Monday, October 10, 2005

Caesar was here!!!!

I just finished unleashing my fat shit of today’s crap on my diary note book and I’m turning to unleash it to you to smear your big hollow heads;
I’m now sitting behind my PENTRA listening to Linkin Park as I’m summoning up my ghouls to wreck the residue of my exhausted mind.
Overusing of touching my self, having some troubles with my college mates (including Mr. Gee’s stuff, releasing a virus to of one’s PC and being in debt to another), haven’t doing my prayers for a while (I know.. I know it’s Ramadan), being choked by a Muhajaba (the girl who wears that Islamic head cover or what known as Hijab)…….etc.
Ok, ok, ok Caesar, you just need to calm down, relax, never think of that cutting shit again, seize your sexual desires and send off those nasty fetish thoughts hovering inside your brain, find a way to a compromise with your good religious part with that lusty introvert one, being depressed in every second……… (I didn’t mention the fuckin’ customary routine of Iraqis daily life).
But that is not all; some Yahoo! Messenger pal told me that he loves me!!!! FUCK!!!!
No, not you too! I had enough with my study partners’ sarcasm. Shall I French kiss a girl in front of you all? Why you misunderstood me when I said: “I’m not a homo but I don’t mind… bla bla bla bla”.

My Dad was here trying to play that prodigy father role of giving advice as if he was the wise Daniel (why should I care? Let him enjoying this)

Damn you Kid, you fucked up again! And btw, stop praising yourself! I know that you are asshole like me but I’m proud of being your pal.
And you, PRINCY! I’m not the Satan I’m human and I need to be loved just like anybody else.
Lampard! Thanks for holding your slimy tongue and shutting your mouth all the day long.
Hey, Tornado! Do you get nervous when someone laughs at your voice? C’mon man! Beg your lord to realize your wishes…… يا رب
Where are you Anarki, why you don’t smell your old friends in university?
One more thing, I wanna apologize to you Shagohod but I did that cuz you started it first.
I feel better right now……. Zzzzzz!

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