Sunday, January 22, 2006


It’s been along time, isn’t it?
I tried to post earlier but I was set back due to many reasons; exams, repeated power outtages and my recent sudden illness
(to whom it may concerns: I feel better now!)
Facing some silly problems with the KID cuz of my last posting, he claimed that I depicted him as a horny mothafucka and Rock Girl as a playful pervert. Well, I dunno if I did that or not but it wan’t my intention to do that (I write what I see).
I may exaggerated about RG of being lesbian but she read my post and said it was ok.
Anyways, both of’em appreciate that kind act of me. (how conceited am I!)

Hey, I wanna talk about something disquieted me these days: THE MARRIAGE
I went again to Rumadi to see my “nymph” there with some wet dreams in mind but once I met her she informed me that we should stop that orgy cuz she thought that I was using her and also she wasn’t sure of my feeling about her, she told me that we should love each other and think seriously for the future of our relationship…..
Wtf she’s talking about? Did she mean about the future by marriage?! and what about that alleged orgy? We didn’t have an intercourse but few separated kisses?! (I licked her clit once but that was so sudden and fast).
When I asked her about the Eidya (a certain bonus presented during Eid), I thought she would give me a kiss as an eidya but instead of that she gave me her photo and said with a smile: “Take this and kiss (her) a lot!”.
Infact, I felt sorry about her. She deserves a better man not a crook.
I wanted her the girl of my lusty fantasy but apparently I let her fall in love with me.

I don’t wanna be hurry with picking my lifemate. I don’t wanna wake up in a morning looking miserably to the woman lying besides and damning the moment I chose her to be my wife…….

Lusty Caesar was here---

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