Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do women like sex??

Jackie: Michael, what are you talking about?
Michael: I still can't get over you cheatin' on me. And I need to hear you apologize again.
And this time, maybe you should cry or give me money!

Jackie: No, Michael. I am not gonna beg for forgiveness. I didn't make you do that
when you cheated.

Michael: Well, that is totally different. When guys cheat, it's because they need some hot action. But when girls cheat, it's way worse, 'cause girls don't even like sex.
Jackie: We do too.
Michael: Well, why aren't we doin' it now?
Jackie: Because I don't want to do it right now.
Michael: I do. Point made. Thank you!

That 70's show
Season 4
Episode 26 - Everybody loves Casey

That scene was taken from the comedian TV series "that 70's show" which I consider it one of my favorite shows ever.
That conversation was between Jackie (Mila Kunis ) and her boyfriend Michael (Ashton Kutcher) who was explaining the reasons of why he cheated on her. That conversation led me to the following question: " Do women really like sex? "....

If anyone goes to any bar, cafe, party, BBQ, book club or sporting event (or any other place you're likely to find men and women) someone will be talking about sex, or more specifically who wants it more often.
That's why I kept digging in and browsing several webpages discussing this field and I got some conclusions from different points of view and here you are...

"It's fairly well accepted that men are more focused on sexual intercourse and other types of genital stimulation", says Marita McCabe, professor of psychology from Deakin University. "Women on the other hand are more likely to enjoy 'the precursors to sexual intercourse' and while they also enjoy sex, it's usually better for them if they're feeling connected to their partner".
McCabe says gender differences are also evident in the complaints men and women make when it comes to sex. Men tend to complain about frequency, whereas women are more likely to complain about the lack of intimacy in a relationship.

But how do men and women compare in regard to sex drive?
Experts discuss the differences between male sex drive and female sex drive.
"We like to think of men having the higher sex drive -- it's not always true, but more often, it is," says Eva Ritvo, MD, vice chairman in the department of psychiatry and behavioral science at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami.
It's a stereotype, it's a cliche, and more often than not, it's true. "Each person's sex drive is like an appetite: Some people spend their whole life in the kitchen and think about food all the time; some people can skip lunch," says Ritvo.

Some researchers have begun to question how we define sex drive -- insisting that we have only looked at it from a male model, so of course women come up short. The male sex drive model resembles a straight line: It is a "linear model of sexual response, where first they have desire, then arousal, then orgasm," says says Patricia Koch, PhD, associate professor of Biobehavioral Health & Women's Studies at Pennsylvania State University and adjunct professor of human sexuality at Widener University. For women, sexual interest follows a more meandering model. "Their drive is for emotional bonding and caring -- once they feel that, then they get aroused and interested," Koch says. "Women want and enjoy a lot more sex play than men want. It takes them longer to be stimulated through sex play than men," says Koch.

Therefore, When all the data is gathered and questions as answered, it would seem that women don't dislike sex and yes they can use it as a tool but it seems men are also guilty of that same crime. Women do use sex as tool as many believe this will get them the man to fall in love with them or marry them. Men also use sex as a tool. For men they believe sex is used when the woman needs something or wants something done and the man will only agree when the woman agrees to have sex with him. Women do use sex to get what they want, the ultimate goal is to achieve and orgasm. With the right man sex is their favorite pastime.
In good sex, there are no demands made and no judgments passed. Men tend to be intercourse-oriented, and women often need to be persistent and patient in teaching their partners that there is more to making love than just "doing it." The emotional bonding is great if there is intercourse, and great if there is not. It is wonderful if there are orgasms, and wonderful if there are none. It is fantastic if it lasts an hour, and fantastic if it is just a quickie. Above all, our sexuality should always be fun!

Tee hee, anyone who read this posting he'd think that I'm speaking from an experience. No, not even close! Unfortuantely, guys, I'm still virgin!!! When I'm gonna do it, I'll let you know! ;)
Anyway, pals! Before finishing this posting, I'd like to tell you that I'm gonna be back to college on next week. It was such a busy summer. I'm doing my work-outs reguarly and trying hard to shape my biceps.
I was busy to with my LAN workgroup. I and some of friends who live nextdoor decided to set up a small local area network to share files and play PC multiplayer games. Now we've connected about 8 PCs together playing at most of the time a strategy game called "the lord of the rings (The battle for Middle-earth II). Loads of fun!


Good night, guys!


Don Cox said...

See here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That spam serves you right... :p

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Don,

@ Mr. C

@ Mel,
*hugs* welcome back, dear! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your getting back to college...Lord of the Rings? You're joking, right? Halo, Halo 2, or Halo 3 is what every person should play!!!!!! Don, you had me worried for a second about the link. I've known some people to put pretty twisted stuff in links like that one, thanks for disappoint me and keeping it clean!

Casear, guys can use as a weapon, no doubt. However, women use it as a weapon much more, or so I've seen...I wonder about that *yawn* of yours at the end...

Anonymous said...

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David said...

Hi Caesar, I'm glad you are finally back! :)

I never watched That 70's Show. It sounds pretty funny though.

Women want to talk first before sex. But, when a man is horny, it is difficult for him to talk. I think the trouble is that no one bothers to educate boys and girls on the differences in needs and desires. In many parts of America, there is no sex education at all. The kids are just told not to do it. In parts of Europe, though, Sweden especially, there are frank discussions about sexuality in school with young teen boys and girls. Providing this sort of knowledge to teens results in far fewer teen pregnancies and much less transmission of disease. The problem in America is religious fundamentalism. Deep down, I think they believe that sex is evil and so they don't want their kids, or anyone's else's kids, to know about it.

I agree, sexuality should be fun, but it is more fun with orgasms. :D

Good luck going back to college! So, what character are you in the Battle for Middle Earth? I would like to be Legolas. I used to be very good with bow and arrows. ;)

P.S. You are getting a lot of spam. Why don't you enable the Word Verification function? Or, maybe you enjoy spam about erectile dysfunction. ;)

lelly said...

I thought that link from don cox was really interesting actually. :P
Women do love sex, we're just a bit quieter about it usually.
Except for the woman in that link..good

Michael: Well, why aren't we doin' it now?
Jackie: Because I don't want to do it right now.
Michael: I do. Point made. Thank you!

Do men really want to do it every second of the day?
I agree with most of the post tho.

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ matt,
I used to play Halo. It's an exciting game and I loved it. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to buy Halo 2 or 3 and I dunno the reason why. Perhaps, I was busy with every version of EA fifa. I intend to buy Halo 2 soon. In fact, I didn't have the money, the time and the mood to buy and play PC games. New-released games require higher video cards, memory and processors, don't they? ;)

@ David,
In many parts of America, there is no sex education at all. You should be here then. You'll be accused being immoral if you dared to discuss such issues in public. I think one of the major reasons of why the Arabian societies are (sexually) fucked up, it's because they abstain from talking about sexuality as if it's a taboo. That's why we find many arab men, even married ones, tend to go to brothels to find more enjoyable sexual activities.
About LOTR, my favorite faction is "Men". Their units are powerful and don't cost so much. They have Ithilien rangers; a special archery unit who can launch fire arrows at any spot of the battle map. Their trebuchet is amazing destructive weapon. As a result, Aragorn is my favorite hero character. But my brother agrees with you. He calls himself "Elve"!

@ Lelly,
I don't know what's the big deal about Apostate's link. Why everyone cheers and claps whenever a woman reveals that she's a "cock lover"?!
And yes, men do have the potential enery to make love in every second but sometimes thier kinetic energy curb them down. :P

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

lol! Nice to see you back Caesar. I have to admit I kind of liked "That 70's Show". Great characters.

I think one of the major reasons of why the Arabian societies are (sexually) fucked up, it's because they abstain from talking about sexuality as if it's a taboo.

Hmmmm...maybe blogs like yours can help with that. ;) There's nothing wrong with being human.

Good luck with college and keep up the good work with the work-outs. I have to admit, after following the instructions in Anarki's link, my push-ups are getting easier. :)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hmmm...another Mel sighting. Sorry, that won't do. That's not as good as a post...

Jeffrey said...


Hey, great to see you back to blogging!

I've seen a lot of That 70's Show re-runs here in NYC. I have a question. If you were to show an episode to an average Iraqi and they get to the usual scene in the basement where all of them sit in a circle and say stupid things, would this average Iraqi understand that the characters are smoking marijuana and getting blasted? I know this from personal experience back in the 1970s and can attest to the huge quantities of weed and hash smoked by the younger generation.

I know that Islam has an injunction against booze, but does this injunction also extend to weed, hash, mushrooms, blotter and sugarcube acid, cocaine, speed, and heroin? Hey, maybe Mohammed had no problem with hash. I recall smoking a lot of very good black hash from Afghanistan. Maybe Mohammed was down with a little hash on clear nights in the desert.

Oh yeah, Kelso is a great character and gets lots of funny lines.


Anonymous said...

Blessed are those that sight the Mel in these difficult times....

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Pray to the great computer God that these Mel-deprived times pass quickly...

lelly said...

@ Lelly,
I don't know what's the big deal about Apostate's link. Why everyone cheers and claps whenever a woman reveals that she's a "cock lover"?!
And yes, men do have the potential enery to make love in every second but sometimes thier kinetic energy curb them down. :P

I admire her for having the guts to write that.Also it proves women love sex just like men.I can't speak for everyone tho.
As for men really being able to have sex every second - Check out some of the spam on this very page...:P

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Lynne,
Thanks for the compliment. It's good to see you here. I wish if there's any way possible to contact you. I mean since you don't have your own blog, I can't make a direct contact with you to know your updates. You can contact me to my google mail address. I'd be pleased to get a letter from you.

@ Jeff,
No need to guess that those young men smoke marijuana. They've shown this in various episodes when "Kelso" and "Hyde" always appears doped up.
Hmmm, Islam and weed?? It's known that Islam prohibits drinking alcohol. However, there is no clear script in the Koran reveals that stuff like drugs, weed or cigarettes are forbidden. Perhaps, because such things weren't familiarly introduced among the people at that age. Imams and Islamic jurists advise that such stuff is unacceptable in the eyes of God. I guess we can say the same thing about Christianity or Judaism.
As regards Afghanis and weed, I think it's one of the biggest fu*ken contradictions of Al-Qaeda and Islam. Men of Taliban and Al-Qaeda used to kill and torture every individual there by the name of Islam. But when it comes to their own interest, they just forgot all about religion. They used to smuggle and vend weed (or hashish) in return for money to buy weapons and armory to extend their influential power to terror poor people. They also use weed as a tool to narcotize those young insurgents and get them high to incite them to do suicidal attacks.

@ Mel,
am I included? :P

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ Lelly,
As for men really being able to have sex every second - Check out some of the spam on this very page...:P
It's just a commercial spam. It doesn't have to mean anything.

David said...

Hi Caesar, I sent you and email a few days back. Did you get that? If not, tell me and I'll try to send it again.

Caesar of Pentra said...

@ David,
Yea, I got ur mail! Thanks a lot. And I tried to send you an email back but with the pics but the net was so slow. I promise to send you an email asap.
And guys, Mel's father has left the hospital and he's back home. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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San Antonio Cicily said...

Yes I can guarantee you that women do LIKE sex too. But for most women they equate sex with love. It is like I told my Iraqi friend here in the states " If you have sex with this girl she is gonna fall in love with you, and I know you are not gonna marry this girl, so you know you are going to break her heart". So maybe it is better for a girl to remain a virgin until she gets married and has a man that actually loves her! Otherwise it is her that gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

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Bill12 said...

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Ramesh said...

My wife is crazy in sex :) I think the like it.


Lucaz Brewz said...

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sophie said...

Uhuh, now that is so hilarious! It made me smile this morning! Yes, women like sex, too! :-)
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Anonymous said...

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