Wednesday, October 12, 2005

French Kiss

Toward the kisses and the dalliances, the woman loves the words and the gentle looks expressive of the longing and the emotion.
And there is the superficial kissing that pleases the women which is the touch of the lips by the lips for a while. And they may refuse (some of the women) the kisses and may allow other kinds of contact and adhesion and may a superficial kiss raise the desire in the woman if the pressure of the lips exceeded and the kissing period lengthened and that is related to the psychological effects, that led some women have required from the husband that he can not sleep with her and will not have sex until he touches and kisses her all over her body with long superficial kisses on her face and other body areas so that a violent revolution is raised and may demand half hour or an hour from the continuous kissing to win the prize!
And there is also the deep kissing and it is the tongue kiss of the tongue which is known by the French Kiss or the husband kiss and includes the touch of the tongue to the tongue and the lips to the lips and the internal parts of the mouth and the gentle deep superficial connection and the violent one to beloved mouth and squeezing the tongue and the two lips and biting them thin bite.
Tens of women recognized that they may come to the desire summit with kissing of French Kiss type alone without having sex because the mouth and the tongue and the lips contains millions of neurons that raise the violent sexual desire in the woman and the man, and 90 % of the women want the touch of the husband to their reproductive organs by his mouth and his tongue and they come to the strong orgasm.
And what about the of the health conditions to the nice kiss; advises doctor John Knutila (the author of “Fit for Sex” A Man's Guide to Enhancing and Maintaining Peak Sexual Fitness ) the husbands with the necessity of the care with the cleanliness of the mouth the tongue and the lips by cleaning them by the brush and the paste before the kissing and the non smoking or eating foods with smell before the kissing and the treatment of the inflammations of the mouth, tongue and the gum and the enjoyment of a sound health same free from the disease...
Take care for your elegance, your clothes and your appearance at the kissing and do not hurry the kisses until the woman allows you the entrance.
And enjoy the sucking and the touch and the squeezing and the chewing and the lick and the kisses’ sound and an exchange by mouth and the taste of the lips and the tongue.
Finally, the kiss raises the desire in the woman more than of any other thing.
But beware; the kiss may bequeath the disease if it was from a slut woman!


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aNarki-13 said...

nice info..

c ya round, salam to ur pentra.

aNarki-13 said...

Hey there, just read ur last post, relax friend, hey, come talk to me if u need anything..

Ur friends are afraid, that's why they do what they do..

we fear what we do not understand..
Ur "I don't mind...etc" comment, most iraqis are extremely homophobic, due to decades of thinking one way and one way only..

about the virus, well, s*it happens, a quick format and installation is not that hard..

and being in debt, its not that bad, is it? try paying it off in small payments.. tell the guy either see a little bit of his money daily than to wait for months..

and about the girl, man believe me we've all been there, done that.. most of us have a VERY late adolescence in iraq, extending halfway thru college, so its fairly normal! now, u're a senior now, and this is the EASIEST year of college u'll have, I promise! it was sooooo fun and easy for me!

now, chill out, smile, close ur eyes, take a deep breath, hold it, and let it go.. relax.

all will be fine, u'll c!


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ALi G said...

alo alo ako ahad ehna

ALi G said...

hi Mr.G how r u miss u Nice blog

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