Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Back Home

It's confirmed, I'm heading back to Baghdad.... Since October 2nd I haven't seen Baghdad. A lotta thoughts and ideas I'm composing in my mind about that wounded city. Among all the bad and dangerous things that I have to avoid and take care of, I should put a new item to the list that is called by (Mrs. Cholera). Anyway, I'll do as Melantrys asked me...: "Don't drink tap water!". Ok, Mel! I won't! I'll die of thirst then :P No, I'm kiddin'! I'll boil the water in pots and then put it in the fridge. The bad thing about me going back home is that I had to cut my long hair. You know it's not safe to walk in the streets of Baghdad with a hair ends up to the shoulders. Anyway, I'll try to contact and keep in touch with each one of you!
God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Caesar, did you have to go back? Do you really think this was the right decision?
Take good care of yourself - and promise to leave again as soon as you can.
I wish you all the luck in the world.

David said...

Hey Lil'C,

I hope you will be very careful to keep your little body out of danger in Baghdad! Good luck!

If you can't get power or fuel to boil your water, then there is a very easy alternative. You can use sunlight to sterilize your water. This BBC link will explain the method:

Did you see the new raps that I composed in your previous post? Its your turn now! :)

Proshat said...

God bless you son. I mean it. I hope u would do fine & I'm begging you to keep this blog updated. I do not think we can handle not knowing where u are.
You take care of yourself for us!

Kyubai said...

Hmm...coming back to Iraq that is a tough decision to make, not a wise one indeed but what can I say u have to do what u have to do.
So be careful and keep a low profile and by God's will u'll be just fine.
Take care and may God bless and protect u...

Caesar of Pentra said...

Dear, friends! I've arrived Baghdad. I'm still alive :P and thanks God. I may publish a post about my trip and these first days of being here.

Thanks for asking about me every single day. I'm fine here. Please, don't worry about me much! I'm between the God's hands & I'm living with my mother :)

Yes, I had to go back! The area I'm living in is quite different now than before. New strange faces are available here, while some ppl I know wouldn't live here anymore. I'm trying to live with this new situation and get over it.

I read your raps! Hehe.. They are cool and I'm trying to reply you but believe me i'm not in the mood ;). Thanks for the advice.

I'll try as possible as I can to update you all with my news.

God bless you too.

Don Cox said...

A good long post about how your part of Baghdad is now would be much appreciated. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back safe and sound! Please do let us know how it goes! All the best!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Take care Caesar and good luck. Let us know every now and then that you are all right.

Mohammed said...

welcome back to hell , This is the first time I visit your blog , at last another blogger joins me in the battle field called "Baghdad".
don't be shocked my friend this is my advise for you , because I was really shocked when I got back here.
Take car and be safe.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Don, Matt and Lynne..
Thank you very much for asking about me. Believe me I'm doing my best to keep you updated about me.
I'm fine here and i'm starting to make a new friendly life with the ppl here. the majority of them are nice (thanks god).

I hope you can email me on to know more abut you. I guess there are much to talk about :P.

David said...

Here's a little rhyme
To last a bit o' time
Till Lil'C is up and ready
Big D 'l keep it steady ;)

My bro been down low
Wit' some mighty strange ho
She be up in he face
He be tie up wit' lace
She all spankin' my homey
'Til he all red like baloney
How my nig' got so whipped
Like he a sheep done got dipped
From Big Mac he done fell
To qorter pounder what don't sell
Is my eyes been deceivin'
Or dis kinky witch done some thievin'
She done pick my bro's pocket
She done stole his man rocket
Now my bro lost in space
He can't find his place
From Big Pimpin'
To small time whimpin'
My nig' like a dog
Tree tied in thick fog
What can't find his bone
He jus' beg on the phone
Fo' mo' leatherin' an' featherin'
Damn all dat pervert pleasurin'
I jus' want my bro free
Standin' like a man next to me
Jus' da way it use to be

Will said...

~~farewell, friend.

All the best!

~~"Be careful out there."
~Hill Street Blues~


Caesar of Pentra said...

Happy Eid, fellas! I'm OK. I'll continue going to college starting from tomorrow in sha Allah. I'm so sorry that I couldn't keep in touch with all of you. Anyway, no Internet at home, I'm now at some cybercafe here in Baghdad. Lemme hear from you. :)

David said...

Happy Eid to you Caesar and good luck going back to school!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Oops, you did post a little something, Caesar. You can then ignore my nagging over at Mel's. :)

Going back to school? That's good news. I've heard things have gotten a little quieter, even in Baghdad. I hope that's really the case and everything goes well with you there. :)

Happy Eid!

Anonymous said...

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cile said...

did you ever notice that when you use inna stupid google search the words 'sex, iraq' you get all US-soldiers shite?

and was this ever thought out? why do people become soldiers (for someone else's convenience), in the first place??!

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ll wait for you right here on this blog.

Robert said...

Good Luck
Xango Juice

Crocogator said...


We're still anxious to see another post from you. Hope you are well. Happy Eid.