Monday, July 28, 2008

Back in business..

Hi, all!
Long time no see, eh? I'm sorry for being such a lazy ass but I will justify my long absence to the same old excuse: "exams and study". Infact, not only the study took me so long to stay outta sight. I really lost the enthusiasm of blogging (what a shame!) that's because I didn't find any interesting subject or issue to talk about... Anyway, I have to say that I'm OK. I have finished the exams and I'm supposed to enjoy the long summer holiday. I have passed all the the exmas of the 2nd course, however, I wasn't such lucky in the 1st course. I have one item to prepare for the 2nd round in September inorder to be a senior. :)
Since I have some free time, I decided to take advantage of it by going to gym. I intend to gain some weight and it seems I'm on the right path as my weight increased by 4 pounds (about 1.8 kg). I think I will renew my subscription another month. Hehehe, don't think that I'm planning to be the new gigantic Mr. Olympia like Arnie Schwarzenegger or Dorian Yates. Also one of the up-dates to mention is that I'm growing a beard. And here, I wanna assure you that I'm not turning into a fanatical bastard. ;) With new popped up muscles and a stylish beard I'm designing a different new look.
Anyway, I wanted to talk about this...
I was browsing my note-book couple of days ago, when I found this note:"August 21st 2004, Iraq has done it. the Olympic soccer champions have made it to the semi-finals". I remember I wrote this note just after Iraq's winning over Austuralia in the quarter final of the summer Olympic games in Athens 2004. Four years have passed since that day. Unfortunately, our olympic soccer team wasn't lucky this time as they failed to pass the preliminary stage of the asian zone. The other olympic teams (such as Basketball, Handball, vollyball... etc.) weren't luckier than the football team. Their poor results didn't prompt them to play in next Olympic Beijing Summer Games. Our teams failure is an expected result if we consider many effects:
a. The lack (absence) of the governmental support to the whole sport system in Iraq. The sportal foundations and establishments are left in wrecks.
b. The weak perfomrance of the Iraqi Olympic committee and its various federations.
c. Excluding soccer, other sports in Iraq are suffering from the insufficient interest and support by the public and/or the media.
That's why the Iraqi delegation was supposed to include only 7 athletes to participate in the olympiad in less than two weeks from now. However, the Iraqi public was shocked to know that Iraqi athletes have been banned from participating in the Beijing Summer Games by the International Olympic Committee because the government seized control of the country's olympic committee. It happend after Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Malinki 's government disbanded olympic committee and other national sports federations. Iraq's former Olympic committee was dismissed last month by government officials, who said the group was corrupt and not functioning properly. The Iraqi government then turned control over to its Minister of Sport. The transition was a violation of the Olympic charter, which requires national committees to be elected by sports federations in each country. Iraq's previous Olympic committee had been elected in 2004. The IOC ban would affect seven Iraqi athletes: two rowers, two sprinters, one archer, one weightlifter and one competitor in judo.
As far as I'm concerned, it's painful not to witness the flag of my country fluttering in such global carnival. I think it's a great loss espically for those seven of athletes after 4 years of challenge, insistence and hard training who were finally going to represent their country, they have to be terribly disappointed.


Proshat said...

Thanks God you are ok.
Hey, I may want to go to Baghdad in September. I'm not sure yet. But we may fly in for a day and then leave for Kazemain. It's not fixed yet but I thought I would let you know.

Don Cox said...

Good to see you back. Keep on posting. _____ I'm not sure about government support for sport. It can do as much harm as good. It is better if those who are keen on a sport (such as football) organise themselves and raise any money they need from voluntary contributions and sale of tickets. The Iraqi government had no business disbanding the Olympic committee - if it was indeed corrupt, that is a matter for the police fraud squad, not the government. There should not be a ministry or minister of sport at all.

Caesar of Pentra said...

You must lemme know! Wow, Proshat the great is visiting Baghdad in her middle-eastern tour. :P
By the way, what's the purpose of the visit. Don't say it's because of me. ;)
I'm waiting for you, you welcome!

@ Don Cox,
There must be a government support for the Sports..
See, the Iraqi football federations make money out of sponsorship, marketing and broadcasting rights issues but they have never been enough to cover the huge expenditure such as making training courses and friendly matches for the national team and paying salaries for the coaches, referees, emplyees.. etc.
and and and....
I agree that "a ministry or minister of sport" is a sick joke!

lelly said...

Iraqi Olympic ban overturned

Woo woop! ;)

lelly said...
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Caesar of Pentra said...

@ lelly,
Yea! Just 1 day after publishing this post. It seems that they have listened to me carefully. ;)
However, as the deadline for competitors at the Games for all events except athletics passed on July 23 the Iraqi contingent will now number only two athletes - Haidar Nasir in the discus and sprinter Danma Hussein.

Abbas Hawazin said...

Hey Pentra, good to see you blogging again. I realize blogging can be annoying, my advice to you is to write very short posts every three days or so, that should keep up the juice.

Abbas Hawazin said...

by the way Proshat, Kazemain (Kadhimiya in Iraq) IS PART OF Baghdad. it was a separate city a long time ago. any chance of visiting Abu Hanifa's Adhamiya :D?

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Abbas,
Hahaha! Abu Hanifa?! I don't think that Proshat would mind, wouldn't you Proshie?
Read more about it on:

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hi Caesar, nice to see you again. :)

I'm glad to hear about Danma Hussein. They interviewed her on the news the other day. She has worked so hard. It would be a shame if she wasn't able to go to Beijing.

Btw, if you can't always go to the gym, Caesar, stairs are a wonderful excercise tool. I do them every day. They're good for your legs and your heart. :) advice to you is to write very short posts every three days or so,

Now who's being lazy? lol!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back at it, if just for a second to seize the opportunity. I agree, that's a shame about the Olympic team man. At least two of Iraq's best will be able to compete. If I was them(the disqualified)...Anyway, the beard has me jealous. My only attempts at growing them have ended in humiliating failure. I'm starting to work out again, as well. Keep the posts coming!

Jeffrey said...


Great to see you back blogging. Yeah, I too was following that IOC-Iraq government mess. Well, at least two Iraqi athletes are flying to Beijing. They'll be able to carry the Iraqi flag in the opening ceremonies next Friday -- just a week away! That'll be cool.


David said...

Hi Caesar, its nice to see you back, finally! :) Congratulations on passing all exams. I wish you good luck in your senior year.

I wish I could send you some of my weight. I need to loose 20 pounds. ;) For exercise, I mostly just walk 30 to 40 minutes every day. Its been so hot here that I have to drive to a mall with air conditioning to do my walking. Well, I am sure that Baghdad is much hotter, so I won't complain.

I was sorry to hear about the Iraqi Olympic committee mess. We saw a few of the Iraqi athletes interviewed on TV here. I know they must be really disappointed.

I have been thinking about the Iraqi soccer team. I know that all Iraqis love soccer. I think that it might help if Iraq established a professional soccer league. Every large town or city in Iraq could have a team (like America does with its style of football). The teams could travel about the country playing each other. Of course, people would have to buy tickets to see the matches. Then for international competition, or the Olympics, each team could sponsor one or two of its best players to compete with an Iraqi national team. Wouldn't it be better for Iraqi communities to battle each other in soccer instead of real fighting?

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Lynne,
No, no, no! I'm not sure about the stairs. I don't want to lose weight. See, I'm planning to gain about 20 pounds! Besides, I'm 24 years old. I think my heart is in a good form.

@ Matt,
My beard is even thicker now!
My only attempts at growing them have ended in humiliating failure.
I think the BLADES is the correct answer.

@ Jeff,
Yea, it's a honorable thing to view the flag and name of my country high among all the participant countries, despite the fact that there's no possible chance that we could make it and grab some medals.

@ David,
I think you'd better take Lynne's advice and try the stairs. :P
I think that it might help if Iraq established a professional soccer league.
As it is known, establishing such league requires a great physical and financial efforts. There a local league here consists of 15 teams. Some teams are from the capital and others form the various governorates of Iraq. But that's not enough.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I don't want to lose weight. See, I'm planning to gain about 20 pounds!

The stairs build muscle in your calves and thighs. The heart thing is a bonus. :) Oh, and yup, they burn calories too!

But if you're looking to build up muscle mass then push ups are good too. As are hand weights. What's nice is I can do all of these things at home. But if you're looking at serious weight training then a gym would be the way to go. Guess I'm just cheap. lol!

P.S. Don't forget sit-ups. I put those back in my routine after I heard how many Anarki was doing. I felt guilty. lol! But I'm glad I did.

aNarki-13 said...

Dorian who?

*checks link*

did you know "arnie" also used steriods till '90 or '91? all that mass was diseased 'roided junk.

congrats for passing, hoping a good outcome come september!

"But if you're looking to build up muscle mass then push ups are good too."

You just made my day! :D

sadly i have fallen off the situps wagon. will start doing some next week. now, i am on THIS program, helps me keep up the pushup numbers!

Pentra again:
dont ever use performance-enhancers.
a. they are bad news for your health and pocket.
b. the kind sold in iraq is not regulated, so you cant be sure of the dosage or even if you are getting what you are paying for.

oh and any good training regimen consists of 3 parts:

Power-training (what you are doing ATM)
Cardio (Stairs, squats, running, etc)
Stretching (can you touch your toes?)

thanks for the post, just wish me luck i find time and effort to put up one myself :)

aNarki-13 said...

sterOIds, not sterIOds. sry.

Anonymous said...


That thought didn't even cross my mind.

You would never use that crap, right, Caesar, dear?!

Caesar of Pentra said...

am@ Lynne,
Concernig Legs, I'm doing the "leg press" work-outs and I'm pushing about 100 to 120 kgs on 4 sets, each set consists of 8 to 6 tries. They are very helpful for my thighs and legs.

@ Anarki,
To be quite honest, I'm intending to use what they call it "muscle-juice". And some vitamin and protien pills. Is that cool?!
*throws some of his energy at 13's side* Ha, will you post something now? :P

@ Mel,
Finally you made it here. :P
No, no! There are many serious risks factors for anabolic-androgenic steroid use in men. Don't worry, dear! As I said before, I'm not planning to be Mr. Olympia! ;)

aNarki-13 said...

d00d, vitamins are always good, protein is mainly for muscle mass, but also BEWARE:

tell u what, i really dunno much about stuff except what to avoid. if you like, go to Bullshido's physical training forum, HERE and look around. all subjects from nutrition supplements to muscle-mass to performance enhancers to outright steroid use is discussed, each with benefits and dangers.

just dont do roids, ok?

aNarki-13 said...

and i guess i should be posting something.. hmm..

aNarki-13 said...

weight, i mean WAIT:

what is this muscle juice exactly? all i found out is its a brand.

similar to this?

thats basically just colored sugar diluted in water.

i'll only say this:
let an expert look it over. and NOT an "iron-pumping" expert. i know the bucket says protein etc etc, but you cant be too sure in Iraq. tell u what, if you can contact Kyubei, please do so, his two brothers are doctors and he used to pump-iron for years on end, he knows what and WHERE to buy :)

aNarki-13 said...

oh and run away from anything with Creatine in it.

sorry for littering in the comment section but its only cuz i care.

btw thanx for the facebook comment, believe you me i STILL dont have time to reply to each and every one there :)

aNarki-13 said...


oh and Testosterone IS a steroid, actually its the other way around, but anyway.. meh.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


Thanks for the push-up link. Okay, I admit it, I do the alternative "knee" push-ups rather than the "good form" ones. Although I have done the good form posture without the push-ups for a certain count. It gets easier. I will have to go back and try the good form push-ups again. :)

My goal has been to stay in shape and give me more energy to do things like yard work. It has helped. And of course mowing the grass is a good cardio workout in itself. Working in an office it's amazing how out of shape you can get. lol!


Sounds like you're doing good. There are a lot of places here where one can work out on the machines. I just haven't wanted to commit to the time to go there. :) So I do what I can at home. But I don't really want to bulk up anyway, just stay in shape.

Anarki is right about the supplements. Vitamins are good, but be careful of anything that claims it will improve performance. You just never really know what you're getting.

David said...

I heard something recently from some body building expert. He said that to add size to muscles you don't need to be pushing really big weights. His training regime focuses on using medium weights and proper form during the lift. He also recommended that the lift motion should be very slow. I have a pair of 10 pound dumbbells that I work out with sometimes. I tried his suggestion to really slow down the motion. I think he is right. I did the same number of reps very slowly and I really felt the burn. I have been doing that for a while now, and I think I have noticed some size increase in my arms.

Dreamer said...

did you see the opening ceremony for the olympics? it was immense. the chinese are so amazingly disciplined. and it was great seeing Iraqs flag carried down the stadium.

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ 13,
Thanks a lot for the advice! I'm not using any pills at the current moment. However, I have a friend who used to do bodybuilding for a year. His father is a doctor and he knows what safe chemicals to take.

@ Lynne,
I'm doing so good with my excercises. I don't wanna get bulky.

@ David,
I'm doing my excercises as slow as possible in order that the muscle can get the maximum advantage from the work-outs.

@ Dreamer,
The ceremony was awesome. Also it was a great moment to view my fellow-citizens in such carnival!

David said...

I heard that the Iraqi athletes were allowed to go to the Olympics. So, how did they do there?

Kitten said...

Just to say hey...hoping ur good. Its been a while...