Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Ok, pals! I may leave Iraq forever soon. My family is arranging the final steps of our departure! Anyway, I didn't make up my mind yet! I'm not sure that I wanna leave for real. Actually, if I left, I think I should terminate blogging because I don't live in Iraq anymore. But the last thing I can think is to give up posting into my blog. So, what to do?! Any ideas? Please, help!


What u fuka-AKA Da Pimp said...

Linkin park G-unit Marshal Mathers the Jeferson Airplane Delta Goodrem

lol 50 cent and Linkin Park suck

dedicris said...

Tell about your new country. Get news from the old one. strudel

Melantrys said...

I told you before, moving is no reason to give up blogging.

Don't be silly. :P


aNarki-13 said...

when will u leave? claudia's gifts are with me, please, tell me so i can arrange to give you my uncle's number (whom i will send the gifts back to iraq with), he'll come to college, where he could give the things to you.. or the kid could pass by our house and pick it up for you.. either way is fine.. just tell me

Proshat said...

You can write from anywhere... Just take your future into account & dont let minor details ruin your chances for life.

jarvenpa said...

Keep posting, no matter where you are. Okay?

leah said...

I enjoyed ur content and am hoping u do not stop, it is informative and remember it takes many years or lifetimes to have a democracy and learn the true meaning.

i would like to hear from u...i am in california, and enjoy u.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Hey, thanks for dropping in herre!
and thanks for helping me to take my decision! But I'm still thinking about it!

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Grrrrr, blogspot is messing up. Just got online at home today. Kinda sorry I did. So much has changed. Some fav bloggers are gone. REading Riverbends blog and shes talking about all the people leaving Iraq. Sad. Hope you and youre are ok. Talk to you soon I hope

eda said...