Monday, July 30, 2007


In my wildest dreams, I didn't imagine that Iraq could win the Asian cup. Winning such tournament requires big efforts, a great support and a hard work to build and prepare a strong team that can vie the others. Those standards are available for many big teams such as; Japan, South Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Australia ( the Aussies have joined the AFC "Asian Football Confederation" recently). Those teams belong to countries are known by their stable security and economic situation. Before the start line of this tournament, I hoped that Iraq would show an attractive performance and try to be a tough contender. Actually, the Iraqi squad had something more to say. They became on the top of the group on Australia after the exciting victory against "All Stars" Australia (3-1). Victories continued and Iraq was through to the semi-final again since 31 years ago. They had to play against South Korea "the giants of Asia" in the semi-final. The optimism became stronger and the hope was bigger this time. The Iraqi players believed that they could make the difference there, therefore, they translated the dreams of a whole nation into a remarkable show in the ground. And after a dramatic match that made the crowd out of breath, Iraq won the match on penalties (4-3). I think all of you have seen the celebration of the Iraqi people there in Baghdad. Thousands of people were dancing and partying the big event of reaching the final for the first time ever. But the fiends of death were not pleased to see the Iraqis gathering in big crowds with no difference or discrimination between Sunni, Shiite or Kurds, so, they tried to kill the joy and turn off the flame of unity and the result was a bombed car and 50 innocent people killed. To be quite honest, I couldn't sleep that night!
One of the poor women has lost her son in that brutal blast decided not to set up the funeral because she believed that the Iraqi team would win the cup. So, the Iraqi players made a promise to do the impossible to grab the victory in the final. And they didn't disappoint that poor mother and other 25 millions of Iraqi ppl. They beat the Saudi team by (1-0) and they won the asian title for the first time. As soon as the refree ended the match. hundreds of thousands of Iraqi all over the globe were out in the street partying the joy of the victory. As for me, I couldn't control myself and I went on crying like a baby. It was a great moment not for my own life only, but for millions of Iraqis I'm sure.
Iraq has won again. And no, 13! You ain't gonna hear the end of this!
Congratulations, Iraqis!


Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Again, congratulations to Iraq for taking the Asia title! I couldn't be happier for you. :)) It's about time Iraqis had some good news.

Don Cox said...

Good to see you posting again. Let's hope the football win is the beginning of more good news from Iraq.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Lynne and Don! Thank you very much for your nobel feelings!

zmanutdz said...

Man, when it was not just the win but how people were united for a second. Everyone forgetting about Sunni/Shia crap. I was watching the match with another 300 Iraqis and when we scored, people started randomly hugging each other. It was magical.

My eyes were filled with tears today when I watched a footage of Iraqis celebrating in Iraq. An old woman that can barely walk was going round and throwing candy in the air. I swear it was WOW.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Red Devil!
Congrats, bro! You must have been proud there in Canada! The world media gave a lotta interest about the recent Asian championship because of the glamorous performance of the Iraqi national team. We show the world what a stiff metal we are made of!

Konfused Kid said...

Congratulatinos to everyone, I was very happy but I must admit I was even more happier when we won the semifinal because i never expected it - tears even filled my eyes then, regardless the final was a great game and we really kicked their asses and i don't think luck had anything to do with it, and by the way anyone who doesn't like our team can safely go back to the cave where he is living and play obscure crap with his miserable lonely self all day long ;)
have a nice day now...

Caesar of Pentra said...

KK!Hahaha! I heard that you are a Hooligan! Hehehe! اي احنا اللي اسسنا الملعب و احنا اللي نلعب بيه

b/adam said...

Hey! Congrats on a spectacular Win!

Yes! You ARE the CHAMPIONS!!!

~~(now, wait a minute! Who said you were Perfect????)


Best (last) Wishes,
[Yeah, right!]

Anonymous said...

...but I think it's a pity nobody with a cam was present while you were watching THAT match... ;op

L.O.U. said...

Congrats! You deserve that! Everyone is happy here in Iran for you.
bTW, it's Proshat ;)

David said...

Hey Caesar, how are you? Still pumped up by the Iraqi soccer win? I think its great! :D I hope there will be more reasons for Iraqi people to celebrate together! How about the Olympics? Will Iraq send many athletes there?

You asked if I could Rap. Well, I never tried, so here I go with a bit of freestylin':

Yo big Joe
Get yo ho's in a row
They be takin mo'
Of yo hard earn' dough
So get wit it Bro
Else you be got to lo
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If they need it give a thumpin'
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Well, do much for Big D Raps Inc.! ;)

David said...

Well, so much for Big D Raps Inc.! ;)

*Big D pops a cap into his proof reader*

Caesar of Pentra said...

Gotch ya! Will you touch Mel again? :P Thanks for your comment! buddy, a lotta ppl here pretend to be perfect and typical while they are nothing but shit in fact.

Heheh! Actually there were two handy cams filming us. two guys from the crowd in the cafe decided not to miss that enjoyable occasion. How is Mel? I tried to call hera couple of nights ago. Give her my salam!

Thank you very much, sweetie! Actually, we feel lucky that we didn't play against Iran as they were eliminated in the knockouts rounds. Iran is a tough team and most of the players play in europe. Glad to see you again, girl! :)

I, yo! man, leave the poetry crap and keep the rap rollin'. Mmmm, I think I have s'in' to say:

give it some air
here comes the lil' C
i'm not a popsta, ain't a fuck G
js a goddam fella
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yo, big D
you readin' my CV

Kitten said...

Hey caesar,
Hope all is going well. Im not much into football (or soccer as u guys and the americans say) but i was really happy that we won. It just makes a change from the usual news we hear regarding Iraq. May god bless them and keep them safe.

David said...

Hey Caesar, I can tell you are no Kenny G. ;) What's up with "lil' C"? You got to shout out, you got to represent! You gotta be BIG, or HEAVY, or MONOLITHIC! You could be MC-BC, as opposed to those sissies AC-DC. Does MC stand for Master of Ceremonies or Missile Control Well, I guess that's up to you. :D

Seriously, I hope you can go back to "her" again. Good CV, BTW!

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hey, Kitten!
Nice to hear from you again. Congratualtions to you too! *hides his face from her

bloody bat* Hehe, nice stories! I want to drop some comment on them.

Sup, David?
Or should call you big D? Mmmm, you callin' me heavy? read "about

me" section, man! Actually, I prefer "Lil' C" and C stands for Caesar. Excuse me for the

shaky-scripted rap. It's my first time there!

David said...

Caesar, I think a common response to "Sup" among gangsta rappers would be "Takin' care o' bidness". ;) Of course, as I am neither a gangster nor a rapper, I could just answer with "I'm fine, how are you?" I answer to David, Dave, or Big D, its no big thing. If you prefer Lil' C, that's fine by me. Your rap seemed pretty solid to me. It was your first? Well, don't let it be your last! :)

Caesar of Pentra said...

Thanks alot! I'll try to rap some more next times.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for checking in, just now! Belated congrats to all Iraqis! Glad to see you posted again, if only for a bit!

David said...

Hey Caesar, any new raps come to your mind yet? Well, here's some to get you started. ;)

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So take it Lil'C!

David said...

From the fine print in the lyrics booklet accompanying Big D's latest triple platinum CD:

The legal representatives for Big D Raps Inc. would like to state for the record that Big D is neither a homophobe, nor a misogynist. He is an entertainer and his lyrics are for the express purpose of the entertainment of his valued adult audience. It is the responsibility of parents to supervise the music that their children listen to. Therefore, Big D Raps Inc. assumes no liability for the potential deleterious effects on minors of these or any other lyrics that Big D has created in the past. All inquires regarding the creative content of this entertainment product may be sent care of Junk Yard Dog Legal Services, Attn: Big D Raps Inc.


Rajesh said...

Congratulations to Iraq team.

Anonymous said...

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