Friday, April 18, 2008

Sandman is walking around!

A whole month since the last time I posted in here. I'm too busy these days with tons of works and assignments for my college. Anyway, I decided to post whenever there is a big important event...
Iraq was hit yesterday by sand storms resulted in the suspension of flights from and to Baghdad International Airport, and led to a poor visibility of less than one kilometre what compelled many citizens to stay home. The expertscities the negligence strategy «green belts» near the Sahara made Iraq the spring season of sand storms. The sand storm is coming from the east of the Mediterranean because of the difference in temperature between yesterday and the day before it. Sand storms cover most areas of Iraq and will move gradually to the southern areas simultaneously with the decrease in temperature. Also the scarcity of rainfall during last winter caused an increase sandstorms expected to occur in March and April of every year. Anyway, the weather got better this morning, but as I'm posting this article there are some yellowish heavy winds outside. I think the storm is being regenerated again.


Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hmmm...a weather report. That's a nice change from bombings, kidnappings etc.

Keep this up and you'll sound like you're from Minnesota. That's our favorite topic of conversation. :P

Nice to hear from you again, Caesar. :)

Melantrys said...

Hhhhhhhhhhmm. Talking about the weather....

Next thing he'll be talking about boring or embarrassing illnesses.


Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Lynne,
I'm trying hard to keep with you all. Anyway, is there any sandstorms in Minnesota? It's the 4th day and there are still some sandy winds around. *coughs*

@ Mel,
Huh? what are you talking about?
Anyway, Lastnight I was watching TV and there was a big football match (Bayern Munchen vs Borussia Dortmund) on the pokal final at Berlin's stadium. I guess all germany (except you of course) were thrilled by this match. Too bad for you the Bavarian side grabbed the victory and won the tile.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

No, we don't usually have sandstorms here. We go in more for snowstorms in the winter and thunderstorms in the summer. We are known to have strong winds either in the form of straight line or tornados. Most of our landscape is woods or prairie grassland. Hardly any sand. Although if the drought conditions resume that may change. :(

Speaking of TV, I stopped by to let you know that LOST has a new episode this week. :)

Huh? what are you talking about?

I think she might be talking about that person(who shall remain nameless) who posted about tongue and finger issues awhile back. :P

mikeinportc said...

Good to see you still keepin' on keepin-on Caesar . Hope school is going well . Sand storms ? No danger of that here. :) Do you have to do anything differently because of it?
I'm in the part of NY that's similar to the southern half of Minnesota .(That's how it looks now. Check the "prev" pic for ground-level view) Snow is still a possibilty for another month. (at least ;)

David said...

No sandstorms here, but we had an earthquake a few days ago. It was centered in south Illinois, about 100 miles from Indianapolis, but we felt it quite noticeably. I was woken up at 5:30 AM by a continuous loud rattling noise that lasted for about five seconds. It was my first earthquake. Fortunately, it was only moderate in intensity (5.4 Richter) and there was little damage.

I hope the sand and dust will settle down in Iraq. Its a big health hazard to breath it in.

I hope your school work is going well Caesar. When do you graduate?

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Lynne,
Talking about global warming, I think this the hottest summer ever. The funny thing, the spring season is skipped this year.
About LOST, I have seen the 1st 3 eps only. I intend to resume watching it after the final course exams.

@ mike,
hi there! I'm trying my best to pass this year. About the sandstorm, no casualties were recoreded.
Snow is still a possibilty for another month.
Man, the heat here is damaging my brain!

@ David,
I hope no serious damages were there after the earthquake! Is it normal there to have tough qaukes??
When do you graduate?
If I passed this year god's willing, next year would be my senior year!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

About LOST, I have seen the 1st 3 eps only.

Oh, I'm glad you warned me. I wouldn't want to give anything away. :)

Good luck on the finals. :)

Funny, spring was late this year. It seemed like it would never warm up. That's a contrast to what it's been like recently. Lately it's been a little more like you just described. No spring, just skip right to summer.

David said...

Hi Caesar, sorry I'm so late to answer your question. Where I live, earthquakes that are strong enough to rattle houses are pretty rare. The last time a quake of this intensity hit near Indiana was about 40 years ago. However, there is a major earthquake fault called the New Madrid Fault that extends for several hundred miles in the central U.S. The quake that I felt occurred near the northern tip of this fault. About 200 years ago, the New Madrid released one of the biggest quakes in U.S. history. There were actually two really big ones associated with that event, both estimated in excess of 8.0 on the Richter Scale. Earthquake scientists believe another really big one could hit the New Madrid at any time. If so, tens of thousands of people could die in some of the big cities in the central U.S.

I hope you will pass all your classes Caesar. Keep working hard and good luck!

Caesar of Pentra said...

First of all, i'm sorry for being idle for some time. I have tons of assignments and homeworks... I was busy also attending couple of graduation parties in our university and some other universities. I'll try to attach some pics about those parties in my new coming posting.

@ Lynne,
Oh, I'm glad you warned me. I wouldn't want to give anything away
I wanna ask you how many episodes they've aired on abc?
thanks for wishing me luck...

@ David,
Earthquake scientists believe another really big one could hit the New Madrid at any time. If so, tens of thousands of people could die in some of the big cities in the central U.S.
This sounds spooky. I hope the predictions about such possible violent earthqauke would be wrong. Thanks god we don't have any earthqaukes over here. We can't afford any other disaster to be added to the long list of bloody calamities in Iraq.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I wanna ask you how many episodes they've aired on abc?

Since the first of the year or since the strike ended? I'm not sure exactly how many, but all together it has been more than 3. In fact, I think it has been more than 3 after the end of the strike, too. Hmmm....

Anyway, there are a lot of twists in the plot (some I don't like) and I wouldn't want to give anything away.

It's nice to hear you've been having a little fun. :)

lelly said...

Hi Caesar,
Hopefully the sandstorm season is over in sunny Iraq by now.
I'm OK, kinda hot,eating an icecream and have just made a new post so you and shravan can stop bugging me now ;P.
Party? Did some say PARTAY??
*gets out champagne*

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Anamika said...

Nice Blog. Came across accidently while searching the web. Keep up the good work!

lelly said...

How ya doing? We gonna see a post sometime?Take care.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hi Caesar,

The Kid has started posting about his Syria trip. Course he left off just when it started to get interesting... lol!

Hope all is well with you.

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