Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gradutated as a Grim Reaper!

To disguise as one of the dreariest death symbols in your what supposed to be significant day of your life, is something weird. But since it is a masquerade party, i guess it would be a cool costume to wear. (in the picture below I'm trying to reap out a life of some poor fella :P)

Just to let you in the picture, most of the colleges and universities in Iraq hold two graduation parties for their seniors just before the end of the scholar year.

Those two parties are:

1st. Graduation photograph shooting session (Casual is required); and it is set up usually in middle of April. In that day, memorial photos are taken for the seniors with their teaching staff and college council. After shooting the picture, the students head to a concert hall to continue celebrating this day.

2nd. Masquerade; and this party is set on the begining of May. Each group of students is free to choose a costume to wear. The party is held within the (university/college)'s perimeter. You can enjoy the loud (sadly Iraqi) music presented by the DJ, you can have fireworks in the daylight, and taking photos.

In fact, I wasn't interested much in such parties and I talked about this earlier here on this blog. I even didn't want to join my classmates in this party beacuse most of them are not friends, they are just colleagues. Besides, the first ideas of what costume we should wear was simply sucky. Some said that we could wear fishermen, others suggested sailors, a group called to choose a folk Kurdistani custome. The most dreadful idea is to dress as business-men!Until, I and some dude were chatting about this band british band grim-reaper. And hence, it came the idea of our costume. Of course it wasn't easy to convince the rest of our partners to apply this scary theme for a graduation party. But after bringing a sample of the "grim reaper" costume and let everybody tries it, all were happy to wear in the masquerade.

I tried as best as I could to look like a grim reaper. I painted my face in black and white, I nail-polished my finger nails with black. The scythe was also important. I couldn't believe how many ppl asked me to take a photo with them. I even scared a young child and the more I tried to calm her down, the more she was feeling scared. I hate that feeling, I used to get scared of those damn things when I was a kid.
The best part of the party is that I took many many pictures with chicks. All of them said that I was acting the role of the grim reaper seriously. The number of chicks and dudes take photos with me made me to feel like I was a celebrity.


Touta said...

aaaah, hai al nahrain!
although grim reapers don't scare me as much as clowns.
"(sadly Iraqi)"
لا بالله، الاغاني العراقية أحسن أغاني !

"I'm trying to reap out a life of some poor fella "
I misread the word 'reap' here, and looked down so quickly i got whiplash. :D


Pandora said...

Nice pictures, you're great as the grim reaper!Very scary look.
I say that as a compliment. :P

Those men in red look like the Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace!Am I right?
They look great but those hats must have been really hot.Guards pass out on parade from the heat (in English weather) because of those hats.

Btw...I also did a double-take with the "reap the life out of some fella" line.LOL

Proshat said...

Congrats! Out to real world, I assume. huh?

mhmd said...

You've certainly got a way with attracting chicas to your blog.

Touta....ahhh, you sure you're not too young to be reading this stuff. :)) 'misread', nothing to do with your mind at all. ;)

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
Yes, It's Nahrain University and you are invited to honor us with a visit. ;)
And yes, Most of the Iraqi songs recently are simply terrible. Or what do you think when you listen to Chak cheek by Ali Baghdadi, Bourtokala by Alaa Saad, Haramiya by Mohammed Alrahal, telephone by Raad wa Mithaq.... etc.?
You misread 'reap' eh? *smacks you gently on the head for it* :P

@ Pandora,
Thanks for the compliment.
Yes, this costume was meant to be representing the Royal Gurads. Hehe, it was hot really but no one passed out. We (boys and girls) are tough!
Ah, 'rEAp' not 'rApE' *smacks you too gently* :P

@ Proshat,
Hey! Long time no see. Thanks a lot. :)

@ Mhmd,
You've certainly got a way with attracting chicas to your blog.
Have I? Nice!
Touta....ahhh, you sure you're not too young to be reading this stuff. :)) 'misread', nothing to do with your mind at all. ;)
I think I'd better leave that to Touta herself to answer. ;)

Touta said...

Nahrain don't have much good looking boys do they :P. i'm going for another interview there in like 5 weeks after i do the a levels.
إذا أقول الحقيقة ، لمن أسمع أغاني عراقية أهز. ههههههه. أحسن من أغاني westlife. :S

i'm not too young to kick your ass from baghdad to basra.

Anonymous said...

Hm, strange, I did not misread...

Ok, I am being an obedient woman and commenting, but 1. you already showed me photos, and 2. I am half asleep, so don't expect anything from my comment, habibi.

*falls off chair and curls up on floor*

@ Touta: Well, atm Nahrain does at least have one good looking "boy".... ;)

Touta said...

they were all wearing tight jeans and shiny shoes, and i had to fight the urge to run up to one of them, and demand to swap jeans.

Yes...i actually felt jealous of the guys jeans... *hangs head in shame*

" Well, atm Nahrain does at least have one good looking "boy".... ;)"
i'm sitting here trying to figure out who you mean, and wondering why boy is in apostrophes, and wondering about the wink at the end....

Anonymous said...

As a kid I had jeans I had to surgically remove each evening. ;)
Thank goodness by the time I was a teenager stretch jeans had come along.

Just thought boy was not really that fitting anymore for a guy Caesar's age. Although, coming from me maybe it'd be ok again. :P

And the wink was.... just a sleepy wink?
Naughty? .... Don't think so.
Evil? Definitely not.

Touta said...

you can't mean caesar though, because he's not in the university...he's graduated.

So come on now, spill, who did you *really* mean?
hahaha, and a sleepy wink is a twitch from lack of sleep. So it has to be a naughty or evil wink. :))

Caesar of Pentra said...

Another interview? When was the first? And what are these A levels you're talking about? To be quite honest, I think there are enough good looking guys in our university. And I'm not GAY. ;)
And I'm not graduated yet. :(( I still have to prepare for final exams in June. :((
And, yes! Melantrys was refering to me. ;)
Anyway, you wear jeans? Nice! ;) And yes, mine is an evil wink.

Touta said...

the first was around december time, a old man came in a room, it had a fan, and asked me questions like 'so do you think you can represent and fit into this university?'.
I'm in the UK doing their equivalent of sadis=a levels.
Why's gay in capitals? ;)that was an evil wink too.
Good luck in exams, and melantrys needs to speak up about this said 'boy'. I don't believe her or you. :D Although she does apparently have tattoos, and people with tattoos generally don't lie.*cough*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the graduation! Lucky how you got to wear a costume and everything. We got nothing special besides a thunderstorm complete with lightning that lit up the entire sky afterwards. We got to walk through that to the parking garage. At least, I smoked a gigantic stogie on the way out, making everyone envious!

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
You are now in UK? And what college you intend to join here? Do you think about joining our university?
By the way, Melantrys was talking about me. Believe me! Oh, come on, Mel! Say something about it. :P

@ Matt,
Actually, That day at the end of the party, there were sandy winds. My white painting on my face was turning to be yellow. :P
A stogie? I'm not sure what it is, but it sounds fun.

Touta said...

Well, Nahrain is apparently better than University of Baghdad, and the college i intend to join is err a good college? :P but prob pharmacy/medicine/engineering.What a suprise *rolls eyes*.
"By the way, Melantrys was talking about me. Believe me!"
hahahaha, يابا شايف روحك
;) Okay okay, fine i believe you.

Anonymous said...

@ Touta: I was talking about Caesar, what's so unbelievable about that except that you thought he was already done with university?

Touta said...

boy was in apostrophes and there was a wink!

mhmd said...

See, what did i tell ya caesar.
all we need now is mud and a swimming pool.
I'm not sure on who to place my bets on though....
and i'm sure a certain someone (or a certain some people) should be revising for their exams...

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes at Touta*

Only cos he's a bit too old by now to be called boy.

*pokes Caesar in the ribs*

Shouldn't this girl be studying or something, instead of repeating questions at me? :P

Anyway, I have to dig up those photos I told you about and try to snap some digital shots off of 'em, eh?
Carpe noctem. :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
Nahrain is apparently better than University of BaghdadARE YOU KIDDING ME? UoB is way better than our University. Our scholar system is crappy. *sighs*
و اني تره ما شايف روحي و لا ابد :)).

@ Mel,
*pokes back* So what's the story of those "photos"?

@ Mhmd,
Are you calling for a fight in here. Swimming pool and mud, eh? and i'm sure a certain someone (or a certain some people) should be revising for their exams.Who dya mean here? *rolls eyes*

Touta said...

should i be studying instead of repeating questions at you?
hehehehe.Oh oh, and are these the photos of your tattoos?

you don't know who to bet on? well, bet that i lose, i'll lose myself, and we share the winnings 50-50.

but but i heard nahrain was better? or thats what my parents thought. Scholar system? Bad lecturers? Thats everywhere in Iraq. :D
"و اني تره ما شايف روحي و لا ابد :)).". ahaha. Why do you need to point this out? ;)

oh, and whats with all the eye rolling? Is there some kind of conspiracy here? *raises eyebrow*.

mhmd said...

habibi caesar,
instead of touta's essay, we could have had a muddy girl on girl fight dude!
I meant you revision for june?hope all is well-i heard there was explosions in Dora souq. keep safe man.

Anonymous said...

@ senile Caesar and 7abbaba Touta: No, those photos are photos from my own "last day" at school, which had a rather Halloween'esk theme (Carpe noctem - seize the night) and features me with black lipstick and eye makeup and a hooded black cape. Just as a personification of general evilness though, not the Reaper himself...

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Ahhh, I see I was entirely mistaken in declaring you retired, Caesar! *cough* *cough* (That was in another comments seciton.)

Anyway, nice to see you! Loved the costume. :P Much better than a fisherman or businessman!

So, you still have exams to get through? Good luck! :)

stogie = cigar

Oh, and I see you managed to lure Mel out of hiding! Good job! She has been stubbornly ignoring her faithful readers for ever so long, now. :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
Don't worry! No conspiracies over here! We come in peace!

@ Mhmd,
Habibi? *rolls eyes*
I have exams and a project to finish. *sighs*

@ Mel,
I'm senile! :(( I'd love to see those photos. Are they on your blog?

@ Lynne,
I see I was entirely mistaken in declaring you retired, Caesar! *cough* *cough* (That was in another comments seciton.)
Huh? Where was that?
I see you managed to lure Mel out of hiding!It's because she's lovely and never reject any of my requests! ;)
By the way, Have you seen LOST season 5 finale? It's WOW!

Touta said...

I've officially finished school too. 'woo'.
On the last day, i dressed a schoolgirl. :S
hahah, yeah, i'm imaginative like that. :P
p.s.hababa? baby i'm baad to the bone. :))

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ touta,
you dressed up like a schoolgirl? What else you should have dressed then? Congratulations btw!

A note to Mel,
You can use a scanner to scan your paper-photos and covert them into digital ones. :D

Touta said...

i wanted to go dressed up as an Iraqi.
Mainly because when i saw my UK classmates, they asked: 'how was Iran, no wait, saudi where did you go again?'.:S

Caesar of Pentra said...

Naive british ppl. :))

Caesar of Pentra said...

بالمناسبة؟ شيتطلب الامر علمود نكون اصدقاء؟ اعني بيها مجال نصير فريندز لو بعد ماكو ثقة كافية؟ يعني انتي تعرفين ايميلي اذا ردتي هو نفسه موجود بالفيس بووك. بس سووي سيرج عليه اني و هسه تلكيني. و تره اني ما احووف. :)

Touta said...

صح أبد ما
hehe. :D

Caesar of Pentra said...

Heheh! Ok then! Wherever ur boat floats!

Touta said...

baba caesaar, rooh ala الفيس بووك
now check 'Inbox'. :P

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


Huh? Where was that? -

Oh, that was over at Touta's. It was in a comment I wrote to Mel. You'd been gone so long, I thought maybe you gave up on us. :(

It's because she's lovely and never reject any of my requests! ;) -

I think it's just because she likes you best. :) *sniff*

By the way, Have you seen LOST season 5 finale? It's WOW! -

You can say that again! One of the best season finales I've seen. :) Although Grey's Anatomy's was right up there too.

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Touta,
Thanks a lot! :)

@ Lynne,
Well, I can't give blogging. I'm lazy, yes, but I won't leave you alone! Mwahaha!
I think it's just because Mel likes you best. Perhaps that too. ;) *hugs Mel*
Grey's Anatomy's was right up there tooOh, dear! those hospital freaks series and sitcoms (Grey's Anatomy, ER, House, Scrubs.. etc.) make me feel sick!

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


Well, I'm not usually into the medical drama shows either, but for some reason I got hooked on Grey's. Maybe it had something to do with Dr. McDreamy? :P

Caesar of Pentra said...

D'oh! Women!

Bradpetehoops said...

Nice party. Have a nice day.

Pandora said...

(Lynette)You'd been gone so long, I thought maybe you gave up on us.:(
Yeah! when we gonna see 'nother post irakee??

David said...

Congratulations Caesar!

Hey, nobody told me there was a party at your blog! Did you have cake? ;)

In Terry Pratchett books, The Grim Reaper is actually a pretty cool guy. :)

So, what do you do next? Graduate school or seek employment?

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