its not fair, but it is true.

Next. Given that you claim what you wrote was only a joke and not real I apologize for ripping you a new one. I should have contacted you privately and asked if you were serious or not as to what you had written. I will not be reading your blog again however. But you might consider educating people as to what Islam is and why it is that you have such beliefs and what they mean to you as a culture. The more a person knows about another culture the less they can hate it. They can realize that Muslims are in fact decent people even though they have strong feelings about women swearing. I wont be writing to you about this again. I’ve made my point you’ve made yours.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Dreamer, there are some reports made by the US army state that the woman was abused and beaten in some parts of her body... The goverment has denied that in the first place.

Oh, 13! Hehehe, I know that but I want you to say that clearly and loudly just to tease some ppl here ;)
I know both of us are on the same side and thank you.
" I totally disagree terrifying sexual love even if it was illegal."
يعني اني اعارض ترهيب الحب الجنسي حتى ولو كان غير شرعي... يمكن كان لازم اكتب to terrify على العموم اني مو طاك بالانكليزي مثلك او مثل الطفل او بقية المدونين بس احاول بانكليزتي الطايح حظها انه اعبر عن افكاري و اوصل صورة ولو متواضعة عني. مرة قلت لي انه البلوج مالي عبارة عن ملتقى ال؟؟؟ تذكر؟!!! حقيقة المني ذاك التعبير الصريح منك وخلاني افكر جديا انه ابطل من المدونة بعد ما كنت انت الشخص اللي خلاني اعرف هذا العالم المميز. بالاضافة الى تصريحك الي سمعت ، او وصلتني، بتعبير ادق بعض التعليقات المحبطة عن المدونة مالتي بس ما ارتقت الى الموضوعية ولا الى الصراحةاو الجرأة مثل تعلقيك و هذوله الاشخاص يعرفون نفسهم كلش زين! المهم اني سعيد كلش بتعليقاتك و زيارتك للمدونة و سعيد اكثر بنصيحتك واني احب اقول لك انه انت مثلى الاعلى بالمدونات والله و اني اعرف انه مهما حاولت فلن اوصل لدرجة موهبتك بالكتابة. بس صدقوني اني احاول على اللي اقدر عليه و اعذروني من التقصير

Hey, Malamute! Where have you been, man?! Oh, hold on with the kid! You knocked him down... *throws a white towel and drags kiddo out*. But can't you see his positive reply proves that he is not an ignorant fanatic at all? I know him well and I assure he didn't mean such a dogshit!
I do respect all comments and viewpoints, but I was dissapointed about some of them! I mean why we deny and doubt every SOS signal?? Ok, fine! Sabrin wasn't raped! But by name of Allah, hundreds of ladies are jailed, abused and/or raped everyday in Iraq. What about that 15 years old teen, Abeer, who was raped and then killed brutally by some US army privates? And what about that 50 years old woman in Telafer? Can you deny that???????????
Fellas, consider that Sabrin was just a mayday signal on the behalf of those poor victims!!! However, I totally support and make her a bow to challenge all the fears and encourge other ladies to follow her steps!!!
و احب اقول للعرب عموما و للعراقيين خصوصا، كلنا نعرف انه احنا والمدينة الفاضلة بعد السما عن القاع و انه مجتمعاتنا التعبانة مو مثل المجتمعات الغربية. كلنا سمعنا و نسمع هاي القوانة و شبعنا منها. فالله يخليكم لا تظلون تعيدون وتكرون بيها لان هذا ان دل على شئ فيدل على ضعفنا واستسلامنا. الهدف من التدوين هو تبادل الاراء و الافكار في سبيل اصلاح بعض جوانب المجتمع لان كلنا ماشاء الله مثقفين و كل واحد بينا يستحق ان يحتل مركز راقي بالمجتمع، و هناك هدف اخر بأن نطعي فد صورة حلوة و انيقة عن نفسنا للناس اللي بره و نبرهن اللهم انه افكارنا و أرآنا جديرة بالاحترام. فرجاءا اذا كان عندكم شك بقضية صابرين حاولوا تحتفظون به لنفسكم لان اني و انتو نعرف كلش زين انه في هوايه مثل حالتها بالعراق يعانون الامرين بالمعتقلات او بخارجها من انتهاكات صارخة و اعتداءات فاضحة و الشواهد كثيرة بس مكبوتة و مدفونة. مو بس هاي الحالة انما اكو نساء تورطوا بسبب زوجها او اخوها انه ينتمي الى احد المجموعات المسلحة. فلا يجب ان نشكك بمثل هذه المواقف الشجاعه اللي تعطي الحق لاصحابه. اني اعرف انه كلكم تخافون على العراق و شلون من الممكن مثل هاي الحادثة ان تتأجج الوضع المحتقن هناك بس صدقوني ما ممكن يصير أمن و سلام على حساب صرخة المظلوم و لازم يحاسب الآثم ايا كان مذهبه او هويته و اعذروني من اي سوء فهم

jhondie said...

Even criminals back home view rapists as scum bags. I hope justice is served here. I don't know if you already heard Caeser but, the animals responsible for
Abeer's death, all but one, recieved life sentences. The last one is trying to claim his inocence but the others are saying he was involved. He will likely get the death sentence for being unrepentant. It doesnt change what happened but hopefully it will prevent others from carrying out such crimes.
One thing I don't understand though. Why are women looked upon negatively for being assaulted in such a way?

Caesar of Pentra said...

*whispers* "mel, what have you done? Hehe, I am serious about arranging a date for you with CoM!! lol
Now, set back and lemme manage that!" ;)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Welcome, Jhondie!
Yeah, you are right about that! It's ironic, you know!
They are firm and strict about any sexual abuse accusation. They punish the rapists by kicking them into the jail, while, we* reward them and sentence the victims to death!

*(you know what I mean by that)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Ok, kiddo! I've deleted your comment for your own good! I don't want to show the people how "classy" you are!

behave yourself, please! And you fuckin know that I like you, and also consider you my best friend!
Anyway, I accept your apology in advance!

Konfused Kid said...

خخخخخخخ....شبيك ولك اول مرة ادري انت هلكد حساس...هسه انت مو تصيحني طفل و هيري كاد...لتصير حقنة...

سك تمهاااتك...

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Hey Caesar

Man I get nuts when people talk bad about women or say they asked for or deserved rape. I had read KK's blog and nothing in it indicated he was joking. Ya I went banana's. Im like that. Im fine till you piss me off then Im not fine anymore. Sorry for going for a rangy on your blog.

Anyway, been hanging out here. Its snowing like crazy at the moment. Submitted some pictures to be used for a magazine cover. Hopefully they'll use one or 10 of them. I could use the money for sure. Need to buy a new truck and theyre fucking $$$$$.

Hope all is well with you. Now whats this about you chasing Mel ?? lmao... go get'em tiger ;-) (Sorry Mel he'll find another skirt to chase soon enough so you'll be safe)

aNarki-13 said...

عيني بينترا
اسمحلي أول شي اعتذر منك على التعليق الفطير مالتي

this was because the content of your blog at the time was basically sex, porn, and more sex :))

هذا كلته في وكت مجنت افهم بيه انو كل واحد الة ذبتة الخاصة
اني بالنسبة الي ما احب اتكلم بمواضيع الجنس في هكذا اطار (المدونات) لأن جماعتنا بارك الله بيهم الأغلبية شايليه على جتافهم ومثل البهايم
فما اتكلم بهيجي موضوع اعلى من مستوى عقليتهم
بس مثل ما بالبداية كلت, كلمن اله ذبته

so what would you want me to say? :))

عمي: شكرا جزيلا على المثل الاعلى بس اخي, اني والله بس مجرد واحد عادي وبمفاهيمنا اليوم بطران وخبل

and my posts ARE irrelevant to most of what's happening in iraq today, so i really really dont recommend you to follow my example if you want to be successful :)

ترة ابدا مو عيب واحد ميعرف انكليزي مال شيكسبير, أولا احنا عرب ولغتنا المفروض تكون عربي أولا والبقية ثانيا
بعدين: محد نزل من بطن امه يقرة قصايد جون ملتون

John Milton - btw try "Paradise Lost". v.good.

كلنا تعلمنا شوية شوية ومجنت أبدا دا اتمسخر من انكليزيتك, بس مجرد مجنت فاهم المصطلح فردته بالعربي حتى شوية أوضح بلكن

لا أكثر ولا اقل

thank you for your kind reply. take care pentra. stay safe. oh did i send u a link for our ComputerEng group? ill check, if not, i'll send.

salams. and tell Claudia to put up a new post. i already commented twice on her new blog but it didnt show up :(


Caesar of Pentra said...

Hehehe, ok, ok! Thank you, Malamute!

13, you simply rock!!!

Konfused Kid said...

ولك ليش متكتب عربي...ترى هواية اجمل ولك...

and confessions:

سك تمهااااتك.

Kitten said...


r u a muslim? bcos if u r, i am shocked to the core!!!

pre-martial sex!!!!!!

"it won't hurt if someone's acquired a real experience with his/her lover before getting married!"

"I had oral sex with my relative"

WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!!! whats happened to islam in iraq?

How can u possibly respect a muslim lady if u have sex with her before marriage? whats the point of getting married then? just for the name?

HOW can u trust her? what makes u think ur the first? what if it doesnt work out and u DONT get married...then what?

pls enlighten me as to why u see this as such a simple thing!! Do u know the penalty for it in islam?!

caesar i NEED u to explain ur point of view to me cos im astounded!!!

erm..if ur not a muslim..sorry..ignore me :)

and erm..guys...if any1 else decides to comment abt this...try to be nice and polite...im only a little kitten so dont be too harsh pls :p

and finally...
HELLOOOOO...does any1 agree with me on this?!!!

olivebranch said...

How can u possibly respect a muslim lady if u have sex with her before marriage? whats the point of getting married then? just for the name?
In the end that's what a marriage too often is... some contract on a piece of paper. Respect (and love for that matter) are defined by what you - at the core at your being - feel for another person and what that person feels for you. And sometimes you just very urgently want to have sex with that person.
Melantrys: what if it doesnt work out and u DONT get married...then what?
Ah. Well, my question is, what if it doesn't work out, and you're already stuck in that marriage....?
It's easier to end a relationship than a marriage.
Of course for places like Iraq there is a lot of pressure from the society around you and deflowering a lady might cause her endless problems....

Well, that's my 2 cents. Come back from your hiding-hole, Caesar, habibi, and give yours.


Kitten said...

'In the end that's what a marriage too often is... some contract on a piece of paper'

no no no no no...

That is not what marriage means!

marriage is a unity of two souls...its when 2 hearts beat with one pulse...when two minds share one thought..when two people become ONE...( and only when u understand that will u understand why pre-martial sex is NOTHING except for fulfilling a desire)

Love, respect, care, protectivness, understanding, etc allow all of the above...but sex completes it.

when some1 has already shared their EVERYTHING with that special sum1, how can they share it again with another?

i dont know..but personally as a lady, i dont think i can ever give myself to more than one person.

'Well, my question is, what if it doesn't work out, and you're already stuck in that marriage....?
It's easier to end a relationship than a marriage'

why do men always take the easy way out? r we not worth the effort?

if it doesnt work out...then at least u leave behind u a divorced WOMAN..not a GIRL who has lost her virginty! and believe me..that doesnt just leave her with endless problems, that leaves her with never lasting, devastating, horrifying, shameful problems.

iv never lived in iraq...iv lived in the UK my entire life. i have been brought up among a society that is 180 degrees differnt to the arabic MUSLIM societies...i have SO much freedom...most of my friends (non-muslim ones) have had sex since the age of 14...i am surrounded by ppl who have no care in the world except for their pleasure...and yet..i have maintained my limits...i have drawn my lines and kept to them...i have respected my religion first, and my culture second and weighed up EVERY single action before carrying it out!

and no, im not one of a kind. the majority of arabic muslim girls that i know in the west, have LIMITS. fine...they hug, kiss, cuddle, even fondle and mess about...( which are all wrong in islam )but full, complete, all the way SEX...no way! And then i compare this to the arabic, so called muslim, girls living in arabic, muslim countries...and my mind goes into bewilderment...shouldnt it be the other way round?!!!!

ok forget society...forget what ppl will say...forget what it will mean for a lady to be a non-virgin outside marriage...forget everything...what about RELIGION?! Correct me if im wrong but as far as i know, not only does islam not permit pre-martial sex..but christianity doesnt either!

oh sorry i forgot...religion doesnt matter. God and his rules dont matter. In fact..religion? what is religion???!! right?!

i say it again...what has the world come to?

Kitten said...

erm small correction...

not NEVER lasting problems..i mean EVER lasting problems :)

Konfused Kid said...

Kitten, i completely understand your point of view, yes as you can see we are not very good Muslims as we should be and people like Pentra here are only Muslims by name (I am too, but I am trying to be a little more religious every once in a while, haven't really cemented yet.) I've known Pentra for 3, 4? years and I can safely say that his whole life is focused upon meeting that beautiful lady and having terrifiying sexual love with her. There are a lot of boys like Pentra in our society, some respect customs, other religion, some try to break free like he is trying to do here. Everyone must be free to respect each other's opinion. Yes you tend to take the traditional point of view but Ceasar is the more liberal kind. Cha shinsaweela ya3ni el walad.

Kitten said...

loool ya konfused...we will not do anything of course. i just like having arguements/discussions and this one seems good :)

and hey, im saying all this from a sisters point of view...true im younger than him but im sure he doesnt mind...and im sure that he can put up one hell of an arguement and im waiting for it :p

so yalla ya caeser...im waiting for UR reply...dont keep me waiting too long..im very impatient :p

zmanutdz said...

Sorry to jump in but that's one topic I feel I can contribute in.

I understand your fine and classy view of 'love-making' and I tend to agree with it to an extent. But, that does not mean that we all have to live in this chastity till we make that connection with that special one. What if we dont meet that special one ( Not Mourinho here) ?

I know an arguement with ' what-ifs ' is as strong as a little kitten but these are plausible possibilities. I am surrounded with people who are waiting for that special person to bond with. As expected, most are females from Middle Eastern backgrounds. Their situation is quite complex especially whilst living in a western society. I can feel their desperation at times, the pressue of society and how weak they can get when his arrival is slowly becoming an illusion.

I agree with Caesar, sex is like anything else, we should all give it a try and maybe you can understand my secular views but I dont think religion/culture can restrict our lives, our pleasures and experiences with some rigid and uncompromising rules laid out there.

Religion and culture have their role in society. People are free whether to follow them and adhere to whatever rules they see fit. I fully respect any lady who would wait for marriage to have sex or a 14 year old girl who was curious about going through the experience.

You imply it being the icing on the cake, thus not holding it in the highest of regards. You are not being affected by the overhyping of sex that is sponsored by the media. My point is, cant we have some of the icing without having some of the cake?

Kitten said...


ur welcome to jump in...thank u for sharing ur opinion.

'cant we have some of the icing without having some of the cake?'

im going to answer ur Q with one of my own...

lets say u go into the supermarket and u see a shelve full of cakes...the icing on some is perfect and completly beautiful...while on others, the icing is broken and ruined.

now u tell me...which 1 r u more likely to pick up and purchase? a cake with perfect icing? or a cake with missing bits of icing?

so when u look at it like that, do u think its fair for u to have some of the icing on a cake and then leave it damaged? (small exaggeration here..but im trying to make a point :p )

I respect ur opinion and i even see where u r coming from but i dont agree. at the end of the day, every1 is entiteled to their own opinions of course.

But u know what bothers me...when islam is connected. its not the actual opinions that trouble me, its when they r expressed by MUSLIMS.
its such a pure religion and it saddens me when i see my fellow muslim brothers having this kind of attitude.

"I know an arguement with ' what-ifs ' is as strong as a little kitten but these are plausible possibilities"

that made me laugh out loud! r u teasing me mr?! ur quite cheeky but i think i like u anyway :p lol

'what if we dont meet that special someone?'

A very difficult Q with no simple answer. All i can say is that it comes down to what u want out of this life zmanutdz. what is it that u r seeking...what is it that u r trying to achieve...whats ur goal? whats more important to u...the here and now...or the here-after?

Paki4Real said...

Im backing Kitten on this. Im a British born Pakistani and am against sex before marriage. I am 19 years old, a male and saving myself for a special woman to marry (most likely from Pakistan). I would expect my wife to be virgin, so why shouldn't i be? it would be hypocritical of me.

Pakistanis in UK just like our Arab cozies, have limits. Thats what separates us from the non Muslims.